Saturday, May 14, 2016

Letter To Hillary

May 14, 2016
Dear Hillary,
It is important to the Nation that Senator Sanders finish the primary cycle for a few reasons. These reasons have very little to do with either you or the Senator as individuals or personalities. It is what you each bring to the table that matters. Each of  you carries a message and more importantly a quality that is vital not only to the future unfolding of our nation but to Government on the Planet. The creation of this Nation signified the end of government by kings, dictators, oligarchs or cabals. Government of by and for the People is the future of the Planet.

It is the only future the Planet has.

Those who would impose retrogressive systems of Divine Right or rule of the Superior  persons on us have fought us every step of the way from the beginning of this struggle. Our Civil war, the recent two part world war, and the contemporary war being run through government of retrogression, such as the one with which we have been struggling since the coup of Democracy by Ronald Reagan, are examples.

Now we are on the threshold of regaining control of our governments world around. The Senator is carrying the Vision of Humanity's Future. You are the Warrior that can navigate the path to that future, and carry us over the threshold. You need each other.
We need for  you to somehow come together for the Common Good which I am sure motivates both of you.

We overcame the decadent forms of slavery. Surly, we can find the Common Ground upon which all human beings can stand and be free.

You and the Senator have both traveled unique paths to reach this moment. What we are looking for is a kind of conscious awareness that is inclusive, that embraces what each of you have that is uniquely vital to this moment in our ancient unfolding Path, from the darkness to the Light.

Please find it.

Lots of love

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's About Freedom

It’s About Freedom
As I was saying, the Soul Seed of the Presence, the inborn drive, to be free to seek the light puts us in a condition of almost constant revolt from what is imprisoning or enslaving us in the Darkness. Thus, revolution is the basic methodology employed by the Intender to evolve all of Creation. This includes, of course, Humanity. We are surrounded by examples of constant, unrelenting, unstoppable, Revolution. So we welcome the flowers which each spring spring from the ground and delight us with their beauty. And we marvel at the sapling pine tree along the mountain trail that has split a giant granite boulder in two in its drive for the Light.

But it is important that we understand that, contrary to common assumptions, revolution is not against something. It is for something! The  spring flowers are not fighting against the soil that covers them, and the sapling pine is not against the boulder that happened to be sitting on top of it.

The focus is ever upward or onward toward the light. To revolt is the effort to move out of some form of a prison, often through resistance even greater than granite boulders, into a larger field of freedom. In Humanity's case, revolution is a matter of moving out of a dense illusion which veils Reality. The veils cause us to generate habits of living which are contrary to cosmic Law and which keep us imprisoned in the darkness of materialism. Revolution for us is the struggle to move ever into a clearer space and deeper understanding of the Cosmos where we can begin to live cooperatively with the laws of Cosmic physics. For us, revolution has always been about the expansion of consciousness through various restrictive forms of self-consciousness and the culture and civilizations which we have created.

The history of Humanity on this planet, for which we have some written documentation including  and the ancient legends passed on through oral traditions, many of which manifest now as what we call mythology, document our long, long experience with revolution. For example, in the Legends, we have the story of Atlantis. As revolutions go, Atlantis was huge. Many individuals of Atlantis were stuck in the illusory visions of the glamours and seductions of the emotional body. Over time people grew more and more identified with these illusions, and either unable or unwilling to evolve, they became crystallized.

Like the huge granite boulder, these crystallized illusions of a false paradise, resisted the unavoidable and irresistible drive of the Eternal Seed to be Free. The results are documented in the Legends which tell of the massive global destruction of the structures, the cities, the civilizations, the forms that their illusory conception of Life had generated.

The destruction undoubtedly eliminated the forms of many, many individuals of the Atlantian population as well. However it is important to realize that the Soul Seed of the Presence in us, that which evolves, is not mortal. It is not a physical form. We are Life, Consciousness. There are no GMO people.
Of course, since Atlantis is still not approved as an actual happening by the approvers of such things, we have no dense physical, "scientifically verifiable" data on Atlantis. However, as consciousness expands and Science frees itself from the illusion of the only reality being the dense physical plane, such data will be forth coming. Meanwhile, Atlantis is a very good metaphor for what unavoidable revolution is all about.

Another, much later example is found in the metaphor of Homer’s recounting of the Greeks effort to “liberate Helen” from the Trojans in the Iliad which is dated around 800 BC. This "revolution" which resulted in the destruction of Troy was followed some 4 to 5 hundred years later by the presence of various Avatars like the Buddha and the group of individuals, Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato, and others who generated the Golden Age of Greece.
The presence of these individuals and groups and the works which they produced were huge revolutionary developments signifying an expansion of consciousness, the evolution of our center of focus from the emotional plane to the lower mental. Literally, this was the freeing of Humanity's mind from the confines of the emotional body and Mysticism. These revolutions, some four hundred years later, created the opening for the great revolution which marked the ending and beginning of an Age.

The revolutions generated by the Buddha and the Greek Avatars merged with the revolutionary energy of Love brought in and anchored in the Planetary Consciousness by the first appearance of the great Avatar we call Christ are the very foundations of the revolution in which we have been so deeply involved for the past 2000 years.

Human history on the planet is really about this evolution of consciousness. It is visible through the appearance and works of many such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo   Galileo, Newton, Leibniz, the amazing appearance of a group of individuals who appeared and collaborated in the creation of the most significant manifestation of expanded consciousness in 2000 years we call the United States of America which put an end to uncounted centuries of Rule by Elite personalities rather than the Soul of Humanity.

Each of these expansions of conscious, by the way, was bitterly contested by the status quo. Each was a revolution in consciousness which generated enormous results on the dense physical plane. Think about what Galileo did. It shifted the earth from the center of the solar system to where it belonged. That's almost as huge as the Constitution of the U.S.

All of the foregoing is meant to help us realize three things. A. Revolution is the basic Spiral Motion of Evolution. It is not some random occurrence in which we get involved from time to time. B. Evolution which functions through Revolution is not about changing forms. It is totally about the expanding Freedom of  Consciousness from identification with form or mater so that we can "build a more stately mansion" or a world which is a living growing more accurate manifestation of the Plan. C. It is unavoidable, no amount of manipulation by Retrogressive Forces can stop it.

So, revolution, the struggle to be free, is pretty much an ongoing condition of human life. That it cannot be stopped is an observable fact. That it can be delayed and pushed off course by retrogressive Evil intention is also an observable fact.

A big problem for us right now is that the continuity of this ageless struggle is not at all recognized by the majority of our brothers and sisters. This non-awareness is an expected effect of the domination of most of the world's available information sources by the Retrogressors. Given the extremely limited attention span of the 2day news cycle that has gripped many of the present day intelligent humans, and the superficial lower mind/brain focus of the many commentators or pundits who are being seen and heard repeating over and over the same banal commentaries, it is a wonder that anyone realizes anything. We might also point out that through the domination of the available information sources the constant exposure of the collective mind/brain to this unending assault of fear doubt, anger and hopelessness is another of the Retrogressor’s most used and powerful weapons in this present struggle.

What is generally not understood by the mass of humanity is that we are currently deeply involved in what is undoubtedly the biggest, most significant and far reaching revolution of our history on this Planet. The earlier revolutions were concerned with the transmutation and transformation of humans from being self-conscious animals into human beings who were using animal bodies. This current revolution is not about transformation. It’s about what transformation prepared us for. "The transmuting agent in the first case is the lower or concrete mind; the transforming agent is the soul, whilst the transfiguring agent is the Spiritual Triad, working through the higher or abstract mind." The Rays and the Initiations P598

Even though most of us have figured out that we are not animals, the identification of the conscious self with the animal body is still the current prison that has probably a majority of human beings locked up. The revolution today has to do with liberating the consciousness from the prison of form identification. This is the revolution for which the past 3500 years or so of transformation prepared us. It is a Transfiguration.

This transfiguration has been occurring for many centuries on an individual basis. When an individual actually and in fact frees him or herself (whichever body type one happens to be using at the time) from their self-imprisonment of identification with the form world, including their dense physical body, they are recognized as having qualified for participation in the ceremony of recognition which we call the third initiation.

For a very long time this process involved individual human beings. For those whose attention span exceeds the 3 day news cycle, it is apparent that we have shifted into high gear in all areas of Life. In 1804 there were 1 billion individuals on the planet. In 1927 there were 2 billion. Now less than 100 years later, there are 7 billion human beings in incarnation on the planet. It is of course only reasonable that this evolutionary development which is called the Transfiguration involves groups of individuals.

There is some confusion about what groups means. I think that it means groups of individuals who are group conscious and not necessarily  "members" of this or that specific group of individuals. They may not even know one another as personalities.  I also think that there are rather large numbers of individuals in that 7 billion who have over their past incarnations approached the necessary threshold of group consciousness.

When an adequate number of humans have freed themselves from their form identifications and are able to recognize and be what we really are, that is immortal beings which we call by various names like Spirit or Soul, a completely new Race, the Aryan Race manifests on the Planet.

Incidentally, when we talk about “race” here we are talking about a kind of consciousness, as Master D.K. pointed out,  "I deal with a state of consciousness which is the Aryan or mental consciousness or state of thinking; this finds its exponents and its "race members" in every nation, without any distinction or omissions....This state of consciousness will find its expression in people as far apart racially as the Japanese and the American or the Negro and the Russian.  It posits an ability to function with clarity upon the mental plane, to collate information, rightly to interpret and relate that information, and to create the needed thoughtforms or concepts for those interpretations. The Rays and the Initiations p.594-5

I think that Humanity either is rapidly approaching the critical mass of group conscious individuals or has already reached that point and is simply struggling with the old forms to break out. It is good to recall Atlantis at this point. We will build and evolve into the more stately mansion. The issue is how much reconstruction we will need to do. There is no going back this time. The Solar System cannot wait.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Some perspective on “revolution”.

Revolt means to rebel against authority. The very slow evolution of intelligence and mental capacity in animal man gradually gave rise to the realization of free will.  As humans gradually began to be able to differentiate themselves from the herd and to use intelligence to understand what was/is happening on the planet this innate sense of free will has become the driver, the Power behind evolution. The innate sense of free will, almost unconsciously, generated in the individual a hugely powerful need to be free from outside authority.

As we became able to discriminate between who we were and who someone else was, we lost touch with the inner understanding of our commonality on spiritual levels. Gradually a false hierarchy based in the ignorance of the illusion of physical dense reality and separation evolved into the social structures we know so well, “might is right and the most powerful should rule others by Divine Right”. This ignorant view of Reality became dominant in human groupings all over the world, and turned out to be an even worse prison than our just not knowing that we were individuals.

So, not any wonder that there is a lot of talk about needing a revolution. We need to understand that the need to revolt is an inborn force of our manifestation. The Soul of humanity has forever been deeply and seriously involved in a revolution. The Path from the slavery of the ignorance of form identification to freedom is very, very long.

One of the things about Freedom is that when we get some we want more. We want it all! The Spirit that makes us human has demanded a revolution and will never stop halfway there, and as, MM has pointed out, “From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning we triumphed.”

What is not so clear at this time is not that we need a revolution it is that we are actually in the middle of the most incredible revolution since the visit from the Lords of Light and the implanting of the “spark of Mind” in animal man at the get go. The present clamor for change that matters or more specifically revolution is an indicator that people the world around are becoming conscious of the fact that we are not free. This realization, which comes to a person in spite of all the programming of the Established Rulers, by whatever name, to lull them into acceptance of their prisons, is one of the initial effects of the power of the maturing innate Will to be Free.

This drive is, of course, going to be fought with all the power of the enslavers. The tools and mechanisms that are being used to discourage and hold us back, hate, fear, doubt, terror, are nothing we have not faced countless times on the Long Path. The barriers being put in front of us, appeals to Lust for gross desires, comfort, pride, the goals of material wealth, luxury and power “the ladder of success” which leads into the pit of material separation from the Light, are not new. They have perhaps obstructed and delayed our Will to be free, but then, here we are, stronger, more beautiful and numerous and striving as never before.

What the Dark Brothers fail to get is that Freedom is unavoidable. It cannot be stopped, not by all the illusions and ploys of the Retrogresses or by the halfwayness of those who lack the courage and the Will to go for the top of the mountain.

The Will of the Intender is not negotiable or compromiseable!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Cosmic Brotherhood

The Cosmic Brotherhood

There is no avoiding the awareness that the present situation on Planet Earth is Grave, very Grave, but not without a solution. What would be the point of having an unsolvable problem? I mean can it be a problem if it does not have a solution? That’s just dopy. Besides which, “from the beginning they have been struggling, and from the beginning we have been conquering”. I see every indication that this process will continue. We did not come this far to blow it.

Looking back, it seems apparent that we humans seem to relish close calls. (the effort to down load the science of the atom comes to mind.) We have lost more than a few, and this one seems very close; however, as the Master has indicated, and experience has taught us, “The power of experience defeats alien infirmity…. A miracle means for Me only the mark of a horseshoe. Courage means for Me only the arrow in the quiver. Resoluteness for Me is only the daily bread.” There is a kind of certainty in the field of consciousness that I deeply share. We are about done with the trouble makers. I mean we have had it with them. It’s time for them to go. We are moving forward, and we will prevail. Make no mistake.

In the meantime, around this rapidly unfolding and unavoidable event, there has been a lot of very excited talk and speculation. Books have been written and movies have been made about “Space, the Last Frontier” about our Space Brothers, or the Galactics, or Extraterrestrials and so on. Many of these concern our relationships with other Galactics, and about their dropping in and helping us out.

Present day people, while loving the movies and books, marvel and are astonished and mostly see it as fiction, fantasy. I suspect that the movies and books and a lot of the speculation are coming from deep within the collective consciousness of Humanity. Who is going to discriminate between re-membering and imagining?

At any rate, such appearances are nothing new for us Earth folks. We have, in fact, forever been being visited, “helped out”, and even impregnated by Non-indigenous folks from all over the Galaxy. Among the earliest if not the first help was what the Ageless Wisdom refers to as the “planting of the spark of mind in animal man.” Obviously, if it were not for that intervention, we would still be running around and being eaten by our bigger and faster four legged brothers.

The visitors came and they continue to come on several dimensions in all sizes, and shapes and kinds: from major to minor Avatars and Saviors, and, like it or not, we have also been invaded by the not so keen on helping us types, Devils and Slavers of various descriptions.

Ever since that first intervention, the one seemingly constant that we Earth Locals have in common with these visitors, regardless of their intentions, their shape, size, or kind, is Consciousness.

This fact should be a really big tip off that, who or whatever these various visitors “appear to be”, at the level of consciousness they are very much like us—probably with a few upgrades in the Wisdom and awareness category—and the folks we have to deal with every day. Some of us get It. There is this Principle called Brotherhood, we have an inborn feeling, a sense for that. We tend to be nice, friendly, hip to the fact that regardless of which Galaxy, Solar system, Planet, nation, race we currently come from, we understand that we are all brothers and sisters, and we all want to help the Great Cosmic Unfolding Unfold.

We have long known that some of these visitors are still chained to the Cosmic Wall like the one in Plato’s Cave. These folks just do not Get It! Or at least have not as yet Got It! They still think they are somehow Exclusive, dis-connected from the WHOLE THING, or Cosmos. They assume that they and their personal physical plane stuff, including themselves and whatever planets they can dominate, are all that MATTERS, or just matter. These Brothers simply are not able to get the fact of an infinite unified multidimensional Cosmos or get behind anything like cooperation or co-creation. They think that things like brotherhood and equality are just na├»ve ignorance.

So, since we have had, and are apparently still hosting, some of these Just Don’t Get Its or JDGI’s, on Planet Earth, we have all of this non-Plan nonsense, to deal with. You know starvation, disease, war, murder, gluttony, luxury insanity (Incidentally, luxury is a dope that makes the addictive qualities of heron seem like skim milk), greed, and so on. You know, it’s basically the kind of behavior you would expect from someone who is deluded and simply does not Get It.

Unfortunately, a lot of our local Earth folks, some of whom have been hanging out on Earth for some time are so hooked on the various drugs the JDGI’s are pushing, especially the big three, GGL or Greed Gluttony and Luxury that they are basically not conscious of being consciousnesses.

It takes a long time, if you will recall, to get it. Fortunately for us all, consciousness is apparently immortal. There is no shortage of time, and there is plenty of Space in Cosmos to work on getting it.

On the other hand, there is and always has been those on the planet who are aware at some level of being consciousnesses. Individuals and groups have always come forward especially in time of great need, like this one, to help us out. Sometimes they just walk in from a desert or write some poetry or do painting or show up on TV. A bunch of them showed up at a convention that went from May 25 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The result of the Convention was the creation of the United States Constitution. Occasionally they show up as a President like Abraham Lincoln or a Minister like Martin L. King.

What these “helpers” do is provide the Light for us to see the way forward. They give life to the Principles that we need to understand and strive toward. All such visitors GET IT. They are Galactics. They understand that we are all brothers and sisters, and we all want to help the Great Cosmic Unfolding Unfold.

Where do you suppose all those Cosmic Principles like Justice, Beauty, Joy, that we carry on about come from? It is really all about consciousness. When one, anyone, real-izes that all of those humans out there are basically him or herself, that on the level of consciousness we are all One Life, then horizons expand, the barriers of separative illusions dissolve including the illusion of not being part of Cosmos.

The Common Good emerges.

So, you see, just like everything else We are all Brother Galactics. We are the invasion from INNER SPACE. We are Ideas in action, unfolding the Plan. It is truly unavoidable, and swimming within the stream of the Future is so much more enjoyable.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear Senator Sanders

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Dear Senator Sanders

All of the success you have had so far can be attributed to your clear heart energized enunciation of the CAUSES of the inequality that engenders the across the board suffering of our people.

It has been the clarion call of that message that has ignited the hearts of the people. It appears that most of those hearts beat in the breasts of the young. This is understandable because the effects of the gross inequalities that you call attention to have stifled and discouraged the hearts of many of our older brothers and sisters. The “young hearts” have not as yet been beaten down.

Also you must know, because such a heart beats in your breast, that there are millions of “older” but still undefeated hearts beating out there. Also the message you carry has reignited many of the hearts in our older brothers and sisters.

The point here, Senator is to forget Hillary. She is a wind from the past and will pass sooner than later. Focus that heart energy on the message. The Ideas which you carry into the mental and emotional fields are the Power that can still fire the hearts of the many. The future is not decided.

Criticizing Hillary was a Yuge mistake. I suspect that a number of your “experienced political advisers” have suggested this tack. It is understandable, but criticism of Hillary deflects light from the issues.  It was an act of fear, and fear is a lousy counselor.

Hillary, the sister, is not the issue. She is actually a victim of the heart discouraging Causes.

Stay on those causes. Why does the all of the money end up in the pockets of the FEW? What causes the manipulation of the voting processes to disenfranchise millions of individuals. The Causes of the “rigged” systems, the corrupt economic systems and etc. are the “beliefs” of the 1%ers. Greed is good. The “haves, and the have mores” are superior people and they deserve what they can take. Equality for all, except some are more equal than others.

Call on the Principles of our Constitution. The Ideas that make up our constitution are images Truth. They are Ideas of Power, and they will not go away or ever get old.
Lots of love

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dear Mr. President

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Dear Mr. President.
This may be the last letter I write to you, and it is probably the most important.

I am not among those who think that you, and a number those who have preceded you, who have had the responsibility of leading this incredible Human accomplishment we call the United States of America, are remotely interested in what is called you Legacy. Individuals who make choices based on such a vapid concern have always been a big problem for the evolution of this nation rather fosters of progress.

I think that you are concerned with dealing with the immediate problems facing our Nation and Humanity, of which we are an inseparable part, in the best possible way to serve the Common Good.

Never an easy thing to do and something that is not understood by vast numbers of our brothers and sisters.

Over the years The United States has vetoed every effort that was brought to the Security Council of the United Nations to solve the Palestinian/Israel tragedy. I am urging, that in these final days of your responsibilities as our President, that you cause the resolution to establish the two state solution to be brought before the United Nations Security Council for a vote, and vote for it.

The situation as it exists is a very dangerous generator of fear and hate. The time to put an end to this awful situation is now; and I think that the power to do it is ours, if we choose to do so.
Lots of love


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nuts,bolts and Joy

Nuts, Bolts and Joy

All there is, is energy. Energy, has no mass outside of form; however, no one doubts that it exists outside of form. Sun light is energy. Everyone agrees that energy cannot be destroyed, and energy can be measured and even photographed.

All forms of any kind, from a rock to an amoeba to a person, and of any size, from a quark to a planet or a sun, are basically densified energy, or energy that has been impounded in matter. There is no question about the fact that energy which has been impounded in a form can be released or moved from one form to another with varying results from relatively micro like striking a match to macro like setting of an atom bomb. These are all examples of energy as we know it on the dense physical planes.

But all there is, is energy, and energy exists purely as energy long before it becomes impounded in dense matter to make some kind of a dense physical form. Many of us, for example, are very much aware of the energy we call emotion, and the energy we call thinking. We are aware of it because we can register it in various ways with the equipment in which we live and move, our etheric and dense physical bodies.

The “etheric” body is an energy envelope that surrounds and interpenetrates our dense physical body somewhat like the blueprints of the superstructure of girders, pipes and electric conduits that we see when a building is under construction. The dense physical body is actually a kind of manifestation of the etheric body in a very much denser matter.

Not surprising then, the accouterments or apparatuses of the dense physical vehicle like our ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose, which let us hear, feel, see, taste and smell, also let us register and, via the brain, interpret the frequencies of various kinds of energy on the subtler, that is much less dense, planes of emotion and thought.

It is frequently difficult for most people to discriminate between these two frequencies because they are usually mixed in with each other. However, a little consciousness training and some close observation can enable one to easily discriminate between these two very different frequencies of energy.

Once we gain some skill in this, we are able to observe these two energies operating within our environments. As we discover their various uses, and experiment with these energies, we can gradually become avoiders of empowering negative vortexes of either mental or emotional energies and creators of positive vortexes of the powerful energy of Fire or Light.

Activity on the mental plane, from useless “wool gathering” like free association, tripping or fantasizing, to the conscious embodiment in thoughtforms of the Images of Truth which we call Ideas, generates mental constructs. Thoughts are things. They are actual forms constructed out of mental matter.

Thoughtforms have life in the same sense as does the thoughtform which is our instrument of manifestation and to varying degrees with which we identify, or any form in the three lower dimensions. Thoughtforms, like all forms, persist in the lower dimensions for as long as they are energized by either a conscious or unconscious stream of energy. If the “eye”, the focused attention of the creator, is removed, the thoughtform, on any of the lower 4 dimensions will dissipate unless some other consciousness has picked it up and is animating it with his or her life energy.

We speak of thoughtforms here; however, the truth is that a large percentage of the activity of our brothers and sisters and even of ourselves does not produce actual integrated structures or thoughtforms. To actually exist a thoughtform, must have a “logical” or coherent structure. Just as one must follow certain laws of physics to create a building, say Disney Hall, on the dense physical, there are laws of physics involved in the creation of thoughtforms on the mental plane. To produce a thoughtform, one must be able to follow these laws of physics. Master D. K. has given a list of these in A Treatise On White Magic P. 278,9

However, every thought produces a thing or a partial form. And, even if the produced things do not achieve the status of thoughtforms, these things do exist. Most of what is produced by the present humanity is what Master M refers to as “accumulations of mental dust” and Master D.K. calls smog. The mental dust and smog, the stuff that free association and wool gathering produces, for example, do exactly what dense physical dust and smog do. They make the “mind’s eye” burn. They generate spirals of confusion and daydreams and make it next to impossible to see more than a few micro millimeters into what is going on, or even more important, to even be aware of what is coming right at us.

Actually, a great deal of the mental activity in which humans engage involves a data processing function, the re-processing of thoughtforms which already exist. (Master R. calls this activity “not-thinking”.) In this, we actually energize with our own life energy the thoughtform with which we are working, increasing its power and extending its life on the mental plane. Thus the ancient thoughtforms of evolution and Light and the ancient thoughtforms of devolution and darkness which exist on our mental plane as great vortexes of energy and are being constantly energized and have become very, very powerful.

The Ideas generated from the Light, the Principles of Cosmic Physics, the Images of Truth which we call Ideas, and, “which for real evolution are far more vital than any worship by entire nations” Agni Yoga 122 are contacted by human thinkers and meditators who update and reformat them into contemporary language and images. These radiant/magnetic literally fire devas or beings, for that is what a formatted idea, or a thoughtform is, are registered and used by millions of individuals to provide solutions to their specific issues and service.

Those ancient thoughtforms of separation and illusion which were generated by very powerful and highly skilled members of the Forces of Retrogression are also contacted by humans who are trapped in the prisons of form identification. These “prisoner of the Planet” many of whom are highly intelligent and integrated separative personalities use these thoughtforms to further what they assume to be their own desires, their own separative agendas. However, for the most part, they are the unwitting, however, responsible to the Lords of Karma, prisoners or slaves of the Retrogressive forces.

Once created, thoughtforms move into the emotional plane where they are empowered with emotional energy. They generate a frequency, an effect in emotional matter, and are used to implement the agendas, either of evolution or retrogression, of those who contact them. This process is what drives or hinders evolution. The retrogressive or devolving thoughtforms generate vast energy webs of fear, greed, hate in the lower mental and emotional planes. These Dark energy fields hinder evolution by blocking the magnetic radiant light of the incoming seeds of the New Age.

It is primarily on these two dimensions that the battle for the future or the planet between the Forces of Light and Retrogression is being waged. It is a 24/7 struggle that has no geographical location and that involves the entire Planet on all of the lower dimensions. The presence on the planet of starvation, disease, homelessness, huge flows of refuges, the terrible destruction of the environment and more all generated by the imbalances in the circulation of Light through the etheric and dense physical planes are the dense physical manifestations of the efforts of the Retrogressive Forces.

The above discussion regarding the generation and power of thoughtforms is intended to put this whole issue into non-esoteric or mystical language. Everyone who is somewhat mentally polarized and who has some concern for the plight of Humanity works on the mental plane. Every kind, healing, lifting, helping, solicitous thought and act impacts one’s immediate environment, increases the Light, relieves pain and furthers the manifestation of the Plan. When this work is done with conscious intention its power is magnified hundreds fold. This is what it means to be a Light Worker on the dense physical plane.

When this work is done through a meditative alignment with the World of Ideas and the higher dimensions of the Buddhic and Atmic planes, it opens a channel for the Light of the creator’s Intention to impact the ancient huge spirals and webs of dark and evil thoughtforms, and their astral vestiges which infest the lower dimensions, and destroy them. Thus clearing the frequency fields which lie between the Heart, Mind and Brain of Humanity and allowing the Seeds of the Future to be reached and be planted in the soil of the human heart.

Our primary focus in this world salvaging effort is the building and sustaining the bridge in consciousness that connects the Atmic dimension of Principle with the lower sub planes of the mental and emotional dimensions. The generation of images of truth which literally destroy the ancient vortexes of devolution is work that needs doing. There are not hordes of individuals who are skilled in this work.

Daily consciously directed meditation by those who are able in the center which we call the race of Man will restore the Plan on Earth. Consciously involving ourselves in this effort is not a job, friends, it is quite possibly the most Joyful thing any of has ever done. Imagine, saving a Planet!