Friday, February 3, 2017


Dear Friends:
This is an urgent recall for heart focused warriors. We need to renew and continue to empower our efforts on the Capitol Clearing Action Meditation. The effects of the Synthesis energy are very clear. “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change[relatively speaking] will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.” Ashramic Projections P. 174  We are all well aware of these effects and understand the gravity the present situation.

We have all noticed that “everything” is speeding up. Besides the effects of the Law of Periodicity which governs the 7th Ray, this speeding up can be seen as the result of the presence on our Planet of the Avatar of Synthesis “who, acting under the direction of a greater Cosmic Life, synthesizes the energies into a lower correspondence of a Cosmic energy as yet of too high and subtle a frequency for us to reach.” It is the objective of this Group Meditation Action to continue the deployment of the manifesting power of Synthesis into this effort. In this we will be working, as always, from Principle into a brand new form.

As you know, "The major characteristic of this new energy is its dynamic, precipitating faculty. It is the precipitating agent of the Divine Plan for humanity in specific circumstances and situations, in specific happenings. The Light Workers will use the energy by focusing it into those situations and circumstances which should be the vehicle for the manifestation of the Plan, but are not necessarily so at that given time. By focusing this energy into this specific situation or this circumstance even though that happening appears to be in opposition to the Plan, the energy itself precipitates the Divine Plan into manifestation via or through that specific happening.” Ashramic Projections P. 186


Invoking the Energy of Synthesis Action Meditation:
Focus in the Cave, Take a deep breath align the vehicles and dedicate them to the  service of the Plan

Link the three heart centers into a unified field of golden light
Bring the three part Soul into a unified coherent field of Light within Heart Field.

Link the heart fields of the group into a unified whole.

Link with the Ashram of Synthesis.

See the three Masters, M, D.K. and R, standing in a field of Blue Fire. With gratitude and joy, name and link with each one.

Link with the Higher Triangle of the Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Planetary Logos.

Stand in the Silence for about 3 minutes receptive to the Inflow of the Synthesis Energy.(“The Synthesis Energy will be released in exact proportion to the group power potential in service” Ashramic Projections P. 175

Visualization Distribution
Focused in the Center of All Love.

With an act of the Pure Reasoning Will direct the Light of the group heart through the Statue of Freedom* (A Woman)on the top of the US Capitol into the Capitol building, through the dome of the Capitol.                                        
Visualize the Light anchoring in the Capitol Rotunda spreading horizontally in a 360 degree wave that flashes throughout the building moving as Light through any presence of darkness.

Focus again in the group heart and pulse a stream of Light from Sirius directly down the same alignment. As the Light enters the Rotunda, see it split into two streams one moving into the chamber of the House Of Representatives (left) and the other into US Senate (right).

 Within each chamber, see this Light spontaneously form as a sustained, large spherical Sun like field of energy radiating the entire chamber with the Synthesis energy.
Fix the image in place with Word of Power, The Great Invocation. Know that this Presence will remain radiating in the space.

This process can be done by anyone of the group at anytime. Thus, the group will continue to energize this field everyday at various times.

Patience and Point of View
When Synthesis energy is applied, “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change[relatively speaking] will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.” Ashramic Projections P. 174  The issue here is that as humans we want things to happen overnight. The advances in the manifestation the Plan in so many areas of life that have occurred over the past 50 years compared to the previous 300 have been evolutionarily very quick. We also except change to be something huge like a tornado or avalanche on the dense physical plane. Again if we look at things in a wider frame, going from Telegraph to  iPhones in 200 years is a pretty big and  pretty fast.

We need to also widen our point of view on a dimensional level.  We forget that huge evolutionary changes in consciousness and attitudes, are already effecting behavior in many, many areas of our daily lives. It is precisely these changes that are generating the backlash of retro behavior by those who own and benefit from the illusions of separation that have enslaved us for eons.  More and more people in more and more different parts of the planet are seeing the commonality that we share and celebrating it rather than seeing the old illusory  divisions and fearing them.

This meditation action, will enhance, empower and speed up all of these incoming (The Future already exists.) images of Truth. As we  have been assured, "From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning we conquered." It's unavoidable.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump #2
We have been taught to avoid giving advice since to implement the advice most often requires a temperament much like the temperament of the one giving the advice. It’s pretty obvious to me that our temperaments are galaxies apart. In fact, I sometimes think that there is some truth to the legend/theory that says ages ago, our planet had been invaded by reptilians from distant galaxies.

Regardless, I am not going to give you any advice. However, I will point out— in concern for the Common Good, and your own Good—that the path which you are pursuing, although well worn by many self-selected and self-identified would-be saviors, a position and function which I recall you have sort of claimed, leads to a cliff, the edge of which is many thousands of feet above the ground. The largely forgotten remains of literally all of these deluded ones who have preceded you on this path lie at the bottom.

So, no advice. But I will from time to time point out to you those of your actions which are hastening you on your inevitable way to that Cliff. If you choose to consider them and try a different path, you may avoid a brief but long fall.

BTW. These falls or, given the fact of our Free will, leaps actually, are historically very lonely experiences for the leapers.

Anyway, let me mention your very recent action, the blocking of fellow humans from coming into the U.S. Some of those whom your order blocked had just arrived, and a few of them are actual refuges, but most of the others were legitimately coming home or entering the Nation. Obviously, none of them were rapists, murderers, criminals or terrorists. This occurrence, an initial effect of the banning of the entire population of seven Muslim Nations, once again exposed your ignorant disconnect concerning Reality and the crude, callous, insensitive, streak which it harbors.

One wonders if you have ever heard of the motto of our country, “Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to be free….”

I am pretty sure that a number of your “advisers” do, but I wonder also if you realize that this action was on the level of a First Strike. It will have huge consequences.  It was an intercontinental ballistic missile on the emotional and mental planes. It eliminated 7 Muslim nations from this Nation’s concept of Humanity.

One of its hideous and intended effects will be the planting of the seeds of religious war by making it seem that the United States of America thinks that Muslims are inferior to Christians, and are blasphemers, heretics and enemies of the Christian world. This will provide the religious fanatic terrorists with the kind of selling points they need to whip up fear and hate in those populations.

Incidentally, both of these groups of religious extremist terrorists work for the same Cabal. Their agenda is the destruction of Humanity, or most of it any way, So much easier to control, you understand.

The tiny group of extremist Christian terrorists—who in no way reflect the basic principles of Christianity and the Teachings of Christ, any more than the insane members of ISIS reflect the basic principles of the Koran and prophet Muhammad—who have worked their way into the leadership of our Nation, like their ISIS cohorts, would like nothing more than a religious war.

Are you sure that plunging the Planet into a religious war is a good thing, will make us “great again”? Maybe you will want to rethink that. Not everyone who is whispering “advice” into your ear is concerned for the Good of us all.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mr. Trump

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Mr. Trump.
Want to thank you for all of your great work especially over the past couple of years. Every stage of the Great Unfolding needs a counter force against which to strive.

The extremely draconian, retrogressive, absurd, ignorant and in many cases simply meaningless, comments, assumptions, appointments, executive orders, threats, on top of the gross observations that come out of your mouth and are implemented in your actions have provided the forces of the Common Good and the General Welfare—not of just the brothers and sisters who happen to live in the U.S. but all of us everywhere, and the entire planet—with more incentive, more will to strive for the Good, than the thousands of scientists, prophets, sane and loving brothers and sisters in all of their calm, and clearly spoken wisdom have been able to muster.

So, thank you. It turns out that you were that rough beast that was slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. (thanks to W.B. Yeats) It turns out that, all the messengers of light having failed, you were the kind of prophet we needed to see and hear in order to awaken form our stony sleep of self-gratification and comfort. You are a Prophet of Doom

You have been sent to us, Mr. Trump. The forces of evolution are unstoppable.

There is nothing like a Prophet of Doom to get the blood running on several levels most of them not very pleasant. You, Mr. Trump, of course, are not the first. Way, way back, actually from the beginning, it seems that Humanity has always needed some kind of Prophet of Doom, some incredible disaster to get its act together.
Your uncouth presence is supplying that need.

So, thank you. And please keep it up. Every absurdity, every proclamation, threat, mean and slanderous statement and act is working. Congratulations! Where many of the prophets have failed, you are succeeding. You have awakened the Sleeping Giant called Humanity.

From the beginning, they struggled. From the beginning, we conquered. Evolution is unavoidable. Devolution is a Loser’s game, that the Losers do not even know they are playing.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Regarding Pesident Obama

In the vast, vast panorama of Humanity's struggle on this planet, I do not have to re-member the tiny tiny event of a half white and half black brother being elected by the People to be the President of the currently most powerful nation on the Planet. The event lives within my consciousness along with a many other tiny, tiny moments in the thousands and thousands of tiny triumphs that has moved Humanity to this point.

The significance of President Obama's election was/is that human beings saw and elected another human being. It was/is the Presidents Humanity that the People at long last were able to see and understand. It was "the quality of his character not the color of his skin" with which Human Beings resonated.
That tiny, tiny event in the Great Unfolding is of the same frequency and power, has the same significance as the the signing of our constitution.
It was a world wide and unimaginable defeat of the forces of retrogression, greed, exclusivity and separation by the People. It engendered the vicious backlash that we have seen carried out by those forces of darkness which have been masquerading as Republicans over the past few decades.\

The aberration of the election of these forces will be short lived. Humanity has turned a significant corner in its evolution. The day of the greed of the few over the humanity of the rest is over. It was never in doubt. The pantheon of heroes over the centuries such as MLK always knew the triumph was unavoidable and inevitable.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Dear Mr. President

Monday, January 9, 2017
Dear Mr. President
This will be my last letter to you. I will, of course, not abandon you. In fact, I expect to double my efforts as I expect you will be doing likewise. I will also say, just this one time, how much your actions, and those of your warrior travelling companion for this life, Michelle, over these last 8 years have taught me and encouraged me in my little efforts to bring Humanity into the Light.

I know, I really do know, that you both have just begun. It is the Way with all of us who serve the Light. There is no end. There is just the next battle. And I also know that we emerge triumphant each time we face those who would turn us back into the night of exclusivity and separation.

For those of us who are engaged in the Long Struggle, these last 8 years were a tremendous triumph. We actually held the Line, not that much different than the battle at Thermopylae. The Oval Office was the pass. The Forces of Retrogression were held in check.

Now, in the upcoming battle of 2017/18 we face what is possibly the final struggle with these forces. You have attracted and trained a mighty host. The retrogressors, blinded as they are by the illusion of their hate won victory have revealed themselves to the People. The People will respond.

I will be there, as will many millions of our sisters and brothers, in every possible form. Only ancient warriors will realize this, but we did not lose an election, we won a huge strategic battle. Triumph is unavoidable.
lots of love


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dear Mr. Prisident

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Dear Mr. President
I have written a number of letters to over the last years, one or two of which you or your helpers responded. I never wrote the letters expecting any response. It was more a way sending encouragement to you and the others who read it in your circle and in my circle of brothers and sisters.

Now, I got a notice from you that you were going to send me a thank you note. If there is any thanking to be done, it is from me and the rest of us who voted for and supported you-- and your whole family, including the dog, because that is actually who you are. Your a group!

I can’t tell you how many times, over the years that I felt that kinship of our shared humanity and love for Freedom during your eight years of Service. I have a small understanding of what you were/are working to accomplish, and I am aware of the forces of retrogression that are opposing this Path for humanity.

I have this notion that you, like so many others who give all for the Goal, are not even remotely interested in what the media calls your “legacy”. However, when the real history is written those who, in spite of the mountains of opposition which only the real threats draw out, truly served the Common Good will stand out like stars in the night sky.

I also have this notion that your just getting started. (Your, what, 60 or something? I am going to be 83 on December 8), The whole President experience was a great revealer and training ground. You and your family and the dog, modeled the concept of Family for us.

 My thing is that we have lost a President and a First Lady but unleashed and gained a pair of mighty warriors of and for the people. The retrogressors have no idea of what is coming. Mainly because they are so busy looking at themselves, that they cannot see the “writing on the Wall”.
If ever there is any way that I can be of assistance, please, let me know.
Lots of love


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sacrifice Means Resurrection.

Humanity is deeply involved in the process of giving birth to a new way of living on this planet. We all know, and our Brothers have advised us again and again that “Pain and disruption ever precede birth”.

The Planetary events since the end of the World War, (A time of Pain and disruption) have all been aspects or parts of this birthing process. The initial wonderful creation of the United Nations, the Marshall Plan, and the rebuilding of much of the destruction from the war, the great strides made in the world and the U.S. in terms of Civil and Human rights, are examples of the Direction of the new way of Living.

The counter blow that the Retrogressors released as they were defeated on the dense physical plane has been causing much emotional and mental psychic pain on the Planet. Since 1990 the level of disruption and pain has been growing. The 2001 destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the ongoing wars of the Middle East, the mass refugee flights, and the results of this election are all part of the resistance to the New Way of Living on this Planet.

America, the United States, is part of a great unfolding expansion of consciousness. It is a part of the Birthing process that is engulfing the Planet. Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering just now from the greatly unexpected effects of the recent election process in the United States. The event released an unparalleled wave of fear and doubt, anger and hatred into our collective consciousness. The presence of these frequencies of evil are causing this great discomfort in so many.

For those who can think, seeing this event in the greater context of the unfolding Plan, realizing that we have been to this brink many times, and we have always triumphed and will again, inoculates and brings relief from the infection of the evil energies of fear, doubt hate and anger.

We who can think, by refusing to harbor, to give house to these evil energies, can through our thoughts, through our joyful, loving certainty clear the emotional and mental fields of the evil energy and fill them with harmony and courage and Light.

This will do more to aid our suffering brothers and sisters and more to support the Efforts of the Forces of Light than we can know. Do it. Do it on purpose with love and Will.

Sacrifice means resurrection.
We die,
To be born.
Each night merges
Into a new dawn.
The pain comes from holding on.

Sacrifice is saying yes.
In the yes, we let go.
The pain ends
In the New.

It is, of course, true-
There can be no Phoenix
With out the ashes.
Phoenix focused, fused
To that rush and release,
Pain remains
With the ashes.

Flying free
We wing
Joy filled- joyfully
Into New and formless

Is the commitment
Of Summer’s full blown richness
To the gloriously incandescent furnace
Of Autumn’s kaleidoscopic color
The death white ash of Winter
From which has already
Sprung Spring.

Sacrifice is the doorway into Eternity.