Sunday, April 26, 2015

Letter to Paul Krugman

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Dear Paul.
Regarding you Column on April 24, in The New York Times, "Zombies of 2016": It is a great bit. Thanks!

Zombies, is a great metaphor for these creatures.  I have long thought of them as the "walking dead", or as they are know in more esoteric circles the "heartless".  They are, literally, the decaying embodiments of ancient thoughtforms. They can't be killed, as you point out because, having no heart, they are already dead.

The thoughtforms, or to use more modern language, the programs that drive the walking dead who, by the way, are totally unconscious of their condition, like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers, were generated eons ago by ignorant humans. We can't really be mad at or fear these modern brothers, because, like the ancient humans who originally generated these crazy thoughtforms, they are ignorant. They are ignorant, not because they were/are bad, but  because they did not and  do not have not a clue about the interrelated nature of life on the planet, let alone the Reality of our multidimensional Cosmos.

During our long history, any attempts to bring out these facts usually met with some kind of grisly death, at the hands of the then manifesting walking dead and their sycophantic, sophistic minions, We mention Socrates, and Christ, but there were and are countless other Heroes. Galileo, for example, who was lucky. All he had to do was recant his discoveries to avoid the stake or headsman's ax or whatever was in vogue among the silencers in those days. Crucifixion and the rack were popular for a long time.

So, Paul, the point here is that dealing with the likes of Sheldon and school is really just messing around with the effects of these "Zombie"  thoughtforms. (They actually have no heart or life energy.)The zombie thoughtforms reappear like locusts every few years under different names like laissez faire and supply side economics. They issue forth out of the mouths of various individuals such as Milton Freedom and the current guru, Ayn Rand, in veritable clouds, like a plague.

The thoughtforms maintain a series of Lies regarding the nature of human nature and actual Reality. The simplest are the most sophistic. For example: Each person is a separate individual. Each separate individual has a basic inborn urge and a divinely given right to fulfill their every desire. The basic, and perhaps only, motivating drive is self-satisfaction on every level.  Success is based on a hierarchy of power over others and material possessions. The most successful will rise to the top of the hierarchy, and have a divine right to do so.

Amassing power and wealth in the Top is good, because those who have risen to the top have proven, by the virtue of their being there, that they know what is best for the rest. These self proven individuals are and deserve to be the de facto rulers of the world. Governments should not be allowed to interfere or upset the "natural" function of this system.

The vision of reality is limited to a view which posits the dense physical plane as the one existing dimension. Any non-dense physical concept like honesty or love are outside of the realm of "reason" which demands some form of dense physical manifestation.

Irrational thoughtforms such as these, and others of a like virus, need to be replaced by a clear scientific view of Cosmos and our planet. Economics which at the moment is basically a "social" or "soft" science needs to become a hard science. The economic system, in that it is the circulation system for energy throughout the One Humanity, is akin to the  heart and blood of a human being. The science of medicine, while still in its infancy does prove  several things about the necessity of an adequate supply of blood to the various parts of the body. Cut it off and the unnourished part will die.

We need a hard science of economics that is based on physics and the unavoidable interconnected network of life on our planet, rather than a "soft" science based on a lot of outworn, totally disproved, and actually ignorant shibboleths.

Such a hard science economics would base systems on the Common Good and the General Welfare, not just of humanity but of the Planet. This science would, probably quicker that we can see, eliminate the insanely generated imbalances that exist in our financial systems by directing our energy, (Money, after all, is only concretized energy), very rapidly to serve the General Good by dealing with the many disasters that are currently unfolding under the control of the ignoramuses.

I mention just one, the crumbling infrastructures of our educational systems.

A hard science economics would also bring about a rapid healing to the abominable destruction that the ignoramuses have perpetrated on our environments.

This move into hard science is really the only path forward, Paul. It does require looking at the planet and humanity from  higher dimensions than the dense physical, and our physicists and scientists are making good headway in this.

The fact is that they have long made good headway but were ignored or shutdown by the sophistic shills of the ignorant. Of the many possible examples of this continuing struggle now current I would mention Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas, and his crusade against science in general and the environment in particular.

Humanity needs your voice brother.

Lots of love 


Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. president
Friday, March 27, 2015
I have heard you hold forth on the subject of infrastructure on several occasions. Your thesis, at least as I registered it, was the wisdom of moving money we are spending on the military to repair what you refer to as “our crumbling infrastructure”. You detail our infrastructure as bridges, highways, updating buildings with new technology, like windows, and energy efficient heating and cooling systems, implementing water savings architecture, using sun and wind to generate energy and so forth.

Besides the huge positive impact on the deteriorating climate conditions these upgrades would make, you point out that they would generate millions and millions of jobs.

All of this is totally “right on”. Not something that would be nice, it is an imperative if we expect to avoid the darkening future towards which we are rushing. However, while it is an imperative, it is  not enough. Neither is it the most essential of the infrastructure collapses.

Far more deadly and serious than any bridge collapse is the ongoing collapse of our educational systems. This system is the seed bed that generated and the base that sustains our country and democracy as a governmental form the world around.

Talk about crumbling infrastructure! There are on your staff individuals who could provide overwhelming data regarding the many nuances of this catastrophe. If we do not prepare our children through decent educational experiences to cope with the onslaught of retrogressive and exclusive thinking that has for over thirty-five years now targeted these systems, we will slide back socially well past 1776. (Visualize Dowton Abbey with modern technology)

Retrogressors are interested in “training” children for jobs. These are not educational goals. These are goals to produce a docile “working class.”

Our brothers and sisters need to know how to think. Any thinking person will insist on “working” on participating in some useful manner in the expansion of the Common Good. It is only reasonable that one would do this. It is what free, thinking human beings do.

Please focus more, a lot more, attention on this problem. I know that it will resonate deeply with the vast majority of the non-one-percent.

Lots of love

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Letter to Paul Krugman

March 21, 2015 Saturday,
Dear Paul,
Your column on Friday was excellent. It was a very needed, and it was not something that I have heard coming from you quite so forthrightly before. It was simple straightforward exposure of what has been going on for some thirty to forty years now.

When you said, “The modern G.O.P.’s raw fiscal dishonesty is something new in American politics.” You gave me pause. However, as you soon pointed out, “Does this mean that all those politicians declaiming about the evils of budget deficits and their determination to end the scourge of debt were never sincere? Yes, it does.” I saw then that what you meant by “something new” was that the dishonesty used to be more cleverly hidden, but now it is “raw”.

This disintegration from clever sophistry to blatant corruption is a frequent development in the psychotic behavior of individuals who suffer from delusions of power. The more they convince themselves of the rightness of their delusions the less interested they are in working with others or in cloaking them in some form of sheep’s wool.  Look at the life cycle of any of the numerous crazy dictators, Nero say or Hitler, who have from time to time sprung up in the world and generated so much pain.

Your closing comment, “Look, I know that it’s hard to keep up the outrage after so many years of fiscal fraudulence. But please try. We're looking at an enormous, destructive con job, and you should be very, very angry.” is well worth repeating over and over.

Our Brothers and Sisters are pretty well immersed in the flood of sophism that streams from all of our media day in and day out. The generation of this huge smokescreen by the way is a major, deliberate, and very smart aspect of the “Con Job”.

One more thing, Paul, you said, “But I'm partial to a more cynical explanation. Think about what these budgets would do if you ignore the mysterious trillions in unspecified spending cuts and revenue enhancements. What you’re left with is huge transfers of income from the poor and the working class, who would see severe benefit cuts, to the rich, who would see big tax cuts. And the simplest way to understand these budgets is surely to suppose that they are intended to do what they would, in fact, actually do: make the rich richer and ordinary families poorer.”

This analysis is not Cynicism, Paul. It is facing and voicing straight Truth. And, we better start being able to face it and deal with it as it actually is rather than to continue to make excuses for it and to hope or wish that these brothers will “wake up.” You can see how well that attitude served us in our relations with some of the “governments” of the Near East.

I hope that you will continue to put your very considerable Light on these issues. The simple straight forward commentary is so much more powerful and helpful  to many of us who are not students of the arcane ins and out of economics.

Lots of love


Friday, March 20, 2015

Dear Mr. President

Friday, March 20, 2015
Dear Mr. President:

It seems as if Spring is here, at last.

When Mr. Netanyahu made his simple declarative statement he revealed to the world what has always been the case. He wasn't closing a door to Peace and the only acceptable solution to the Israel/Palestine situation. That door was never open! The door he opened with that bit of Truth was the revelation that as long as he was around there would be no solution.

That, now clearly open door, opens another door for us; and that door leads to the solution. Time after time we have vetoed efforts of the Security Council of the UN that would move all of us forward. Our position that “the borders must be negotiated directly by the parties”  was always a bit of sophistry that promised little chance for success. Now, by the declaration of Mr. Netanyahu, that condition has been revealed to be a pipe dream.

When this issue comes up before the UN Security Council again, as it surely will, we would only be naïve fools to support the Israelis with a veto.

We must not block the efforts of the UN Security Council, the only group in the world that supposedly speaks for the whole planet, to reach an agreement.  Rather than efforts in Brotherhood, our ties to Israel are proving to be chains of racism, cynicism, superiority and far from anything that looks like Justice and Freedom for All.
Lots of love


Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter to Paul Kugman

Dear Paul:
Thank you for your column in today's New York Times, "Ending Greece's Nightmare".  Your logical and detailed explanation, a repeat of the drum you have been beating for several years, once again allows you to say "I told you so."

But Paul, we already knew all of this stuff. We know it in out guts. It's not so much the nuts and bolts of good economics, it's the nuts and bolts of common sense. Money is blood. If you restrict the flow of blood to the body, something very bad is going to happen. Any high school freshman who has had Physiology 1, understands that, and it's not a big intellectual jump to see the "body politic" as a body.

However, as you undoubtedly realize, it is also a fact of reality that basic truths, even simple ones like this one, somehow are not registered by those whose heads are buried in the sand or, more honestly, in their personal comfort zones, and can't be bothered until they have a cardiac wake-up call, thus, the need for constant reiteration. So thank you for that.

And thank you very much for this, "So now that Mr. Tsipras has won, and won big, European officials would be well advised to skip the lectures calling on him to act responsibly and to go along with their program. The fact is they have no credibility; the program they imposed on Greece never made sense. It had no chance of working." This comment will bear repeating many times over, and in many languages.

My big question to you Paul is this. Do you think that the individuals in this Troika and in the almost countless other troika type collections around the planet do not realize exactly what they are proposing, are not furthering  their own agenda with complete awareness of the designed outcomes?

I can't think that you are that naive, and so I wonder what it is that prevents a forth right exposure of what is going on? The time to end academic protocols of "good Manners" and such which are used as a cover for blatant hypocrisy and sophistic manipulations is long past due.

We need a breath of fresh air and courage that "speaks truth to power." These "Troikas" are, at a minimum, not remotely interested in equality, or the Common Good!

Give us a break, Paul.

lots of love, brother,


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dear Mr. President:
Thank you for that encouraging talk you made on Tuesday night. That  you dealt mostly with Principles that matter like equality and the basic dignity and value of every individual woman, man and child was what made the presentation so effective. It was the heart speaking.

I do think that the vast majority of the 65,915,796  people who voted for you in 2012 were moved by the heart, rather than by the intellectual presentation of mostly boring data about what was "accomplished." I have watched individuals who are concerned and caring people go all glassy eyed when the "pols" start listing how many of this and that was done. It is when you speak about what you feel and what you believe and what you lived for that people are moved to action. When you talk about the deeply held principles of caring and sharing, and our ability to understand that all children are our children, you touch the hearts of the people. As was indicated by a Sage, "The measure of understanding is the degree of love. One can memorize lines word by word, yet one remains dead if the knowledge has not been warmed by love."

I understands the restrictions of present politics, the power of the forces arrayed against us and the crucial imperative of restoring the balance to our national and international life. Yet, "You may be sure that one would not leap across an abyss without absolute necessity. The more unavoidable the necessity, the nearer is the step of victory. Let the most dire necessity arise!"

The "tools" which the retrogressive forces use are those of fear, hate, greed.  Ours are different. "Just as a lever sets the wheels in motion, so does love inspire powerful responses. Compared with the radiance of love, hatred is only a hideous blot. For love is the true reality and treasure. I do not speak about love abstractly but as a physiologist. I consider that as necessity is the impetus, so love is the enlightener."

You have enormous support from the people, Mr. President. We will be victorious.
lots of love


Friday, January 2, 2015

Letter to Paul Krugman

Dear Paul.
The following statement was made by a reader, Baron95 Westport, CT, in response to your comments in yesterday's NYT article, “Twin Peaks Planet”.

“There is no possible economical justification to pay an unskilled worker at, say, an UAW plant $75/hr (including benefits) as was the case in 2007, when hundreds of millions of workers are willing and capable to do the same work for less than 1/10th that. None.

This remark encapsulates the consciousness with which we are dealing. This individual is an ignoramus. He is what we would call intelligent, no doubt; however, he is so enmeshed in the delusory notions of competition, of the separation of individuals according to their ability to take what they want to demonstrate their own sense of what they believe makes them be worthy, or valuable, or someone, that he is simply incapable of seeing reality. He dearly believes, with all of his breath, the remarks he made above.

He is not to blame for his insanity, or delusions. He is living according to the very foundations of our the planet’s historical economic systems. These foundations are, as I think you know, based in the illusory concept of reality that posits a one dimensional dense physical plane reality where the fit, i.e. the ones with the most power, however power is manifested, survive and rightfully dominate and rule the planet for their personal benefit. This is God’s Rule. God meant it to be this way. Just ask anyone of them.

Science does not matter a wit with these folks. “If it is not broke, do not fix it”, and it is obviously working very well for them. Even while it destroys the planet.

I appreciate that  you are a professor, that you have any number of credentials and degrees, are a Nobel prize winner, highly respected in spite of not being heard by the ignoramuses. But, Paul, you spend your energy dealing with the effects of insanity rather than the causes of it.

The foundations, the idiotic assumptions regarding the way the world works that support these insane individualsfor the good of all of usneed to be confronted on the plane of common sense, of logic, of science. These problems can’t be fixed by some new “liberal” economic program. We desperately need NEW ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS based on scientific evidence of cause and effect.

We spend our time and energy talking about the effects of effects. The root cause is the conception of reality. This needs to be straightened out.

You have a voice. Please use it to bring some Light into the conversation.

Sincerest regards
A brother.