Saturday, May 6, 2017

Going Forward, It’s The Only Way!

Going Forward, It’s the Only Way!

Mr. Tillerson is the recent Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Exxon, the world's 6th largest company by revenue, and is now the United States of America’s Secretary of State. At a recent talk to employees at the State Department Tillerson said, "I think it is really important that all of us understand the difference between policy and values. Our values around freedom, human dignity, the way people are treated—those are our values. Those are not our policies…. In some circumstances, if you condition our national security efforts on someone adopting our values, we probably can't achieve our national security goals…. If we condition too heavily that others just adopt this value we have come to over a long history of our own, it really creates obstacles to our ability to advance on our national security interests our economic interests."

Sophistry, “reasoning that seems plausible on a superficial level but is actually unsound, or reasoning that is used to deceive” Merriam-Webster has always been a tool of the forces of Retrogression. It was, for example, very instrumental, starting with the, murder by law, death of Socrates, in ending the Golden Age of Greece, and has been a major staple in many, many of the individuals who have over the centuries risen to positions of power in our struggle to evolve.

Sophistry, after failing miserably in the world wars which were generated by the version of sophistry called fascism, became somewhat subdued. Since then sophistry has had a resurrection with the advent of Ronald Reagan--a stark contrast to the strident and fanatic version presented by the Nazi Superman, Hitler--and has been growing ever since, within countless Senators and Congress persons, and all manner of Government Personas. It has been sprouting “think tanks” such as the American Enterprise Institute, academic fortresses such as the Chicago school of economics, the Hoover Institution, Bankers such as Jamie Dimon, and now apparently, Oil barons such as Mr. Tillerson.

Tillerson’s background of obviously great finesse in becoming the CEO of the world’s 6th largest Company in one of the most cutthroat areas of competitive business explains the illogical and unprincipled disconnect in the above statement that he sees as perfect sense. How he separates “values” from “policy” is a basic aspect to the “art of the deal” world where values are measured in how successful they are in the accumulation of wealth and power.

The issue is, of course, that his version of what constitutes our national security and economic interests is light years away from the basic premises of the Constitution upon which the Nation was founded and is trying to stay based. His position requires that for appearances sake [Creating a pleasing appearance of a thing regardless of its actuality is a highly-honed skill which lies at the heart of the art of the deal] he pays lip service to the values which underpin our Democracy and our image in the World. However, the “values” he lists really have no place, and in fact, are seen as simply stupid hindrances (Why Trump wants to "shut down" the Government) to the policies he would employ in gaining his vision of what constitutes our “national security interests” which, by the way, he con-fuses with “our economic interests."

This is only to be expected from an individual who is skilled enough in the ways of the jungle of corporate competition to become the CEO of the sixth largest Corporation in the World. The bottom lines of Capitalistic Competition do not even recognize the existence of weak human values, “freedom, human dignity, the way people are treated”. Their chief and only concerns are, “Can we control this market? How much profit am I making?  Let the buyer beware”.

For example, without the tiniest concern for the Common Good, let alone “freedom, human dignity, the way people are treated” Big Tobacco made billions of dollars in profits while making hundreds of millions, if not billions, of patients with lung disease and various cancers for their co-conspirators, the other drug industry, Big Pharma, and the Insurance Industry. Big Tobacco was not even remotely concerned with their victim’s lives, let alone freedom. In fact, they consciously engaged in a years long conspiracy of criminal lies and fake science to thwart any kind of ameliorating efforts by the People’s government.  And now they are making candy with nicotine in it to get more of the unwary buyers hooked.

It would be easy to present similar acts of criminal conspiracy in many sectors of Big Business to continue a profit-making system that is causing millions of individuals to lose their freedom in the form of decent living conditions and bodily harm from ceasing or changing systems that would even slightly interfere with their bottom line profit. Think of the recent collapse of the crooked mortgage markets, the refusal of auto manufacturers to eliminate smog causing exhaust systems, of water companies with lead pipes, of coal companies which poison the drinking water of millions, of the continuing sugar poisoning through the selling of “soft drinks” which generate diabetes, and other chronic illness in the hundreds of millions of children. It would be a very long list.

This is what we get when the Supermen are left to run the show. This is Ayn Rand kind of stuff. I bet she sat up in her coffin and clapped when Tillerson was made the Secretary of State. As her hero in Atlas Shrugged, states “The political system we will build is contained in a single moral premise: no man may obtain any values from others by resorting to physical force [this means that no one can be forced to pay taxes for the support of the weak fools] no rights can exist without the right to translate one's rights into reality—to think, to work and to keep the results—which means: the right of property". John Gualt, Atlas Shrugged.

So, it seems that while everyone was decrying the Ayn Rand inclinations of Paul Ryan, Donald Trump shrugged his way into the President’s office and has brought a lot of his most ardent followers with him.

We must not be stupid now. The agenda of these folks is to re-establish the control of human life by the Supermen, the Chosen Few who are heartless and care not a fig the “self evident truths that all men are created equal and are endowed….” These individuals are the dinosaurs of the modern time. Their day is rapidly coming to what will be a somewhat rapid and not that spectacular end.

What is important today is for everyone who thinks to pay attention, focus on the actions that serve the Common Good. We have enormous power when we focus it through the heart and consciously direct it toward specific areas of need, the environment, the health and financial systems, politics, who gets elected and so on. Just thinking positively about these areas empowers them, so does supporting them with money and other kinds of participation.

Evolution wont come from wishful dreaming. We are the cavalry that has to make the charge into the valley of death to secure our future from the treacherous grasp retrogresors. It is a matter of individuals exercising their free will to chose the way that leads into the light of inclusive Liberty and Freedom for all. It is something that we can and must do.

Major is the inner joy and certainty that we carry in our hearts and minds. We, and our free choice to solve them are the solution to our problems. Every conscious effort we make to lift, to free, to make beautiful attracts the power of Cosmic energies. Evolution will happen. It is unavoidable. How? When? We are the answers to those questions.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Sun Is Rising

We, here in Southern California have been marveling over the explosions of Life that have occurred in our vast deserts. I have seen the desert bloom numerous times over the past 60 years or so, but have seen nothing even close to this present explosion. As I was marveling over it I suddenly realized that Spring was breaking out in massive ways with in our people too.
Perhaps it started a bit early to be called Spring, but in a way, the Women's March on Washington signified an explosion, a reappearance the power and beauty of the Principles of Humanity "The Washington March drew at least 500,000 people, and worldwide participation has been estimated at five million. At least 408 marches were reported to have been planned in the U.S. and 168 in 81 other countries. After the marches, officials who organized them reported that 673 marches took place worldwide, on all seven continents, including 29 in Canada, 20 in Mexico, and one in Antarctica."  Wikipedia, 2017 Women's March

Since that harbinger of things to come there has been no let up in the blossoming of Human flowers of indignation and demands for equality and freedom not only in the U.S. but all over the planet. It is true that the "olds", or the News depending on your point of view, are mostly concerned with the insane and terrifying, (it sells stuff); however, If we pay attention to the more subtle things, like flowers blooming and people waking up and saying ENOUGH! we can see the sun is rising.

The sun is rising, driving darkness down.
Look now. Look, already the Eastern sky
Is tinged with faint flames of morning orange.

The sun is rising, driving darkness down.
Listen now. Listen, the plaintive sweet notes of the
Mourning Dove’s call are drifting on the morning breeze.

Rejoice now, rejoice.
We have traversed the night.
We face the day.
The Sun is rising over the land.
The Son is rising in the heart of man,
Driving Darkness down.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

About Consciousness and Synthesis

Regarding our ongoing House Cleaning project:

Although we are focused primarily on the Capitol building, the effects of the Synthesis energy operate on the subtle mental, emotional, and etheric subplanes that encompass all aspects of our government. The Capital building is simply the “touch-down" and distribution point  for the Synthesis Energy throughout our Government.

>Watch carefully what occurs in the Senate in the next few weeks regarding the Supreme Court nomination.

>Pay attention to the process that is underway right now in regards to the House Intelligence Committee. Also, watch how this effects the work of the Senate Intelligence committee.

>Pay attention to the abrupt, startling, and ongoing changes in the White House Executive Staff including the recent appointment of Ivanka Trump as an unpaid employee.

>Watch the reaction of the Scientific Community to the recently changed EPA rules.

Each of these acts and many others are bringing into direct and open conflict the Plan or the Common Good and the Illusion of a one dimensional, separative, selfishness of the ignorant. These actions on the part of the retrogressive forces bring into immediate and furious conflict the polar opposites:

1. The inhabitants of the prison of ignorance. Individuals with a one dimensional consciousness who are primarily emotionally polarized.

2.The vast numbers of people who are experiencing a rapidly evolving "felt" realization and awareness of the interconnectedness of life and the informed consciousness of the majority of the rapidly mentally polarizing people on the planet who see, understand, and relate to the scientific fact of our interrelated, multidimensional cosmos.

Consciousness does not know anything about the illusory boundaries with which we have divided the planet into nations and other groupings like sex, or the color of one's skin. In spite of, and actually, because of in many cases, the most extreme efforts of the retrogressive forces, Consciousness cannot be kept in a prison. It has forever been escaping. And now there is a mass jail break spreading like light in the darkness all over the globe. The massive numbers of people demonstrating against the Oligarchy in Russia last week is only the most recent example of the fact of a rapidly expanding consciousness within the one Humanity.

One might reasonably think that the recent "surprise" election of Trump in the U.S. was an effect of the synthesis energy bringing these two forces into open and extreme conflict. Recall that, the "primary characteristics[of the synthesis energy] are Fourth dimensional and thus most difficult to define and describe. It both radiates and absorbs at the same time, producing a motion and a relation of motions which brings the extreme opposites into immediate juxtaposition." Ashramic Projections P.174

This conflict is relatively short lived and its effect is radical change. Ashramic Projections P.174 Just what that "change" will look like in the dense physical domains of government and economics is something that will work its way out and probably be surprising in terms of how it manifests. The one thing we know is that it will be an Evolutionary change. It will not further the desires or designs of those who are still held in the cave of illusion which Plato so accurately described 2500 years ago.

The subtle planes between the human brain and the source of the inflowing synthesis energy need to be kept clear, and the inflowing synthetic solutions must be made manifest by, you guessed it, US.

We know the Joy of Harmony and Certainty that comes with the doing of this work. As I have mentioned, It is our time to start Being the Great Invocation rather than just saying it.
Toward the Day!


Friday, February 3, 2017


Dear Friends:
This is an urgent recall for heart focused warriors. We need to renew and continue to empower our efforts on the Capitol Clearing Action Meditation. The effects of the Synthesis energy are very clear. “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change[relatively speaking] will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.” Ashramic Projections P. 174  We are all well aware of these effects and understand the gravity the present situation.

We have all noticed that “everything” is speeding up. Besides the effects of the Law of Periodicity which governs the 7th Ray, this speeding up can be seen as the result of the presence on our Planet of the Avatar of Synthesis “who, acting under the direction of a greater Cosmic Life, synthesizes the energies into a lower correspondence of a Cosmic energy as yet of too high and subtle a frequency for us to reach.” It is the objective of this Group Meditation Action to continue the deployment of the manifesting power of Synthesis into this effort. In this we will be working, as always, from Principle into a brand new form.

As you know, "The major characteristic of this new energy is its dynamic, precipitating faculty. It is the precipitating agent of the Divine Plan for humanity in specific circumstances and situations, in specific happenings. The Light Workers will use the energy by focusing it into those situations and circumstances which should be the vehicle for the manifestation of the Plan, but are not necessarily so at that given time. By focusing this energy into this specific situation or this circumstance even though that happening appears to be in opposition to the Plan, the energy itself precipitates the Divine Plan into manifestation via or through that specific happening.” Ashramic Projections P. 186


Invoking the Energy of Synthesis Action Meditation:
Focus in the Cave, Take a deep breath align the vehicles and dedicate them to the  service of the Plan

Link the three heart centers into a unified field of golden light
Bring the three part Soul into a unified coherent field of Light within Heart Field.

Link the heart fields of the group into a unified whole.

Link with the Ashram of Synthesis.

See the three Masters, M, D.K. and R, standing in a field of Blue Fire. With gratitude and joy, name and link with each one.

Link with the Higher Triangle of the Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Planetary Logos.

Stand in the Silence for about 3 minutes receptive to the Inflow of the Synthesis Energy.(“The Synthesis Energy will be released in exact proportion to the group power potential in service” Ashramic Projections P. 175

Visualization Distribution
Focused in the Center of All Love.

With an act of the Pure Reasoning Will direct the Light of the group heart through the Statue of Freedom* (A Woman)on the top of the US Capitol into the Capitol building, through the dome of the Capitol.                                        
Visualize the Light anchoring in the Capitol Rotunda spreading horizontally in a 360 degree wave that flashes throughout the building moving as Light through any presence of darkness.

Focus again in the group heart and pulse a stream of Light from Sirius directly down the same alignment. As the Light enters the Rotunda, see it split into two streams one moving into the chamber of the House Of Representatives (left) and the other into US Senate (right).

 Within each chamber, see this Light spontaneously form as a sustained, large spherical Sun like field of energy radiating the entire chamber with the Synthesis energy.
Fix the image in place with Word of Power, The Great Invocation. Know that this Presence will remain radiating in the space.

This process can be done by anyone of the group at anytime. Thus, the group will continue to energize this field everyday at various times.

Patience and Point of View
When Synthesis energy is applied, “Conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change[relatively speaking] will manifest wherever the Synthesis energy is applied.” Ashramic Projections P. 174  The issue here is that as humans we want things to happen overnight. The advances in the manifestation the Plan in so many areas of life that have occurred over the past 50 years compared to the previous 300 have been evolutionarily very quick. We also except change to be something huge like a tornado or avalanche on the dense physical plane. Again if we look at things in a wider frame, going from Telegraph to  iPhones in 200 years is a pretty big and  pretty fast.

We need to also widen our point of view on a dimensional level.  We forget that huge evolutionary changes in consciousness and attitudes, are already effecting behavior in many, many areas of our daily lives. It is precisely these changes that are generating the backlash of retro behavior by those who own and benefit from the illusions of separation that have enslaved us for eons.  More and more people in more and more different parts of the planet are seeing the commonality that we share and celebrating it rather than seeing the old illusory  divisions and fearing them.

This meditation action, will enhance, empower and speed up all of these incoming (The Future already exists.) images of Truth. As we  have been assured, "From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning we conquered." It's unavoidable.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump #2
We have been taught to avoid giving advice since to implement the advice most often requires a temperament much like the temperament of the one giving the advice. It’s pretty obvious to me that our temperaments are galaxies apart. In fact, I sometimes think that there is some truth to the legend/theory that says ages ago, our planet had been invaded by reptilians from distant galaxies.

Regardless, I am not going to give you any advice. However, I will point out— in concern for the Common Good, and your own Good—that the path which you are pursuing, although well worn by many self-selected and self-identified would-be saviors, a position and function which I recall you have sort of claimed, leads to a cliff, the edge of which is many thousands of feet above the ground. The largely forgotten remains of literally all of these deluded ones who have preceded you on this path lie at the bottom.

So, no advice. But I will from time to time point out to you those of your actions which are hastening you on your inevitable way to that Cliff. If you choose to consider them and try a different path, you may avoid a brief but long fall.

BTW. These falls or, given the fact of our Free will, leaps actually, are historically very lonely experiences for the leapers.

Anyway, let me mention your very recent action, the blocking of fellow humans from coming into the U.S. Some of those whom your order blocked had just arrived, and a few of them are actual refuges, but most of the others were legitimately coming home or entering the Nation. Obviously, none of them were rapists, murderers, criminals or terrorists. This occurrence, an initial effect of the banning of the entire population of seven Muslim Nations, once again exposed your ignorant disconnect concerning Reality and the crude, callous, insensitive, streak which it harbors.

One wonders if you have ever heard of the motto of our country, “Give me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to be free….”

I am pretty sure that a number of your “advisers” do, but I wonder also if you realize that this action was on the level of a First Strike. It will have huge consequences.  It was an intercontinental ballistic missile on the emotional and mental planes. It eliminated 7 Muslim nations from this Nation’s concept of Humanity.

One of its hideous and intended effects will be the planting of the seeds of religious war by making it seem that the United States of America thinks that Muslims are inferior to Christians, and are blasphemers, heretics and enemies of the Christian world. This will provide the religious fanatic terrorists with the kind of selling points they need to whip up fear and hate in those populations.

Incidentally, both of these groups of religious extremist terrorists work for the same Cabal. Their agenda is the destruction of Humanity, or most of it any way, So much easier to control, you understand.

The tiny group of extremist Christian terrorists—who in no way reflect the basic principles of Christianity and the Teachings of Christ, any more than the insane members of ISIS reflect the basic principles of the Koran and prophet Muhammad—who have worked their way into the leadership of our Nation, like their ISIS cohorts, would like nothing more than a religious war.

Are you sure that plunging the Planet into a religious war is a good thing, will make us “great again”? Maybe you will want to rethink that. Not everyone who is whispering “advice” into your ear is concerned for the Good of us all.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mr. Trump

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Mr. Trump.
Want to thank you for all of your great work especially over the past couple of years. Every stage of the Great Unfolding needs a counter force against which to strive.

The extremely draconian, retrogressive, absurd, ignorant and in many cases simply meaningless, comments, assumptions, appointments, executive orders, threats, on top of the gross observations that come out of your mouth and are implemented in your actions have provided the forces of the Common Good and the General Welfare—not of just the brothers and sisters who happen to live in the U.S. but all of us everywhere, and the entire planet—with more incentive, more will to strive for the Good, than the thousands of scientists, prophets, sane and loving brothers and sisters in all of their calm, and clearly spoken wisdom have been able to muster.

So, thank you. It turns out that you were that rough beast that was slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. (thanks to W.B. Yeats) It turns out that, all the messengers of light having failed, you were the kind of prophet we needed to see and hear in order to awaken form our stony sleep of self-gratification and comfort. You are a Prophet of Doom

You have been sent to us, Mr. Trump. The forces of evolution are unstoppable.

There is nothing like a Prophet of Doom to get the blood running on several levels most of them not very pleasant. You, Mr. Trump, of course, are not the first. Way, way back, actually from the beginning, it seems that Humanity has always needed some kind of Prophet of Doom, some incredible disaster to get its act together.
Your uncouth presence is supplying that need.

So, thank you. And please keep it up. Every absurdity, every proclamation, threat, mean and slanderous statement and act is working. Congratulations! Where many of the prophets have failed, you are succeeding. You have awakened the Sleeping Giant called Humanity.

From the beginning, they struggled. From the beginning, we conquered. Evolution is unavoidable. Devolution is a Loser’s game, that the Losers do not even know they are playing.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Regarding Pesident Obama

In the vast, vast panorama of Humanity's struggle on this planet, I do not have to re-member the tiny tiny event of a half white and half black brother being elected by the People to be the President of the currently most powerful nation on the Planet. The event lives within my consciousness along with a many other tiny, tiny moments in the thousands and thousands of tiny triumphs that has moved Humanity to this point.

The significance of President Obama's election was/is that human beings saw and elected another human being. It was/is the Presidents Humanity that the People at long last were able to see and understand. It was "the quality of his character not the color of his skin" with which Human Beings resonated.
That tiny, tiny event in the Great Unfolding is of the same frequency and power, has the same significance as the the signing of our constitution.
It was a world wide and unimaginable defeat of the forces of retrogression, greed, exclusivity and separation by the People. It engendered the vicious backlash that we have seen carried out by those forces of darkness which have been masquerading as Republicans over the past few decades.\

The aberration of the election of these forces will be short lived. Humanity has turned a significant corner in its evolution. The day of the greed of the few over the humanity of the rest is over. It was never in doubt. The pantheon of heroes over the centuries such as MLK always knew the triumph was unavoidable and inevitable.