Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Concerning The Something Which is Happening

Group consciousness is the conscious realization that “I am. I am That. I Am.” Or “I am he as you are he as you are me. And we are all together” as the Beatles pointed out in “I Am the Walrus” and dozens of their other lyrics.

Group consciousness is the absolutely undoubted awareness of the fact that we are not only our brothers’ keepers, but our brothers. There is Only One Humanity; that Humanity is unified but not uni-formed. Every single human being is a unique sister or brother. The group is all of us. The Common Good and the General Welfare concerns everyone.

This is the nature of the consciousness that has been evolving and gradually replacing separative self-consciousness, lo these many eons. It has always been present in numerous sisters and brothers to varying degrees all around the world. What has changed is that there are presently some seven + billion souls incarnated on the planet today. It is quite possible that billions of them are at various levels of group consciousness. (Initiation Human and Solar P. 94)  That is that they know at some varying level of awareness that they are THAT. At some level of certainty they know, they sense with all five of their senses their unbreakable relationship and unity with humanity.

Since the probably stolen election of 2016, we have been witnessing an ongoing and tremendously powerful example of group conscious tactica adversa in the small and huge actions that people have been taking all up and down the political spectrum.  The 2017 and 2018, women’s marches saw tens of millions marching for women’s and human rights for freedom and equality all around the world. Since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which killed seventeen high school students, students have generated mass protests of their own involving some 2,000,000 people all around the planet. The protests or marches which go way beyond gun control and include all aspects of humanity’s social existence are highly organized and lovingly inclusive and highly effective.

One significant point needs to be made clear here. These students are being referred to as “kids”. This is an ageist discrimination. It indicates that the views, opinions positions of a person are valued according to the age of their body. None of these sisters and brothers are their bodies. And many, not all but many, of them, and especially those who are helping to organize these events, are manifesting a group consciousness of love and intelligence at levels that are way beyond what a lot of the adults who are referring to the students as bodies are manifesting.

Many are amazed at how in touch with each other they are. This is largely being attributed to the Internet. It is true that these individuals are super highly skilled in all things related to using the Internet. I have 17 and 16 year old grandchildren. They know and use the Internet and the associated devises with speed and understanding that amazes me. The parents of one of them got a bill for having sent 3000 texts to friends in one month. His mother has informed me that his texting is way down now because he uses Snap Chat to communicate with his friends.

And yet, even though some of these students have never met each other in the dense physical, they are in frequent, meaningful, and significant contact with one another. They frequently have a more or less immediate recognition of one another’s motives and purposes. They spontaneously, easily, and cooperatively implement these identical motives and purposes into a wide array of very creative and different harmonious forms. This phenomenon is not original or limited to the Florida Students. It has been going on all around the world for the last 10/15 years on ever increasing levels.

As in the students from Florida, the implusers of these actions are not competing for personal recognition or election to an office. They are spontaneously serving the Common Good, a consciously felt need, because that is what they see to do. There is no sense of personal anything. This is what we call Service. 

We speak of telepathic communication, and although we do it all of the time, we have little if any idea of what it actually is and how it works. The fact is that what we are witnessing is an example of being in harmony, and rhythm, or sync, if you prefer,  on the InnerNet of consciousness, a kind of telepathy which needs no clumsy electronic devises other than the ones with which our bodies came equipped.

Well-meaning, but frequently totally differently motivated older persons, should not meddle with their strategies or goals. These sisters and brothers do not need this kind of support. They do need money, and this is something that older persons could supply easily.  It might be good to recall that, according various biblical readings, Jesus was in a 12 years old body when he was found chatting with the Elders. It is reported that when his mother asked him what he was up to he said something like, “Didn’t you get that I was doing the Father’s work?”
Tom Carney
May 2018

Evolution has humps in it
Into which men put a lot of stock.
We call the bigger humps revolutions,
And claim cause for them.

Perhaps our being over close
To the noise and color
Of the Great Blooming
Creates in us this confusion.

For some,
Who have it from a silent source,
Say that the world
Is really a Great Flower,
And if we could get there,
To that place of light and silence,
The opposite of the present --
We could watch the Great Unfolding.

And we would see
These humps which men call revolutions
Are but petals
Unbending --
Not without pain--
In the Sun.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Take a Break Try Fishing

Venturing abroad
I discovered one of those bright, clear, fresh
One of those
Wind like the will coming straight and cold
From the center of the Ocean's eye
One of those whitecaps all the way to the sky

Not conscious of walking,
Of legs, of muscle and sinew working,
But conscious of motion,
Of flowing by buildings, persons, scenes,
(The horizon, a magnet drawing me)
I moved to the path over sand and sea.
Then something I could but faintly hear
Beneath the sound of surf and rush of wind,
Something subtle, not quite clear
Calling, urging--
Pulled me down the pier.
Ten minutes moving from city to sea
Five minutes to the end of the pier
Where even the sea seemed to disappear,
Leaving simply the light, the space
And the flowing cold wind.

Between his two railed poles,
An old fisherman was standing
Peering into the wind
I stood there on the end of the pier
A bit apart from him.
He gave no notice of my being there.
And after a moment I heard it again.
Faintly, under the wind,
It was saying, "Listen, listen."
Listening it seems
Absorbs the Light, fills the space
And for a time even stills the wind.
And- oh-
I was amazed that I could hear
The stillness in the Wind.
The Wind blows keen on the end of the pier,
Keen and cold, and though the Vision is clear
The eyes blur.
Eternity is only a moment.
Turning to go, I noticed the old man
Still standing, still listening, still still.
It takes practice to fish
From the end of the pier.
Tom Carney

Monday, February 12, 2018

Time to Take Over

What we call material wealth money, property of all kinds is, in the end, just a bunch of matter that has been forced by our thinking into various forms which are held together and given some totally arbitrary level of value by our opinion of what they are worth to whatever we think we are or ought to be. If we are identified with what our hands are full of, or empty of, the stuff that we think makes us separate and unique, stuff like position, prestige, personal power, money, cars, houses, whatever material possessions we may own, or wish we owned, we generally are not concerned with, are not even aware of, Consciousness.

Then, eventually, we get some kind of a wake up call. Usually these are rather uncomfortable events in our lives that take us “aback”, that sort of rattle our cage and require us to become just the slightest bit conscious of what is going on. “Pain and disruption ever precede birth” Externalization of the Hierarchy P.679

When we actually look from that, perhaps only momentarily clear,  point of view, the unavoidable reality finally registers. If it really takes, even for a few moments, we sort of get an “insight” a few moments of clarity into the big fraud.

Usually, under this sort of unexpected impact of what is actually an inflow of high powered energy, we get all “high” and worked up. We desire to expand, to change our lives. We decide that we need to sacrifice. We need to let it all go!

Some of us actually give all of our stuff away, including our wives, husbands, children, jobs, all of those hindering material responsibilities. And we join. Boy do we ever join. We join all sorts of groups, religions organizations. Some of us actually go off to India or some monastery on big long “pilgrimages” to become enlightened.

We get all tied up for years in our “search” in our desire to do what is called “letting go”.

Well, turns out that Consciousness does not respond very well to desire. Desire is an attractive power of the separated self. It has a super powerful tendency to involve us deeper into what we already have. There is nothing like “trying” or desiring to “let go” that makes us hold on.

So, eventually it becomes a question of energy focus. Consciousness cannot be purchased. It can’t be purchased because it is priceless. Consciousness is also, incidentally, free.

It came with the birth package; however, it cannot be unwrapped through desire.  We must take it. “Sacrifice must not be regarded as a "giving-up," but rather as a "taking-over.". Discipleship in the New Age II P. 287

It’s about the Will. We can't just want to be conscious. We have to realize that we are consciousness itself.  It is about what “doing more with less” really means.

Anyway, if we are consciousness, if we really get Reality, we do not need to desire anything. We already have everything we need to do what Consciousness needs to do.

 And we can be sure, doubtless, that consciousness is not interested in solid gold bathroom fixtures. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Send a Message for Freedom by Exercising Freedom

The present assault on freedom that we have been witnessing for the past 35 years or so is very similar in energy, tactics, goals, and personnel to the assault made by the Nazis to start WW2:
  • The energy they use is doubt, fear, and hate. Examples abound, and the State of the Nation address delivered by Trump on January 30, 2018 was structured to do exactly that.

  • The tactics they employ are a 24/7 blitzkrieg of lying, fear, and hate propaganda. This blitzkrieg has been weaponized and greatly empowered by the synthesizing of present global media technology.

  • The goal is the creation of an illusion of an alternate reality which will replace freedom and Liberty with the rule of Superior Beings.

  • The personnel? This is how Master D.K. saw them in WW2.
“The Hierarchy makes a distinction between the bewildered mass, the wrongly educated youth and the obsessed leaders in all branches of the government. The latter are "shells," obsessed by evil entities and hence their dynamic, one-pointed potency, hence also their extreme skill and cunning, based on very ancient evil experience and hence also the well-nigh ludicrous falsity of their propaganda. They are the spirit of materialism embodied, devoid of all true feeling and perception, lacking the light of love and understanding, but powerfully animated by the energy of substance itself. It is time that men woke up to the nature of these beings who sought … to enslave the race."Esoteric Astrology P.544

Sound familiar?

Luckily, during the eons that these individuals have been doing the king and ruler bit a true leader would occasionally appear and lead Humanity to take a few, but very significant, steps forward or toward its inevitable destiny of Freedom. This is the story behind what we call Avatars and Heroes. They would and do come forth from the ranks of the People, and in one way or another they would model the next step.

They become legends and shining lights always pointing forward toward emancipation from bondage and into freedom. Their name is legion. We could make a pages long list of these heroic leaders, but in the West, probably the best know today was a human being named Jesus, or perhaps, because the interest in religion is waning, MLK, or John Lennon and a group avatar named the Beatles, or Yoda maybe .

However, every, even tiny glimpse of freedom that a human being would get anywhere, at any level of whatever society, would and will call forth the power of his or her inner being, who knows only freedom, to move forward at whatever cost. And she or he would and will model for whomever was or is in her or his immediate environment that co-measured quality of Humanity that needs to be developed and expressed in that specific environment.

In many cases the hero was a hemispheric, even global figure whose life and actions would ignite huge reactions, and initiate huge steps; but in multitudes of cases leadership was/is a strictly local event effecting a small local area. (The “scientists” who are guiding and energizing the implementation of the Plan of the Intendor are what you might call WISE.) Thus, these avatars, the leaders, the carriers of the Plan for Humanity and the Planet have, eon after eon, come forward individually, but usually surrounded by a supporting group, and modeled the co-measured qualities of freedom, courage and joy for others to see and emulate

But most often we had rulers. (The manifestation of the rulers actually calls forth the Heroes which is why the triumph of the Light is inevitable.) The difference between leaders and rulers is, of course, that rulers are focused on maintaining their power, their rulership above everything. They do not face front; they face back. They are not leading. They are maintaining, often with ruthless and totally selfish intent, the status quo. (Two of thousands of possible Questions: Why is there a water shortage? Why are huge swaths of human beings starving, in many cases, to death?)

Leaders do nothing for their own personal power or aggrandizement. If they think about themselves at all, they see themselves as vehicles, regardless of personal cost, for some quality, some understanding regarding Reality that is desperately needed. They are the energizers of evolution. They hold up what should be, not because they say so, but because it makes sense, it serves the Common Good, the General Welfare of the whole. Leaders are always about unity, about equality and freedom for all.

Rulers are all about “me” about “I”. Leaders are about we, about us. Rulers tell others what to do. Leaders model what needs doing by doing it.

Leaders almost always end up being murdered. This job is occasionally carried out by one of the Retrogressor's hit men (the Kennedy brothers and MLK) But more often it is carried out by the retrogressive controlled State (Socrates, Jesus, Oscar Romero) they are attempting to serve.

Rulers often get murdered too, but by some other wannabe Ruler. Nobody got rid of Socrates, or Jesus, or Joan of Arc, or MLK so that they could get all their stuff.

Voting is the exercise of freedom. When we exercise our Freedom in the 2018 elections, voting for real leaders instead of pretend leaders who are really all about ruling will indicate to the Guides that we get it!

We are ready to move on to Freedom.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Beginnings Always Look Like Ends

It is quite obvious that at the moment we do not have a government of for and by the People. What we presently do have in the United States of America is government of for and buy a small percentage of the 20% of the nation’s holders or owners of about 95% of the Nation’s Wealth.

All though they have not in the past 100 years or so been in control of such a huge percentage of global wealth, there has always been a group of such families and individuals among us. Past: Kings, Monarchs, Emperors, Dukes. Current: Outright owners or Major stock holders, presidents of boards, CEO’s of giant corporations. These persons did, and their current editions do, literally believe that they were/are superior beings, and that they should, as they were, by right of their natural superiority, be the controlling force, of the planet.

These persons have been constantly struggling to return to those days when they exercised major control over he majorly of Human civilizations. Rather than progressing to Humanities next evolutionary step, they prefer to retrogress to an ancient condition. Since the collapse of the Robber Barons and the Great Depression, this particular group of the super wealthy.01%, to whom I refer as the retrogresors, and their sycophant wannabees in the low 10-20 %, have slowly and quietly regained both wealth and power. In January of 1981, a direct frontal assault on government of for and by the people was launched with the election of Ronald Reagan. In his first inaugural speech, Reagan cloaked government as the cause of all of our problems, and enshrined the retrogressive Corporate Class, themselves, as the solution. “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

In the following 36 years or so the regressed Republican political party has consistently provided cover for these individuals as they pressed their democracy destructive agenda in the attempt to shift the power of the people to govern themselves from the people to a super wealthy few.  In 2016 that party managed to gain complete control of the legislative and executive branches of the government. This tiny segment of the national population actually purchased the government. They used the power of their wealth, concretized money, to enable people who will follow their directions to “win” elections.

They did in effect overthrown the revolution of 1776, and reinstate the Monarchy…so to speak.

They did this overtime in numerous labyrinthine ways many of which are “legal”. However, the use of outright bribing and black mail are also prominent weapons in their arsenal. Their primary weapons are, and always have been, the use of the power of lying propaganda, fear, gross, crude, and menacing speech. Their end is, as it has forever been, to destroy unity and create separation which leads to chaos.

The appearance of high end technology in the past 20 years has greatly increased both the power and the use of these weapons to seed the environments in which we live with these deadly toxins. The tightly organized group of retrogressive owner/manipulators spread this poison, which attacks both the human emotional and mental bodies, through the media which humans use to communicate with one another.

The ancient use of handbills, and gatherings of people rapidly evolved into newspapers and radio, and by 1941 or so, commercial television.  The internet appeared in 1961, and by 1981, people could buy a personal PC. From that point, the Internet began its explosive expansion into light years beyond its original use.  Today, when an iPhone has more power than the main frames of 10 years ago, the “internet” has virtually synthesized all of these technologies into a multidimensional planet wide weapon which provides access to the inner life of Humanity.

 All of these interconnected mediums use huge super sophisticated software programs in cloud computing to target general and specific sectors of the population with specific kinds of information. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon are well known giant corporations who own and operate huge “cloud” networks of these highly sophisticated search engines. These “intelligent” search engines find and compile data on billions of individuals. This data, as is any commodity, is sold to whomever will pay for it.

The data is used by commercial producers of consumer goods of all kinds. These usually materialistically oriented businesses use advertisements, or thoughtforms of highly sophisticated language and techniques of emotional power, to target specific individuals whose “profile” indicates that they would possibly purchase the goods. The data is also purchased and used by virtually anyone to target virtually anyone, or any group with the same kind of sophistic thoughtforms containing any kind of data or message they wish to use to sway consciousness to do what the thoughtform suggests.

In the hands of the retrogresors, who have billions of dollars to spend, the synthesis of these media has created a weapon that has literally rendered dense physical weapons like guns, ships, airplanes, and atomic bombs archaic by comparison. These new weapons do not blow stuff up or actually kill anybody. Their effect is akin to the radiation poisoning of an atomic explosion.

This media weapon impacts with huge power the entire emotional and mental dimensions of the Planet. This weapon generates invisible fields of energy radiation within the mass emotional and mental bodies of Humanity. These radiation fields of lying propaganda, fear, doubt, gross, crude, and menacing speech first of all act like veils or huge banks of fog.

These fields of chaos sow, fear, doubt, and confusion warping and interfering with clear, rational, truthful, and compassionate thought and speech. These conditions severely infect the subconscious of humans with fear, doubt, and hate upsetting the normal emotional equilibrium of many people.

The media weapon conquers not by blowing up and killing, but by terrorizing, generating hate, discouraging, and disheartening people. In some cases, this causes the conscious and unconscious generation of thoughts and actions of ignorance and destruction to others and themselves, which further intensify the hate, fear and doubt energies. In many, many others, people feel impotent and helpless, like their opinions or thoughts do not matter, and they simply give up and slip into unconscious routines and habits of living.
One of the many result of this is that 42% of those eligible to vote did not vote in the 2016 election cycle. That is something a bit over 100,000,000 people. We probably can’t say that the unrelenting, 24-7, highly targeted, and at the same time global assault of the retrogresses on the general population of the nation is responsible for all of the 100,000,000 people who failed to vote. However, it is very likely that a good 80,000,000, of them were either directly or indirectly effected by poison of the assaults.

This present and ongoing assault is actually the latest effort in the eons long struggle of the Retrogressors to maintain their dominance and control of the Planet, to keep Humanity locked in the prison of ignorance and separative self-consciousness. This goal of this current assault, is intended to fix the problem that government of, for, and by the people caused. The ongoing effort is to destroy the innate unity of humanity, of which the United States is a miraculous example, and to separate it into some form of feudal kingdoms and thus to “make America Great again” which means to return it to some form of rule by the self chosen few.

For example, if we look closely at the actions of the current forces which control the government of the United States, we will see that virtually every decision, every signed law, results in the separation of the Unity of the Nation into exclusives groups of, poverty and privilege. Also, every appointment to Department positions of decision making power, such as Education and Commerce, including the appointments of judges to Federal Courts and to the Supreme Court make decisions that support separation and undermine the Unity of the Nation. Two examples of hundreds of such destructive actions are 1. The making of Corporations into people, and 2. the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision that allows corporations to make political contributions.

 Fortunately, it does appear that these totally outrageous events have finally awakened the Soul of the United States. In spite of the all-out effort of the retrogressive forces using the media weapon to create more and bigger walls with their media weapon, the energy toward unity is growing more powerful every day.

 Walls of separation that have enabled the retrogressive forces to run their program for uncountable centuries are continuing to crumble into dust. Perhaps the most significant example of this explosive discovery of a common humanity that recognizes and celebrates our beautiful diversity, that cuts across all retrogressive separating walls, such as sex and race and language and country of origin, and, money generated social status is being revealed in what we are calling the Women’s movement. Half of Humanity’s population which has been held in something akin to a half human or slave status for eons is breaking free from that lie. The power that is being unleashed is just beginning to be seen. The end was known from the beginning, and for those who have a long view, we have already entered the next beginning.

The cosmic Breath of the Mother of the World is all-pervading. Verily, all is imbued with it. From infinitesimal grains of dust to immeasurable magnitudes, life moves and breathes by this Breath. How then not to cognize the power which moves the Universe! How not to ponder upon the essence of Being! Fathom the rhythm of cosmic energy and understand the rhythm of evolution. The essence of evolution is unalterable and is measured by the manifestation of Infinity.

You who fear the end, turn your face to the radiance of the Mother of the World and affirm yourself in the understanding of evolution. There is no limit to the sendings from the Mountains. There is no limit to the warranty of the far-off worlds. There is no limit to the natural treasures of the visible and invisible spheres. Infinity #10

Thursday, December 28, 2017

It's The Mountains

It's The Mountains
And so, we begin again. Having concluded our journey around the zodiac from Aries through Sagittarius we return to the Mountain top. We are not the same persons that departed in December 2016 and we carry with us the fruits of our experiences in the previous round. It is refreshing to return to the mountain top, to renew our vision and drink at the fountain of the Future.

We, love the tops of the Mountain of consciousness which, though the poets and musicians continue to strive to share with us, provide momentary and indescribable glimpses of Infinite Beauty. But, even the tiny mountains of form that we have on our dense planet, such as Mount Wilson in California which at 5,700 feet, provides us with inspiration and views of beauty. In this case we can see from the Los Angeles basin to San Diego and over 90 miles to the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

And of course, there is always another higher mountain looming, beckoning in the distance.

Very soon it seems, we feel the pull, the urgency to return, to go down the mountain from which the beckoning top of the next one is visible. After many such journeys in many lives, we begin to realize that the reason for going to the top of the mountain is so we can go back down. Eventually we understand that the journey back to the valley is really the essential and joyful beginning of the climb for the next peak.

It is in the valley that the essential work is done.

We return to the now joyful struggle, to the now, finally realized unavoidable triumph of the Light. The insight is that triumph has always been our path, that triumph is simply another name for striving, for becoming conscious of the always present Reality. Future is and forever will be a process, not of "letting go" but of joyfully taking over.

2018 will be an astonishing adventure for all Path workers, astonishing and, dare I say it, really fun.  

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Christmas Metaphor

Thursday, December 21, 2017
Dear Friends,
The Christmas Metaphor:
I was listening to some Christmas carols just the other day when I was struck by the distortions that have been layered over the essential messages, the meaning and significance of some of these very beautiful and very simple Truths concerning the Reality of the First Noel. By way of saying merry Christmas to all, I thought I would try to put a little light on these distortions.

Because most of our us think of reality in terms of the dense physical plane those, who are and have always been among us, and who know better, have had to communicate the Truth of Reality to us through the use of metaphor. Apparently, there have also always been among us a group of those whose purpose was to keep the basic scientific facts regarding the nature of Cosmos hidden from us so that they could manipulate events to  favor their own selfish and separative agenda. These individuals, who are referred to in the passage from The Rays and the Initiations quoted below, also used metaphor as a tool to generate a completely false narrative of reality.

"One group has never freed itself from the principles which governed the first solar system.  They were principles entirely related to matter and substance, and were at that time and in that period (so remote that the number of years of distance can be stated only in super-astronomical figures) the conditioning factors for the initiation of the time.  Certain units of humanity—then existent—were so completely conditioned by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to the comprehension of another set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature) that they remained of "fixed and selfish material purpose" and a planned distortion of the divine will was intelligently created by them."The Rays and Initiations P. 350

As you can imagine this is the root of a great deal of the problems we have faced in our struggle toward the Light or Truth. There is no area of our evolutionary experience, that has not been severely distorted, often ignorantly, claiming for centuries that the Earth was the center of the solar system, but frequently deliberately, by highly sophisticated and intelligently crafted lies concerning the nature of Reality. Machiavelli and the recently passed Trump Tax plan come to mind. The list I could make would cover pages.

Although at the moment we are facing a particularly nasty effort to march firmly backwards by the efforts of an entire cadre of individuals of "fixed and selfish material purpose" we are still here and still triumphing.

If we look at many of the lyrics of what we call Christmas carols from the point of view of a conscious scientist (or at least from the point of view of a person who understands that we are not our dense bodies but are conscious beings whom we call souls that are inhabiting them, and that we live in an ever evolving, multidimensional  Ageless Cosmos within which the most dense things we see in what we call space are the suns and planets which make up uncountable Galaxies) we could see these lyrics as the metaphorical efforts of individuals who could and did see much deeper than the dense physical illusion of reality put forth by the Refusenicks to reveal the Love which lies at the root of being Human and is the True nature Reality.

 (For a listing of "Christmas Carols" in some 30 different languages dating as far back as the 12th century and much earlier documents which were the writings of "wandering minstrels" who wrote their own songs and also put to music to entire legends form ancient times,

The "set of principles (more expressive of the divine nature)" that we were/are destined to comprehend in this cycle have to do with Love rather than intelligence. Thus,  understanding that we are talking about the unfolding Plan for the evolution of a Planet, it is reasonable to expect that we would have to go through a number of "root races" before we were able to develop the necessary equipment to even register this Divine Principle. Also, when we understand that we have been continually dogged by the "planned distortion of the divine will" that the Refusenicks intelligently created, we can understand the incredibly long and painful struggle we have had to endure using our Free Will to sort out the Light from the darkness.

These facts sort of account for what seems like the bit of a late arrival of the Love metaphor on the Planet in the form of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. This metaphoric event was/is still terribly distorted by ancient and present political/religious power structures. Metaphorically, the event was an announcement, akin to the implanting of the spark of mind by the Agnishvattas in animal man,  that Love had been born on the Planet and that Humanity was capable of registering and embodying this Principle of Love which was "more expressive of the divine nature."

The shift of the focus from what the Angels were singing about "peace on Earth, Goodwill to men" to the form of the child, to an anthropomorphized icon that was racially and politically religious and in opposition to many of the present religious/political structures, was only the continuation of the distortions which had been going on for eons.

The Cosmic Principle of Love was completely lost in the separation of Christ as a person from Love. Making Christ an object, a religious thing, crystallized an idea, an energy into a dogma. It set the stage for thousands of wars of both religious and materialism. It continued a king and priest class of wealth and power and literally enslaved or made peasants of the vast majority of human beings. It literally separated the Earth from the multidimensional reality of Cosmos and the Principles of Life.
For roughly the next 13/1400 years, it was left to the artists and poets, the minstrels and playwrights, alchemists to keep Love alive. Hence the true meaning and significance of Christmas carols. Eventually persons like Galileo and Newton began to bring Light into the mutterings of ecclesiastical dogmatics, and true science started to reemerge.

Here we are now at the celebration of the birth of Love on the Planet. Love happens to be the greatest power in this Solar System. As the Agent of Intelligence was the mind, the Agent of Love is the Heart. Love is the energy that links The Will to Good with Good Will or, as the angels were telling us,  Peace, or the Creation of the Plan, on Earth.

A blessed Christmas,
Toward The Day