Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dear Mr. President

Thursday, November 19, 2015
Dear Mr. President,
Thank you, sir, for the forthright, intelligent, constructive, common sense, to say nothing of heartfelt courageous action regarding the Syrian Refugees in the U.S.

As you are probably very much aware this struggle in which we have been locked for centuries between the heart and chaos. It does not take a great mind to look at the results of the intermixing of the races and cultures that have occurred over the years, especially in these United States to see that this is the way to realization of the fact of the One Humanity.

With the usual exceptions for the ignorant and selfish--which It t seems are ever with us and rather a much bigger problem than the poor who would not be among us if it were not for the greed and power driven group of the Ignorant--we have created a United and beautiful Nation. We  have lots of clean up to do, and we are, even when it is hard for the form focused to see, proceeding very well.

This singular action of yours is a mighty blow to the forces of retrogression. Know that you have the power of, well of evolution behind you. That’s a pretty big deal.

Lots of love


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dear Hilliary

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Dear Hilleary:
Watching you last night in your conversation with Rachel was to say the least refreshing. As I have said, I think that you would make a great president and that you could be elected. After your presence last night I am fairly sure that  you will be the next President. Your commentary on the death penalty was a big step forward on the Path toward clarity on this issue. I feel that you will proceed in that direction.

I wanted to let you know that I will be voting for you in the California Primary.

During the period leading up to the Convention I think that it is very important that the discussions and addresses from you and the other two persons strive to be focused on the ideas and paths that underlie our Democracy and the attacks and destruction upon them that has been unleashed by retrogressive forces and power over the past 35 years.

I think it is very important that we recognize that each of you is a very valuable part of the healing that we are bringing to the Nation. We need all of the hearts we have, and I am sure that both Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley would be very valuable partners as we break out of the cages in which the retrogressive forces of exclusivity and privilege have had  us imprisoned.

As it was pointed out long, long ago, “From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning we triumphed.”
Lots of love


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear Hillary

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Dear Hilary:
I can’t imagine  that  you are not aware of the overwhelming evidence that the death penalty is not in any way a deterrent to murder or any other crime. Your being in favor of the death penalty puts you out of sync with 61% or more of your fellow citizens, (a majority of that 61% is more than likely women) who would choose a punishment other than the death penalty for murder. 2010 poll by Lake Research Partners

However, my concern here is not with the data concerning the death penalty. It is about the feminine principle, the heart, compassion, and love. I do not want to belabor the obvious ancient, (eye for an eye) barbaric cruelty of the death penalty, but surely you can see that a State Execution is simply the  murder of a helpless individual. Such executions are more a matter of revenge, of “payback” than anything that approaches Justice.  Execution or calling it what it is, murder, is certainly not choice the heart would make, or a practice that the Feminine Principle would consider.

This position highlights your major problem with a very large sector of the voting population, including me. You consistently prove to us that you are a match for any man. As I pointed out earlier, we do not need a strong male president. We need a woman with a heart.

Your deep connections with the traditional male engendered and dominate power structures of the nation which utterly lack any kind of heart energy or understanding of the feminine Principle are truly a problem for you. This is clear to anyone who is thinking with the heart, and more and more of the people are doing so.

I think you can win a national election. And you do possess all of the skills the nation needs to navigate our way through the present maelstrom of retrogression. It will be sad indeed if those skills are not directed by an open heart.

I must say that I will not be voting for you in the California primary unless I see a demonstration of such a heart, and  you can begin by being in favor of Life rather than murder.

Lots of love and hope

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dear Hillary

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Dear Hillary,
Last evening, I was very encouraged by the presence and adult discussion of the Democratic candidates for President. Your presence and cool poise, and that pragmatic commonsense streak which is your default position was very much in evidence.  I was, however, particularly interested in your reaction to Bernie’s heart generated comments regarding your “damn emails.”

Your reaction was a spontaneous heart driven response. That’s how the heart functions. It knows. It knows without any data or intellectual inputs.

You actually revealed your heart. It has been rather hidden. I suspect that that was a price you had to pay to operate in the kinds of environments where Tough, Hardnosed and what were frequently mistaken for “pragmatic decisions” dominated and where the heart, if it dared to show itself,  was seen in the archaic male generated dogma that was used eons ago to get Woman out of the way as weak and soft and not able to make tough decisions. Your heart did not choose to vote for the war.

If, as you claim, you really want to do a service for Woman, bring your heart on-line. It was Bernie’s heart driven reaction to injustice, bullying, and yes abuse of a woman (Can you imagine these ignoramuses, going after a man’s emails like that?) that spoke for you in those moments.

Well Hillary, as you know from much, much experience, the heart understands things on levels that the mind cannot even imagine. The skills that you have gained from your training will only reach their real potential when you bring your heart back on-line because the heart can see the path which lies between.

Men also beat the heart in men into some kind of quiescence. We, many of us, have experienced ignoring our natural heart understandings of situations and listened to our minds only to see the our hardnosed pragmatic” decisions disintegrate and lead to the same problems, sometimes in the very same forms.

 I suspect that you will win the nomination and election Hillary, but the Nation, the Planet needs a new Way. Cool poise, and sharp intellects, cannot really see the pragmatic way. These skills are invariably effected by personal agendas on various levels, and pragmatic means what will work for this or that most powerful special interest.

For the heart, pragmatic means what will best serve the Common Good and the General Welfare. It takes a kind of feminine sensitivity to not only understand this but to have the courage to put it into action. You can do this.
Lots of love


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dear Hillary

Tuesday, September 08, 2015
Dear Hillary,

Everyone gets that you're as strong as any man.

However, a strong man type is not what we need and/or want. We need and want a Woman who is as strong as any woman which means a woman who is able to register, contain and implement the Feminine Principle. The Feminine Principle is the energy that drives evolutionary creation.

Just as the Feminine Principle has been totally misconstrued, maligned and hidden by those ignoramuses who do not get that we live in a harmonious multidimensional Cosmos, so has the Masculine Principle been misconstrued, maligned, and hidden.  These two always and only co-exist. One is useless without the other or, even worse, destructively ignorant.
Just as the everywhere and always occurring Principle we call Feminine has nothing to do with one's sex, the everywhere and always present energy we call masculine has nothing to do with sex. Any balanced human being can vision, initiate and creatively implement an Idea.

The problems arise when a self-centered individual, man or woman, bent on creating for his or her separate or personal desires, acts. The actions of a balanced individual, regardless of the physical sex, generally serve the Common Good because the balanced person sees situations whole and not just from a single perspective. All of those great persons of human history who moved Humanity forward, that is toward the goal of the "Self Evident Truths", balanced the feminine and masculine Principles.

The energy which actuated those heroes and enables a human being to balance these two energies is Love. And love moves through the heart, not the mind.  Love is the carrier wave for Good Intentions, and Good Intentions pave the road, not toward hell as the ignoramuses would have you believe, but toward the Self Evident Truths.

We need "a radical feminist agenda" to put the power of evolution behind our efforts to remember our dismembered world. President Lincoln pointed out that "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We are One, and the only way forward for us is to bring this fact into the common mind. We need "a radical feminist agenda" which flows from the heart, not for women but for humanity.

I do think that if you will embrace the heart you can lead all of us but especially our women of whom there are still millions who are unenfranchised, not because they are not permitted to vote, but because they are lost or held in bondage by the misconstrued, maligned myths of "women's" place. I think also that if you reach out with the power of the heart to women specifically, you will as well ignite that smoldering flame that lies in the core of the heart of most men because it is the flame of the Feminine Principle.

lots of love


Friday, August 28, 2015


The Donald

I have tried, but I just could not, not  say something about The Donald.

He is, after all, ICONIC.

When have we had such an upfront, honest,  and in language anyone could understand, statement of the heartless agenda (I would say soulless too, but every human has a soul buried somewhere) of the group of imposters who think they are qualified to run the world.

Please note. I did not say, “govern”. If one is governing, then one is  working cooperatively with an instrument created by, and for the welfare of the Common Good.

The group of whom Donald is Iconic, do not govern. In fact, they abhor Government as a waste of time and a maker of stupid non-profitable programs. Governments do not know how to rule, or run a business. The Donald’s of the world excel in this. And in their view by Right, they should be in charge.

The Donald, of course,  epitomizes all of the qualities of a Ruler. He is so certain that he is wonderful that he is fearless. His skills have been honed on thousands of “deals” wherein he has successfully made a killing, or to use the gentile term, a profit. That means  that  he has successfully conned others of the Ruling group who were desperately trying to con him. Thus,  The Donald is battle hardened and deeply experienced. Two crucial qualities for Rulership.

The Donald’s vision for Humanity, other than it includes him at the top, is vague. This is  perfect for Ruling class policy because then no one knows what’s going on. And this is fine because The Donald knows what is good for everyone, and too many “advisors”, or other sycophants,  just make simple things complex, sort of like government.

He has numerous castles, or what  passes for castles these days, and has already amassed tons of money, so additional tons will not attract that much attention except from the non-iconic others who will just be jealous.

So, forget government. The Donalds do not get elected. They either inherit their Right to Rule as of old, or in the new paradigm of Business,  they “manage” their way to the top and amass wealth. They do whatever it takes, lie, steal, cheat, manipulate, con, and truth be told, make deals with certain nefarious beings who carry their souls around in little purses. This pretty much describes the current charades called Campaigns being run by us on an hourly basis.

Well,  we need to  find a mountain somewhere, probably in one of the Carolinas, or Mississippi would be good, but I don't think that they have mountains. Anyway we need a mountain on which to carve a likeness of The Donald.

BTW,  what makes those guys on Mount Rushmore  so special? All they did was Govern the United States of America. The Donald will Sell Us. We will make a profit! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Loooong Train Ride

 August 27, 2015
The Looooong Train Ride
Somewhere, way, way back there, when we first got on this train and  started to think of ourselves as separate beings rather than just members of some herd or tribe, we became convinced that we were our physical bodies and that like everyone else, we would die. The notion was that “all men are mortal, I am a man, therefore I will die too.”

Since nothing else seemed to make much sense, staying alive, i.e. maintaining our dense physical forms, or at least avoiding death as long as possible became the goal. Also, given the aggressive actions of other creatures, both the  two and four legged, types, who were also trying to avoid death, as well as the inexplicable events of nature, like hurricanes, floods, snow storms, droughts and earthquakes, it was very easy to assume that, somebody had it in for us anyway, and so we should make hay while the sun shined, get whatever we could that made us happy or at least less miserable regardless of what it did or might do to others, and last as long as we could.

So, we moved from the darkness of just not knowing what was going on to this completely inside out sense of reality, or from just being in the dark to being in pitch blackness.

This scenario of our rather ragged evolution reveals the motivation for a great deal of the amazing things that we, that is Humanity in mass, have chosen to do over the past thousands of years: Endlessly murdering millions of each other in a form of insanity called war over who owns what piece of the planet, who is the biggest King, or whose god is the real one, or whose race is superior; creating huge imbalances in planetary resources which  simultaneously generate debilitating luxury and its own kind of madness, and grinding poverty, starvation, and exposure, all of which lead to massive epidemics of various diseases which deform and kill additional millions. The list could go on.

Engaging in these actions over and over again, whether as nations on a macro world level or as individuals in a micro human relations level, are the unavoidable karmic consequences, the fruits of assuming that one is in the Light when one is actually in the dark. Basically, a great many of  our brothers and sisters, including ourselves from time to time, are still suffering from an ancient psychic condition. Presently this condition is known as insanity. It is a condition of mistaking illusion for reality which patterns out in an endless repetitive stream of failed systems. Being presented at every turn with the opportunity to chose the path that actually leads to the Real and Immortality, we chose to follow the path of material desire, the struggle for power and comfort, which, we should know from endless experience, is a dead end and only leads us deeper into identification with form and death. This is not sanity.

I know that this is drum that has beaten for centuries and centuries by lots heavier drummers than me. However, as Master M. pointed out,The simplest truth needs repetition; otherwise it will be lost under a pile of trash.”

And we all know how much effort has been put into burying this simple Truth.

From the beginning, the Wisdom, that is the scientific nature of Reality, was made available through various ones who were sent among us. They carried the wisdom. They knew the Way of the path and through teaching and modeling with their lives, they endeavored to help us move into the Real. However, actually moving into the Real was a free choice of ours.

Although this has been very hard work with frequently gruesome endings for both our Teachers and those of us who attempted to implement Reality into human systems, striving has “paid off”, as we have been told over and over it would.  Our past is strewn with the stories of those heroes who dared to move forward.

Progress was very slow. But there was progress. And as the centuries rolled along, more and more re-incarnating souls had strived to the point where they were able to discriminate between the light and the dark, or to be clinically accurate between insanity and sanity.

We all agree, all of  the sane among us, that we are moving into a New Beginning.  (The insane do not disagree, they are simply  oblivious.) The thing about “New Beginnings” is that they always, or almost always, involve rather messy Old Endings.

What we have been doing for the past couple of hundred years is sort of cleaning our collective garage, getting rid of a lot of excess baggage the stuff that is generating the imbalances in our lives, both macro and micro. A major part of the excess baggage is a lot of overdue usually painful Karmic Debt. On the macro side, we have war, famine, epidemics, on the micro side,  those sudden accidents, exposures, revelations of things we would rather keep hidden. Oh you know what I am talking about here…lying, irritation, impatience, criticism, etcetera.

The Good Book, one of numerous, has indicated that towards the “End”—End is the  space when the “beginning” starts to noticeably move in and be seen in the very midst of the fading or moving out old stuff— anyway, in the “End”,  a lot of stuff is going to be revealed.  “Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.” Well if there ever was a “SIGN” of the trending new beginning, the present display of chaos being demonstrated globally 24/7 including those who are “running” for office in the upcoming elections is unmistakable.

In the past when I heard or thought about the remark from the Good Book, I always visioned a huge Light being shined into those dark spaces and the private rooms. We would all get to see the “Them” who were doing the whispering in the dark and planning new greedy ways to enslave Us.

Imagine my amazement when the ones doing the revealing are actually those who are plotting the next round of insanity. I always thought that  the proclaiming  of one’s undoubted, absolute superiority and right to rule was a common psychological aspect of the behavior of the insane. However the skill with which these Drivers had been previously concealed, the manipulation of fear and hatred that was used to camouflage the agenda, what happened to that?

So, the insight:, The Path of retrogression leads ever and ever deeper into the Darkness. Eventually one reaches a place where one is so enmeshed  in the illusion of one’s own fabulousness, one’s own godlikeness that one drowns. One becomes, not just irrational, but anti-rational; completely  unable to separate illusion from Reality, or insane.

Not so surprising when we think about it. There are many, many examples, both macro and micro of this fate in our history. One thinks of Nero, and Hitler and of how the leaders of the South simply could not see the illusion of Slavery.

Illusion is of course a disease, a particularly insidious disease. It attacks the mind and then the brain, sort of corrodes the internal wiring and linkages is how I think of it. And being extremely contagious, it is easily transmitted to other minds and brains. Over the past 50 years or so, since the assassination of JFK, the insanity seems to have reached epidemic stages.

The growing numbers of random killings by police, the mass shootings in elementary schools, churches, movie houses, markets military bases by any number of deranged individuals, people blowing up themselves and who ever happens to be standing around, someone committing suicide every 13 minutes, these are the really easy to see effects of this epidemic. Not so obvious but directly related to the illusion insanity are the revelatory verbal and videoed explosions  of “things said in the dark and whispered in private rooms” which are being made day after day on national and international media outlets by politicians and would be leaders of the World.

Another SIGN, perhaps a somewhat less crazy one, is the explosive revelatory phenomena called Hacking. Secrecy about anything, it would seem, is a rapidly disappearing condition. The motivation of many hackers is purely selfish and harmful; however, many “things said in the dark and whispered in private rooms” are being revealed. Another grouping of revealers are the Whistleblowers. Most of the people, like Wikileaks and Snowden behind this kind of revelation of “things said in the dark and whispered in private rooms” seem to have the Common Good at  heart.

Those who are somewhat aware of cycles and the process of evolution see all of these events as evidence of the End. However we know that Ends do not just happen. Ends are caused by the birthing of the New. As the New Age moves in it literally drives out the old forms and illusions.

The New Age must have New Foundations. These Foundations are being established on scientifically demonstrated facts.  We are establishing New Foundations based in the understanding of  an inclusive, interdependent and unified conception of Life, of the essential divinity and unanimity of all life and the transforming power of Good Will.

Sanity dictates that these concepts are the eternal aspects of the multidimensional cosmos in which our tiny planet is spinning. They are as our Constitution said some 200+ years ago, Self Evident Truths. Today, we have the Science to demonstrate that these foundations are in fact Self Evident. They exist throughout Cosmos. Ask any non-materialistically fossilized physicist.

Every day, there are millions of individuals and groups involved in such efforts. They are active in every category of human interaction. These efforts are generating Light. The inclusive, heart engendered will that drives the efforts of groups and individuals  to encompass and contain the Light within their consciousnesses and then to radiate it out through the power of Good Will is lighting up the world.

However, as we are in the depths of seeing, these old forms will not go quietly. The Light that millions of human beings are radiating as they establish these New Foundations is calling out the enormous resistance of the old ways. It is this that is generating the cruelty, and insanity, the huge migrations of people looking for safety and shelter for Sanity. It will end too, end with the end of the old concepts of power, cast and privilege.

This long trip is ending,  friends.  And this time right now is crucial. We need to focus through the indomitable heart, “keep our hand upon the throttle, and our eye upon the rail.” Or the Path, if you like. There is a station just ahead, where we will be boarding the Transfiguration express.

 All Aboard!