Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dear Hillary

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Dear Hillary,

I suppose that you have already heard/seen Elizabeth Warren’s Netroots Nation talk. She has, as usual, a number of resonating, resonating with the Common Good and the General Welfare that is, ideas with which I am sure you too are well acquainted.

This comment from her Netroots talk,-- “We have a presidential election coming up. I think anyone running for that job – anyone who wants the power to make every key economic appointment and nomination across the federal government – should say loud and clear that they agree: we don’t run this country for Wall Street and mega corporations. We run it for people.

“Anyone who wants to be President should appoint only people who have already demonstrated they are independent, who have already demonstrated that they can hold giant banks accountable, who have already demonstrated that they embrace the kind of ambitious economic policies that we need to rebuild opportunity and a strong middle class in this country.”—is a great example.

I understand that your “advisors” are suggesting a more “respectable” you might say, a more measured, softer toned approach. Good advice when one is negotiating with a friendly country, or even one not so friendly. Maybe even good in past election cycles.  However, times have changed, significantly, is the word that I would say in  a measured tone, but I really mean radically.

You are not negotiating for this job, and people  are way more hip than they used to be. That “old time advice” is not good.

Please note the Donald Trump phenomena. It is very informative. He actually is saying what a not so surprisingly large number of voters want to hear. I am not suggesting that you do Donald Trump!

What I am suggesting is that you be very much more forth coming.

Get rid of a lot of the Code and start talking in the language that the people who you need to have vote for you understand. You do not need the votes of the sophisticated intellectuals. And, you do not need the votes of the press corps. You need the votes of the People.

The vast numbers of voters under 50 today have been raised in an information atmosphere that has radically changed their vision of reality and their ability to understand the difference between advertising memes and straight talk.

The times are not about the cautious tiny steps anymore. We really do not have time to play nice in the sand box. You have the poise, character, skill, and “street smarts” to handle this without sounding/looking like a Trump.

One other development of major significance in those voters under 50 that it would be very helpful for you to understand. The blizzard of information and parallel experience that the internet has generated has had a huge impact on the human heart. It is with the heart, this sensitivity, that they hear and see. It’s what the music has always been about Try it. I think you will even like it.

Lots of love


Friday, July 17, 2015

Dinosaurs, Past and Present

Dinosaurs, Past and Present

Let’s talk about Dinosaurs. Some like the Tyrannosaurs  Rex were Big Ugly guys with huge teeth. They ran around, apparently at 50 or 60 mph, and ate anything that moved, even each other. Other dinosaurs who were even bigger, but not so ugly, were mainly vegetarians. Eventually, a big change in the planet’s condition, with which the dinosaurs could not deal, came along; and they became extinct.

The exact nature of that change is still a subject of speculation by our present physically dense focused scientists. But whatever it was, a giant asteroid slamming into what is now the Gulf of Mexico, volcanoes, extreme climate changes, or a combination of all of these things, the change apparently caused the big bad eater guys and all of their even bigger but not so bad vegetable eater guys to disappear or, as we say, “become extinct”. This happened over a period of time, another topic of speculation by various investigators of the  

Anyway, the dinosaurs became extinct, nothing left but huge foot prints and lots of bones.

Besides the various theories and collections of physical data regarding the extinction episode, there are a few other factors, such as the multidimensional Reality of Cosmos which are essential for understanding the nature of evolution on any planet. The present level of academically acceptable science is apparently not aware of these factors or, if it is, does not consider them. The one of those “other factors” that I am interested in is that the dinosaurs and every other form, including those which presently constituted science chooses to call inorganic or dead, is the dense effect or physical manifestation of a non-dense mentally generated thoughtform.

That’s right. Dinosaurs were the dense manifestations of thoughtforms. The forms we call dinosaurs just as every other form adapt evolve and sooner or later become unable to evolve further. They become useless to the evolution of the intended design and become extinct. “It is through activity (or the adaptation of matter to need), that the form comes into being; through activity it is employed, and through that very adaptation it becomes a perfect form, and at the moment of perfection loses its usefulness; it crystallizes, breaks, and the evolving life escapes to find for itself new forms of greater capacity and adequacy.  It is so in the life of the reincarnating Soul; it is so in the rounds and races of humanity; it is so in the solar system; it is so in all cosmic processes.”  Treatise On Cosmic Fire P. 583,4

The dinosaurs became extinct. The Thoughtforms did not. Right!

So as time continued to flow, there were no huge lizards with big teeth. However, if we look closely, there eventually appeared plenty of two legged “men” with all kinds of axes and swords and spears and other tools and sophisticated, relatively anyway, engines for killing and sort of metaphorically eating anything that got in their way. So, the thoughtform that drove the big eater lizards was still very active.

Fast forward a a few millions of years or so to say 500 BC. We have “civilization” and human beings like Plato and Socrates.  We even have proposals for governments that foster the Common Good. We have philosophers and actual scientists. We have great theater, unbelievably beautiful art and poetry. WOW. It was called the Golden Age.

But don’t get all excited. There were plenty of dinosaur consciousnesses running around too. They ate, murdered, Socrates, sold Plato into slavery, and pretty much squelched any idea about the Common Good.  I  have often wondered how the art and poetry survived, and I  figured it was because it was heart generated and basically beyond the grasp of the dinosaur mental body.

Well, anyway, evolution had eventually produced an animal form that was capable of contacting and containing the energy frequencies necessary to do what we call thinking. I know that this is hard to see, but I suspect that if we ran the frequencies that move through even a tiny babies brain and nervous system through the brains and nervous systems of most animals they, more than likely, would die.

Once evolution got to the point of having a vehicle that could actually handle these higher frequencies, the focus moved from evolving a form that could handle them to raising the frequencies of consciousness to include an awareness of the self as a separate individual. The basic animal developed senses of survival and competition for place or value, warped to fit, moved right along with this upgrade.

Evolution proceeds now toward the next expansion. This upgrade, without losing the sense of individual self awareness, simultaneously includes a consciousness of the fact of the interdependence of all life.

It was at this point that evolution consciously began the struggle to eliminate the vestiges of the old animal consciousness. These frequencies are incompatible with a heart generated awareness of Reality. These, basically the thoughtforms of the dinosaurs, had warped into the values of competition, the struggle for survival, personal value and place, the domination of territory which warped into the illusion of ownership of wealth or property, and the systems of class distinction and worth.

The evolutionary struggle to eliminate these thoughtfulness from our consciousness came to be known as the Path of return. We have trod this Path for many centuries. We have gradually moved toward the Light of Reason, the realization of the multidimensional cosmos and the Laws of Cosmic Physics which govern it. We have made agonizingly slow progress through a process of painful experimentation experience and expression.

Today we see with eyes that are more open than they have ever been in the past centuries. The difference between the Light and the darkness of retrogression, the decadent, and outworn dogma of the ancient past are crystal clear. The dinosaurs who continue to endeavor to generate our governmental, social, scientific and economic systems based on these dead notions, like the dinosaurs of old, will soon experience extinction. It, hopefully, will not be generated by the impact of an actual asteroid, but for those whose consciousnesses are still mired in the lead of the past it may well seem so.   

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chastity and Sophistry

David Brooks opinion (NYT July 14, 2015) regarding Hillary Clinton’s economic address of Monday July 13,2015

 “Personally I find this faith epistemologically naïve. Clinton seems to have no awareness that many of the programs she endorsed have been tried and did not work.”David Brooks

First of all I was sort of amused that David Brooks used the word epistemology, like he actually understands what epistemology is. Not!

If there is anyone on the planet who lacks in awareness regarding what is going on in the realm of politics, economics, ethics and of course, epistemology, it is David Brooks. We will not talk about “naïve”, There is no apparent chance that brother David would get it.

The hugely, obviously apparent, to anyone who is aware of practically anything at all, thing about said programs that “did not work” is first of all, they did work, are working still where they have not been derailed or gutted by the rapacious morality of the retrogressive ignoramuses who insist that they know what is good for these lazy individuals.

And second of all, this statement, “According to the Congressional Budget Office, raising the minimum wage to even $10.10 an hour would increase pay for millions of workers, but would cost roughly 500,000 jobs.”  This statement was made in February of 2014 of what might happen by 2016. This was a projected guess. It did not happen is not happening. In fact employment is up and continuing in that direction. It was a projection, a guess, not a statement of fact. If David were epistemologically hip, he would KNOW this.

His closing remark “Clinton’s unchastened faith in the power of government planning is not shared by most voters.” So, those who have faith in the Government of the people, by the people for the people to run the Nation, which is what Hillary is talking about, are immoral, impure and not decent.

Well thanks David Brooks for keeping us epistemologically informed and pure in our minds. Another cup of Kool aide anyone?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President.
I encountered you this morning, the 4th of July, 2015. I watched and listened to your eulogy of a brother, Rev Pinckney. I heard you.

You have been mostly quiet about these  principles in terms of public addresses over the past few years, and I was greatly relieved when you spoke to us about the Selma Bridge. This I thought is the brother for whom I voted. This is the human being who celebrates the fact of the One Humanity with his livingness. I was very, very encouraged that you were doing again that which you do so well, envisioning for us what we are and who we are and calling us to be that, to find the courage to live what and who we are.

Then quietness intervened. Business as usual took over the airwaves. The images which evoked the Truths which you caused to come alive for us faded from view rather rapidly.

Then one of the inevitable effects of "business as usual" happened in Charleston. Stunned, is the word. And then the effects of that event began to unfold.

Forgiveness was modeled. That was the inevitable response of love, of sanity, to an act of insanity. Many of my acquaintances could not really understand that message.

And then  your eulogy to which I only this morning was able to watch and listen.
You raised the level of consciousness to a height that was lost to sight over the past many years. It was very much like a sunrise. I know that the message that you delivered was sourced from the Heart, that sunlike place that sees all paths. I know that it was a Sound that was heard around the world.

Thank you for that, and thank you especially for revealing to  me that Grace is another world for Love, that the heart is so very important now and that heart energy like sunshine falls on every single blade of grass and human being, regardless.
lots of love


Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015
Dear Hilary:

I am one of many, many millions, I am sure, that is thankful and encouraged by your offer to dedicate a significant part of your life to what is at this time in world history probably the position most in need of a person with heart. I have followed your journey for a long time, and I always knew that you were such a person.

I thought it was unfortunate that you allowed the advice from the not so heart focused heads around you to guide your election effort in 2007/8. Yet life has a way of working for the common good, and in retrospect it was good that President Obama was chosen.

He has been one of our greatest, and courageous Leaders. He had to, and still does, face more conscious and pointed hatred in a day then most of us encounter in a life time. His time in office has served to clearly reveal the carefully hidden polar opposites of, not only the nation, but the planet. His very presence in office served to reveal the gross racism, and the deep cleavage that have always been present between the huge many and the elite few.

In a way, this was his service to Humanity. He was not able to do a great deal about either of these issues. However, his courageous, relentless day to day struggle to move us forward even in tiny steps is what  leaders model do and .

So, now, when the lines of demarcation between the dead past of hate, racism, classism, sexism, religious bigotry, exclusivity and privilege, and the alternative of  life, liberty and freedom for all are so clearly drawn and we are so in need of a leader with heart, your time has come. I am sure you will be the next leader of this nation. I am sure that  you understand our needs and see the way forward. You have demonstrated over the years that you have heart, and that you love, and “the measure of understanding is the degree of love.”

I have one suggestion just now. As you are well aware, the economy, as was pointed out by another Clinton, is the issue. We desperately need an economic model that breaks out of the mold of competition for wealth and power and serves the Common Good. Although he is still somewhat influenced by the decadent thoughtforms of competitive capitalism, I would recommend Paul Krugman as an economic adviser to you in this area. Mr. Krugman has a heart, and I would suggest that the first thing you look for when selecting other advisors is their heart. The heart can revel all paths.

Looking forward to the day that I can address you as Mrs. President,

Lots of love


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Letter to Paul Krugman

Dear Paul:
So, “The F.B.I. and the Justice Department are investigating whether officials for the St. Louis Cardinals hacked into the internal networks of the Houston Astros to steal closely guarded information about player personnel.” NYT 7/17

Good heavens, corruption! In baseball!! the American “pass-time”. Actually, “sports” along with banking and the stock market, have been among the most corrupt from the get go. I would be surprised if this is all there is to corruption in baseball, or in any other aspect of our competitive society.

The point here is that corruption is an intrinsic, a natural aspect of competition. Regardless of all the blather about “sportsmanship” and personal honor, What matters is winning.

Corruption is an unavoidable aspect of any competitive system. We will just skip Global International Relations which are competitive in all respects and likewise corrupt in all respects. But, can you name one of our economic (in any field), political, judicial, religious, law enforcement (on any level), or social systems that is not full of lying, stealing, cheating, the occasional murder? Even the “hard sciences” are corrupt with paid for “proof” for whatever you want to sell, like “climate change is a myth”.

The foundations of the system come with built in corruption. Good hearted and honest individuals such as yourself have not, for eons, and are not now going to be able to “fix” this system with reasonable and logical arguments. Already Thomas Piketty’s work is receding into the mists generated by the Winner’s media systems.

The system cannot be fixed. It needs a totally new foundation.

Capitalism is not the problem. There is nothing wrong with capitalism. Capital is initiatory power. It is an always present aspect of Life. The problem is the private ownership of capital and the god of competition that fosters and protects it.

Cooperation now, cooperation is the basic foundation of the system that runs the Cosmos. It will take some time, but not as much as one might think, to eliminate the ignorant and decadent concepts of competition and the absurdity of the private ownership of capital and to establish new foundations. I would encourage you to think more along these lines and suggest economic paths that would lead toward cooperation. Your voice would help as lot.

BTW., Pope Francis’s Encyclical, released today is an excellent example of the kind of courageous commentary of which we are deeply in need. The “winners” are characterizing it as an attack on capitalism. But then they would so characterize any expression of the truth.

lots of love


Friday, May 22, 2015

Dear Mr. President

Friday, May 22, 2015
Dear Mr. President,

Re the TTP business.

This secret stuff, asking people to approve things that they have not seen/read, and as legislators for the Common Good, at least that is what they are supposed to be, had a chance to ponder is off the wall, over the top, really weird, and not the way the Constitution says the government is supposed to work.

I do not know what is in this TTP thing. I accept that you think it is O.K. for the Common Good, or at least as good as you can get it. The secret stuff is simply mind boggling. What on earth is the BIG DEAL? Bigger than honest government, freedom, justice for all?

I put no stock in the bit about your concern for your “legacy”. You of all people should not be giving that kind of ego driven non-sense any thought. Do you think that when Martin King, or FDR or Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln, or dare I say it, Jesus Christ where making their decisions they cared one tiny damn for their LEGACY? Do you think they care about it now?

Maybe this is out of your hands Maybe you can’t really do anything. But you can tell the public that you want the thing made un-secret and available for the elected folks to see before they have to vote. Goodness, Mr. President, when  you  were a Senator would you have sat still for this craziness? I doubt it.

Please do something!
Lots of love