Saturday, December 9, 2017

Energy Is Gender Neutral

I don’t know when the big discrimination that made females inferior to males began. However, it has been put forward and more or less recognized as an actual fact for eons. It probably goes back to the Genesis Myth. You know that myth where Adam is the first ever Human.

Adam was a guy of course. We know that because God said so and because he came equipped with male genitalia which is how you can tell a male body from a female body. Then, apparently because Adam was lonely, God made Eve to be his companion.

God used one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve. Eve was a woman of course, and we know that because God said so, and because Eve had a set of genitalia different from male body.

Having been made from one of Adam's ribs, Eve was not an original like Adam. She was a sort of modified copy that Adam could use for a companion and a kind of helper. But, however it actually worked out, it is put forth very forcefully that Adam was number One, the Boss.

This of course is all mythology, but somewhere in the evolution of Human Beings, in apparently the vast majority of evolving cultures, those humans designated as male came to be accepted as superior to those designated as female. This bit of fiction came to be, if not the major, one of the most powerful influences on basically every aspect, both material and non-material of our entire existence on the planet.

This fiction generated what eventually became the slavery of woman by man. (You can call it anything you want, but it amounted to slavery.) It is absolutely necessary here to realize that the slaver is enslaved. By enslaving Woman, man enslaved himself into an extremely restricted and narrow set of behaviors as well. This fiction generated a huge veil and an enormous mountain of pseudo-facts that have become accepted as basic differences between men and women.

The real damage of this eons long lie or illusion is that it created mythical codes of behavior and expectations based on one’s genitalia. This had the effect of separating us into prisons of illusion. It literally separated the One Humanity from itself and from the One Power of Life.

Life is Energy. Energy is gender neutral. There is no energy that an incarnated soul or human being, regardless of the genitalia of its chosen body cannot embody and use. All humans can, and do, have and use Will Power, Love and Intelligence. None of these Energies is either feminine or masculine. They are all cosmic Energies and when directed by the heart or Love they manifest as kindness, gentleness, courage, indomitable Will, equilibrium, fearlessness, unshakeable confidence in Truth.

I could go on here and make a huge list; however, the point is that We are the One Humanity first, last and always.

Well not always, because there is this thing called Evolution, and that requires some discussion about another Dimension.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


It is, of course, redundant to use the words cooperative and conscious in the same phrase. These two always and only coexist. When  one becomes conscious, one is actually becoming aware of cooperation. Cooperation is the name we give to the natural flow of energies which are easily observable within any unified field, human or otherwise.

What we call consciousness before this awareness of the integrated, interrelated unity of reality dawns on or in us is really a kind of unconsciousness. Totally unaware of the unified field of the whole, we are aware of ourselves or "conscious" of ourselves, that is we think of ourselves as physical dense bodies which are separated and "different" from all other physical dense bodies.

We go around saying I am this body. I am not that other body. We think that our very existence depends on our not being any other I. We struggle to not become lost in some other's identity. We absolutely must remain ourselves.

The unrealized fact of cosmic physics is that forms exist only in relationship to other forms. Any I without that other I, ceases to exist. Gradually, as consciousness expands out of this illusion of separation, we come to realize this fact, and we begin to understand that that although separate, that other I and me are pretty much one unit. We each exist  only in relationship to each other. And then we figure out that even if we recognize that we are that other, we will not disappear. We are that other, but we are also this unique individual that can see and understand that we are simultaneously ourselves and our brother or sisters.

It is only as this kind of consciousness develops within the human psyche that one becomes truly aware of his or her unique individuality. We discover that we are unique microcosmic variations of an infinite wholeness. So, we have that ancient series of phrases, I Am./I Am That./I Am That I Am.

So, there is no "I" there is only US.

Us is going to lunch now..there is no other way.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Real Big Problem

The Real Big Problem
As humanity on a global scale, the big problem we are presently facing is something that we think of as “Big Business”. It is really time to wake up.

Business was more or less the form into which the Forces of Retrogression, on all of its many levels, migrated as the evolution of consciousness gradually generated the “discoveries” of the “New World”, the creation of a more transportable form of currency (what we now call money), and the domination of commerce power over land ownership power. All of these huge shifts led to the failure of the ability by the powerful few (known in those times as Royalty) to control and dominate the nations of the world in the guise of the King States.

Over the last 400 years, the migration of these Retrogressive Forces of control into Commerce Power has become more focused. Since their last failure at global control in the armed effort we call the two World Wars, their areas of domination in the arena of Commerce, or Business as it has come to be known, has grown, and their tactics have changed dramatically. They have migrated from conquest by dense physical war, which the proliferation of atomic weapons made unacceptable, to conquest by dominating and controlling the Wealth Power of the planet. On this front they have made enormous progress. The motives that drive the Forces of Retrogression are not compatible with a democratically structured and run society.

This is not rocket science. It is a simple observable fact.

Democracy is about the Common Good and the General Welfare. It runs on the energy of Cooperation. It is about, as our Constitution and the Constitutions of the vast majority of recognized Nations point out, Life Liberty and Justice for All. (For a list of Nations with constitutions see Wikipedia)

Big Business is about accumulating and growing the power to control environments of any kind for its separative, personal uses. It refers to the growth or expansion of such power as making a profit which means gaining an ever greater share of the total planetary wealth. It runs on competition, on the battle to survive. Big Business has no moral or ethical code that governs its behavior beyond lip service. It will do anything to survive, and survival means the power to control “markets” in an ever growing circle of dominance in whatever sector in which it happens to live. Markets is a sophistic term which includes all aspects of human interaction that can be manipulated in some form to generate profit.

The Forces that were defeated on the dense physical plane in WWII have reappeared in force in many of the worlds corporations. Many major banking institutions, insurance, pharmaceutical manufacturers and sellers, major weapons manufactures, and major oil corporations persist in business activities that have been scientifically proven to be massively destructive to the social and physical networks of Humanity. For example, besides generating huge narcotic problems such as the opioid epidemic, it would include the education and health delivery systems and, as the recent wave of 100 year storms demonstrate, the environmental balance of the Planet.

A more recent example of this problem in the brand new Tech Industry can be seen in the reactions of Face Book and Twitter to alarming revelations regarding the effect of their businesses on the Common Good. Both of these brand-new mega corporations, in terms of the products they sell, are being extremely challenged to see the difference between publishing lies that interfere with the national security of governments and the free election processes of Nations and their advertising revenue.

Big Business has always seen Government as a problem. It launched what in retrospect was an outright war on government with the election of Ronald Reagan. In his Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981, (in what is, in my opinion, a spectacular piece of sophistry) Reagan launched the war. “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

A Brief Aside
It is important to realize and understand that the Retrogressors are and have always been Masters of Sophistry or Casuistry, the use of cleverly crafted fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving. Such masters have been on the payrolls of the Powerful Few for centuries. It is highly likely that they prepared the speech that Reagan delivered at his 1981 Inaugural.
Today this ancient skill is being called “alt truth”. And there are masters of this skill operating as paid agents and propaganda arms of Big Business in major media outlets all over the planet, a major example of which is called the NRA.

To Continue
This war has been going on for some 36 years.  During this period Big Business has been about accumulating and growing the power to control environments of any kind. Sophistically mouthing cooperation, they have consistently used the weapons of competition. While paying lip service to moral and ethical codes, they have violated every law. Just “The presidency of Ronald Reagan in theUnited States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any U.S. president."

But make no mistake. This problem was not an "exclusive to a political party” thing. Big Business is not a political party. It is much more like an Army. For troops it employs a cadre of persons called lobbyists, and any person in government who can be approached and used will be.

Big Business has literally purchased governmental officials both elected and appointed to do their separative selfish bidding. And, besides the in pocket elected Congress persons and Senators, they now have a President and an administration that is actually running the Government as a Business in every respect, literally. This situation represents pretty much what Reagan, in that 1961 Inaugural Address was aiming to achieve.

“In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.... It is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed. It is my intention to curb the size and influence of the Federal establishment and to demand recognition of the distinction between the powers granted to the Federal Government and those reserved to the states or to the people…. Now, so there will be no misunderstanding, it's not my intention to do away with government. It is rather to make it work—work with us, not over us; to stand by our side, not ride on our back. Government can and must provide opportunity, not smother it; foster productivity, not stifle it.”

The obvious thing to note here, a thing that went completely unnoticed by most everyone, is that when Reagan was saying that government has “grown beyond the consent of the governed”, he meant Big Business, the Community of huge Corporations. His “Us” did not mean you and me.

So, none of this is new. Corruption of the Cooperative processes necessary for the survival of Humanity on the planet has always been a major problem with our evolutionary development. The present Administration is rapidly generating a long list of such scandal’s.

The problem with “Big Business” is that everything about it, the economic theories, the ideology, psychology, and the motivation that drives it, all of this is grounded in an illusion of Reality. This illusion was manufactured and implemented eons ago. “Certain units of humanity—then existent— [the first solar system] were so completely conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of "fixed and selfish material purpose" and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them.” The Rays and the Initiations P. 350

Thus, enthralled as they are in the illusion of a single dimensional cosmos, the dense physical plane is all there is. Although ancient, the mantra that “Life is a battle for survival and the best, strongest, smartest, most ruthless win” is a hands down fact with them. Heart concepts such as morality or compassion, other than window dressing for the fools, really play no role in their decision making processes. As Milton Friedman said “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits.”

This is their base operational assumption regarding one’s purpose and place on the planet. (Witness the present commentary coming from them regarding the failures of support for Puerto Rico and who is going to pay the outstanding Debt from Puerto Rico’s financial collapse.) Other than the Second Amendment—which, was proposed in 1789 and is being completely misconstrued from its original intention by a retrogressively focused Supreme Court—not one of the guarantees for human life that are listed in the first ten amendments of the Constitution matters when it comes to the bottom line of the Corporate Rulers who have been engaged in a stealth campaign for the past 36 years to establish control over the United States.

They will fail. Again, I might add, because as history reveals this is not their first attempt. However, given the rapidly expanding understanding of the realities of Science and unquestionable evolution of consciousness over these many, many centuries of struggle, this may well be their Last Attempt.
Do you not see that the Cosmic Consciousness is in convulsion?
We know the course of the battle—the Plan of the Creator cannot be altered.
From the Beginning the dark ones struggled.
From the Beginning We conquered.
If you are a reader of Thoughtline, you will recognize this statement. It comes from Master Morya. The thing to realize about this statement is that it is a simple fact
Tom Carney
November, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017


The thing that concerns me at the moment and has prompted this blog is the behavior of Donald Trump.

As many of us have been registering, something of great power is even now bringing about significant evolutionary growth and change. Many of us, including me, sense that this entire movement is being aided, if not engendered by extra-planetary and systemic forces. As those of us who are conscious of the Ageless Wisdom know, it wouldn't be the first time the planet was aided by the intervention of extra-planetary forces. The key thought is that the change, however it  manifests, will generate evolutionary growth.

I have no data on the nature of the change or of how or when it will impact. However, it is quite clear that Humanity is a significant factor in any change that occurs on this planet. What we do, what we empower with our thought and love, or hate, matters greatly.

This fact is a primary reason for the terrorist activities of Mr. Trump.

For months now it has been obvious to anyone who is even slightly versed in human psychology that Mr. Trump has serious issues with a number of psychological disorders among which are paranoia and egomania. Such disorders will trigger deeply coded knee jerk explosions in any random situation that the individual feels is threatening to himself or his self image. An example of this habitual behavior was reported by Gabriel Sherman in vanity Fair on October 11, 2017  when Mr. Trump shouted out, “I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!”

What exactly triggered this at that moment is irrelevant. There are many other easily documented examples. The point is that Donald Trump has the legal power to easily initiate an atomic war at any moment. He has specifically pointed out that regardless of any inputs from others, the decision to launch an atomic ballistic missile is his alone.

This fact is so horrifying that many simply do not psychically acknowledge it.

Given Trump's psychic condition, we must realize that there could be a launch and that any launch would not be just one bomb on one side. Retaliation would be inevitable. To assume otherwise is ignorance.

One bomb, on one day, in a split second literally wiped some 80,000 human beings and 90 % of the city of Hiroshima from the  planet. The hundreds of fires, ignited by the thermal pulse, combined to produce a firestorm that incinerated everything within about 4.4 miles of ground zero. (Google Hiroshima images.)

This is what Donald Trump is talking about. This is what he threatened to do to North Korea.
When Donald Trump speaks to the International community of Nations he is speaking for the United States.

It is quite clear that, on this issue, he does not speak for the vast majority of the voting population of the United states United States. I expect that the vast majority of school age children, given the opportunity,  would also be opposed to immediate incineration.

One wonders what one can do to help us avoid this possibility. Well a big step would be to make the general population aware of it. This blog will be published on my BlogSpot which has a few hundred recipients. I will post it on Face Book and encourage others to share it or write something of their own. I will mail it to my Senators and Congress persons.

We need to generate a vast human reaction to this evil possibility. If like me, you do not march, then write, talk, but above all THINK. Visualize a planet and a Humanity living in Beauty and Joy. Energy follows thought  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Sun is Always Shining Somewhere

The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere.
We understand that there are no accidents or coincidences that every dense physical event is the effect of a long chain of cause and effect. we have learned to make progress on the path through the ancient science of experiment, experience, and expression. Our approach to all events is to ask, "Why this and why now?" We have learned, usually the hard way, to evaluate the feedback and make course corrections.

One of the earliest and most imperative and hardest to realize course correction was to realize that course corrections do not involve "letting go of things". They involve taking over the new direction.

Big lesson hard to come by. The thing we finally learn as individuals from trying to let go of stuff is that focusing on trying to let go of stuff is painful, tends to focus us into form, and reverse or stagnate the energy flow of evolution. This issue remains one of the major blockages for the macro evolution of Humanity.

The "letting go" process is part of the ancient hang up that sprung from an unconscious identification with our forms, and created the illusion of our separative "self”. This condition was severely aggravated during the first 1500 years of the Piscean cycle by the new religions. Much of the behavioral and moral values, dictated by the theologians and their various scenarios, at least in the western world, literally taught that we were in fact our mortal our vehicles. Death, the Grim Reaper, the ugly dude with the black cape and the rusty scythe, was unavoidable.

We were sinners at our core. Therefore, we were unworthy and needed to suffer to make ourselves pure. However, catch 22, because of our "original sin" purity was always beyond our reach. This unachievable goal exacerbated the whole thing. Hence, we have the self-hate syndrome, the whipping, the hair shirts, the sleeping on plank beds, months long fasts, and other forms of self-inflicted pain.

Of course, for the more affluent, there was the ability buy absoloution.

This process was a very slow and very painful journey to nowhere. The self-flagellation bit has greatly abated in recent centuries. Self-identification with the forms, however, has endured, and the ability to buy absolution and avoid taxes in the form of tithing and what passes for charity has flourished.

Even so, consciousness is expanding at very rapid rate. Although it is as always, with a lot of struggle, the Plan is manifesting and more and more individuals are “waking up”. We are, at the very least, realizing that something is way out of wack.  We are discovering that consciousness does not expand through plowing deeper into materialism, the past, and matter. It expands by striving into the Light.

I have been talking a lot lately about the acceleration of Human Evolution over the past few hundred years in comparison with the past 2000 years. I have listed all kinds of huge historical expansions (Revolutionary War Women’s Suffrage, etcetera) that demonstrate the way we are implementing the Plan. None of these were accidents or coincidences. They were all effects of Humanity’s rapidly expanding consciousness and were initiated by individual human beings who were/are in tune with the Principles which are the Soul of the Plan.

And then, of course, we have the retrogressive reactions to these expansions of Consciousness. An interesting thing about these retrogressive reactions is that they actually provide the incentive for the next expansion. It’s that Tactica Adversa thing.

Many of us have become inhabitants of the canyons of comfort. We like what we have. Change even if it is a positive thing makes us uncomfortable. That old observation that “Comfort is the cemetery of the Spirit.” Hierarchy #341 comes to mind.

Comfort is just another term for stagnation, and it is ultimately unsustainable. Only so much snow will pile up on a high mountain ledge before there is an avalanche. The Lords of Karma are very good at generating those wake up avalanches.

I think that most of us have come to understand the actual need for the obstacles that the retrogressive forces supply. We can sit around and wait for the avalanche, or we can volunteer to become Proactive Initiators of the Good, of Change. (This is my new name for "disciple".) It’s simple physics after all. If there is no resistance to the forward motion, it’s very likely not forward motion.

Although there is usually not much that is easy or comfortable about serious forward motion, there is, however, this thing called Joy. Can’t talk much about Joy. It's an experiential thing.

As MM has indicated, "We return many times to this concept of voluntariness. It is the foremost condition of discipline. The least thought about forcing destroys all achievements. Not only does the Teacher not compel, but the disciple also must not force himself. The discipline of Good is a self-generated joy. What an indestructible immunity is created through joy! The calmness of a yogi is not due to detached imperturbability, but to an inner, flaming joy. Such is the path of discipline. Some will say: How easy! But they do not know that joy is a special wisdom.
The Thinker taught, “He who has learned joy has already stepped onto the path of wisdom.” Supermundane #599

MM also suggested that we "Be joyous; not because of the success of works already decayed, but in knowledge of the predestined and of that already inscribed in the scrolls of the future. Be joyous; not in the desire for repose, but because of the agitation of the elements, since only the agitation of the elements will serve you; for one cannot command the dead to revivify the living. Thus, understand that joy is a special wisdom, and do not abandon the fires of light above the crumbs of the feast." Hierarchy #96

Anyway, in all of this, it is interesting to realize that all there is, is energy and that energy is in constant motion. When we manage to “still” the busy, data processing functions of our mental equipment, which are akin to what we call static, it is the motion of energy that we tune into. It is the frequency of the formless Principles of Cosmos that we register.

These Principles are the Soul of the Plan and the doorways through which we can move Humanity into the future or, you might say, move the Future into Humanity. One might think that this is Joyful work.

Certainly, be more fun than wearing a hair shirt.


Thursday, August 17, 2017


As I said, this thing we have with solving problems with walls is pretty much an ancient ingrained habit. Generated by the development of a separative sense of self consciousness and the fear of attack and need for a sense of security, it greatly precedes the appearance of ancient peoples. A few examples:

We have the Walls of Jericho, (not to be confused with the American metalcore band from Detroit Michigan) dated at 8000 BC. The Walls of Athens, some 7500 years later in 500 BC, connected Athens with its ports at Piraeus and Phalerumwhich were about 6 miles from the city gates. The Antonine and Hadrian walls in England are a mere 2000 years old. The Great wall of China, is only 1700 years old but anywhere from 5000, to 13,000 miles long, depending on how one defines wall. Although originally built to keep bad people out, today it is more of an artifact and a tourist attraction than anything else.

From 50 BC or so up through AD 1600 any collection of buildings that resembled a town or city had a wall. These walls provided the playground for the favorite pastime of the kings and would be kings and emperors of invading and killing each other in countless sieges and wars. As cannons evolved into real artillery huge walls around cities and the like became extinct. However, there was hardly a breath in the idiotic pastime of the Rulers to prove how great they were by striving to conquer and rule more stuff, including other people.
Evan as we gradually began to limit the frequency of wars with guns and bombs, the psychic need for walls flourished. The generation of other fences and walls like tariff walls and trade walls, race, class, and citizenship walls became more prominent and higher or wider. In the present, civilized modern world, we are into walls more than ever.

Drive through any town or city that has single family dwellings and we will see walls, or at the very least, fences by the millions around our houses and yards. Even in large upscale apartment buildings, one will encounter walls, human walls called “Door Men”, whose function it is to keep undesirable individuals out. Also, in addition to the fear of harm and need for security, today’s walls are very much about indicating ownership, “private property”, what is mine and what is yours. And encounter signs that say NO TRASPASSING

After a thousand or so centuries, it begins to become obvious that all of these walls and the fear, hate, and greed that drive their construction are the effects or the impacts of the polarity of the separative consciousness.  On the one hand, the considerable intellect that is driven by the polarized ignorance of a consciousness identified with a materialistic fixation will naturally tend toward manifesting systems that foster separation, imbalance, competition, and war that maintain the illusion of separation. Not that the materially polarized consciousness is dumb, quite the contrary. It is brilliant in all creative arenas that require a deep comprehension and manipulation of details.

Not dumb, it is simply ignorant of the synthesis of Cosmos.

On the other hand, the intellect that is driven by a consciousness that has an intuitional realization of its indivisible identification with the existing energetic multidimensional Cosmos will tend toward manifesting systems that are in balance or harmonic cooperation with the Principles and Laws of Cosmic physics. The elimination of walls and boundaries of all kinds of separation will be the effect or impact of its natural creative drive.

In either case, Intelligence is the genius builder of forms. It is a Creative Energy which we called Spirit. We called it Spirit, because our separative one dimensional intellectual development was not able to deal with something immaterial, something that we couldn’t see.  In order to separate it from other Spirt stuff, and identify it, we put it into a special box which, because it was creative Spirt and since, obviously, women made babies, we labeled feminine. We created Mother Nature.

In about the same breath, the males, because they did not want the women to be putting on airs, demeaned all things feminine as weak and generated the myth of Man Over Nature. They claimed that another energy or Spirit, Will, which was obviously superior, was male. It came from, who else, the Father, so shut up and get into the kitchen.

This construction of one of the major psychic walls that has kept Humanity from being whole for a very long time has some of its roots in the Adam and Eve Myth. Adam was a man, the result of “god” breathing life into some mud. (This by the way is the classical creative conception of the entire Cosmos. We call it “Spirit into Matter.) Then, according to the myth, by taking one of Adam’s ribs god built a woman. However you dice or slice this, woman comes out as a second hand, or rib, product. Ergo, the superiority of the male.
This habitual wall building habit is what is really deeply responsible not only for the feminine, masculine wall but for most of the separation and competition that springs from our fixed identification on the dense physical and our fear and hate, and greed.


“Something there is that doesn't love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun;
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.”

Robert Frost was alluding to the natural forces of Cosmos, what we think of as cosmic physics. Once again, it is essential for any reasonable comprehension of Cosmic Reality to realize that energy is gender neutral. Its Primary appearance is what we call Will, Love, and Intelligence. These three always and only co-exist.

At any rate, besides all of these separative constructing habits, there is within us a couple of other “forces” that actually drive Evolution. For one, there is an undeniable, unstoppable, deep psychic drive that makes us want to KNOW! What, exactly, is behind that wall, or around the next bend in the road, or river, or hall way? This is the simple question that drives Human Evolution.

Frequently, as we all know from countless experiences, there is some kind of a wall, usually an interior one, that inhibits us, that clicks on that ancient program that keeps us from fulfilling that need to know. The name of this wall, not made of bricks and mortar, is, obviously, fear.

Fear is the prison of the Wall Builder in all areas of our lives. Its cell mate is Doubt. Think about it. MM calls these two the Dark whispers.

The other Force Within is the germ that lies at the core of our entire journey. It is the defining gift that makes it possible for us to become, at last, Human Beings. It is called Free Will. It is the Courage of the Heart to exercise our Freewill that is evolving within us and enabling us to move through and reach beyond all walls of illusion and separation.  Regardless of the cost, we simply must read that next chapter, see that next horizon.

Interesting, isn’t it, that we have been tasked to choose to be Creators of the Good simply by recognizing It.

Each Teacher of life bases His power only upon images of Truth, and creates the future by His thought, not by the consciousness of the crowd.
The ashes of past fires may dim the vision, but the fires of new images of Truth glow in the Infinite. When we have transcended the narrow boundaries of ethnicity and nationality, is it not all the same to us which planet is nurtured by spatial thought? The only important thing is that the thought be filled with a realization of the Common Good. Then the crosscurrents of nations will not distract the eye that is directed toward the inevitable evolution.
Reverence for the dwelling place of the Teacher should not be reverence for the soil, or for temple rituals, but for the igniting of justice in space.
We often exhausted Ourselves in improving the condition of humanity, but do not regret having sent even one evolutionary thought. These thoughts take root and flourish like an enchanted garden; and as magically invisible are the workers in this garden. Know how to direct your thought to the Common Good and We will always be with you.
Let us end with a legend: “Let us look at the stars. We were told that the vessel of Wisdom poured its contents from out of Tushita, and the drops of the miraculous draft became aglow in space. But the Teacher said, ‘Thus glow the tips of the arrows of thought, because thought pierces the radiant substance and creates worlds.’”
Creative thought, do not cease to adorn space with thy flowers of light!
Agni Yoga #122

Thursday, July 27, 2017



Walls are kind of iconic things.

For some reason humans have always felt the need to be safe. I suppose it springs from a fear that we learned over the eons of evolution by being injured and killed by various animals and things outside of our immediate skin. So, walls sort of spontaneously evolved as methods of protecting ourselves. We built walls around our camps and then our towns and cities.  In centuries past, even when we ventured outside of the wall of our town or city we took armadas of guards to keep us safe. That is if we were of the class that could afford such things.

At any rate, walls have played a huge part in the unfolding of consciousness. Our felt need for safety followed us as self-consciousness gradually replaced the tribal, pack, heard, mass consciousness that characterized our existence and animal origins. Somewhere along the unfolding of self-consciousness the realization that we were physically separate from others began to awaken the deep seated fear and need for safety. The need to self identify, protect ourselves from others, and to have “privacy” became motivating forces, and the construction walls around our emotions and thoughts began.

As this sense of being a separate “I” grew, we eventually integrated our senses and constructed an entire personal existence with which we totally identified. We call this manufactured entity our personality. It led to the sense of exclusivity, and the private ownership of ourselves and our “private property”.

Over many, many centuries, “walls” proliferated throughout human civilizations. Today boundaries, which is another name for walls—what they separate or wall in, what they wall, out and who owns what behind which boundary or wall—are a root cause of our all of our wars, both global and local. Walls. Boundaries or walls of privilege and exclusivity stand between all of the inequalities in our social systems such as the bloated and exclusive wealth of the few and the poverty and starvation of the many.

Although much subtler and frequently unconsciously present, these same walls lie at the root of most of our personal interior social and psychological problems. We wall ourselves off from that and those who frighten or challenge our self-images. We go through our days frequently peering over these internal walls, our fear masked by superiority and disdain for those who we see as inferior to ourselves. Our fear of the unknown results in the stagnation of our evolution.
Well, so what?

Simply this. Evolution, or the Intention that is unfolding through the medium of this planet is generating or causing an increasingly rapid expansion of human consciousness. This expansion of our consciousness is literally dissolving these walls of separating ignorance through the revelation of the factual Reality our unified existence. This sense of unity is inclusive not only of all of the forms through which Life is manifesting on this planet, but with the existence of a non-dense multidimensional Cosmos.  In this understanding of Reality, boundaries are simply beckoning doorways into greater comprehensions of the Infinite.

This expansion of Human Consciousness, which is propelling Humanity from the insane, separated, and at war with itself illusion of realty, is as unavoidable as was the expansion of animal consciousness into human consciousness. This expansion of our awareness which is revealing the stark truth of the walls of the prison in which we have been torturing ourselves, and driving our determination to eliminate them, is generating a violent and extreme lashing out on the part of those who are saying, as they did at the close of the first Solar System, Hell no! We won’t go! (For data on this group please see The Rays and the Imitations A treatise on the Seven Rays Volume V P. 350)

What we have been dealing with on the planet for the past couple of hundred years is like act V of a long tragedy. In this present scene, the Government of the People has been hijacked by the “Won’t Goers” and the President is making Nero seem sane. The end of this tragicomedy is unavoidable, and its approach is like the breaking of a huge dam or the beginnings of a giant avalanche. Those with ears can hear the growing rumbles in the distance.

Stand by. The closing scene is going to be amazing! Not everyone will show at the curtain call.