Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dear Hillary

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Dear Hillary:
Because I thought that you would probably be nominated for President, I started writing to you to encourage you to get back in touch with the fiery heart that I first saw in your 1993 effort to get justice for the people in the area of health care. The fact that your effort called out an immediate and overwhelming assault from various sectors of the cabal of the super profitable health industry which would never run out of customers was indicative of how significant was yours and Bills opening salvo. It was also, at the very beginning of you time in the Office, a test of your courage and ability to endure in the face of momentary defeat and seemingly overwhelming odds.

The details of the years following that massive defeat reveal how you and Bill gradually slipped out of the space where were live the heroes who make Change Happen, a space of few if any rewards and frequently lots of pain,  and into the pit of "liberal pragmatic halfwayness" which is the last refuge of the too chastised or too wounded or too frightened to take the necessary risks for evolution. However it is a space that satisfies the ego and pays nicely for making changes that appear to do something while hiding the fact that they actually improve the positions of the retrogressive cabals.

Once you indicated that you were willing to compromise, you will recall, the bludgeoning only increased, as did your willingness to compromise. The heart was gone and was replaced by what we have been seeing in your actions of late. Self concern, Self preservation, personal advancement, and egoism replace the fire of the heart and take over the equipment.

This development is not that unusual and it is often a continuation of the testing process. It is a kind of disease that over takes a lot of us in the purity of our fiery youth. Actually it is a kind of karmic weeding out process that eliminates from the Great Struggle those who cannot presently endure.

I stopped writing to you because there was no evidence that you were getting or if getting, that you were not hearing. In the Democratic debates your self-concerned incrementalism, your liberal pragmatic halfwayness was front and center.

However toward the end of the recent debate you made the following statement regarding your feelings and concerns for the victims. "I mean, look, I care deeply about this because just like you I have met so many people who had their life savings wiped out, who lost their homes, who are barely back with their heads above water." And then in your closing remarks you made this statement, "So I have been moved by my heart ever since I was a young woman about the age of a lot of Senator Sanders’ supporters worrying what I can do to make a difference for my country, and I will bring that heart with me, but I will also tell you we’ve got to get our heads together to come up with the best answers to solve the problems so that people can have real differences in their lives that will make them better for now and into the future."

I thought that this was possibly an opening, that perhaps your advisers had been talking to you about the missing heart.  Hopefully, you will connect with your heart. However, one needs to be careful not to confuse one's emotions with the heart.

The heart is compassionate. It is not emotional. It does not feel personally bad or sad for people's suffering. It knows suffering on a very deep level. Perhaps you could ask the Dali Lama or the Pope, or for that matter, The President about Compassion.

The heart never sheds a tear, for tears distort the vision; however, the indefatigable power of the heart is not  force. It is love. The true heart understands. It intuitively knows the cause and the cure for what is generating the suffering, and it wholeheartedly and totally energizes actions that will eliminate those causes by impressing the mind with the directions and steps of what to do.

The heart is the Knower of the Way. The mind is the doer.

When the mind is not being directed by the heart or by Wisdom, but by the self-centered personality, its actions will always tend toward self or ego fulfillment. If the ego desires to  be seen as "liberal" then the actions will tend toward the kind of halfway measures which are seen as pragmatic because they represent little chance of not succeeding. They will not be "wrong" and cause a "loss of face" to the ego.

So, by all means Hillary, bring your heart, and let it be your true heart, that fiery heart of the young woman who put everything on the table. But be certain that the heart is telling the head what to do and not the other way around. This way you make a great President rather than another halfway one.
Lots of love

Friday, January 29, 2016

Letter to Paul Krugman

Friday, January 29, 2016
Letter to Paul Krugman
Dear Paul
Normally, I would have posted this letter on the comment section for the NYT. However, the comment section was closed by 8:30 AM PDT after only 429 comments. This is an insult to West Coast subscribers, and readers of the NYT.

Just for clarity, Paul, I was a completely confused Marine when you were born. But I have known for the past 50 years or so that there are no "American" oligarchs. There are just oligarchs. They infest every nation and they have been "so powerful" for as long as any history we have knows. Today, they infest and control what is known as The Establishment, and make no mistake, this is a world around operation.

Today's column appears to be the third establishment propaganda advertisement in a row that is masquerading behind what seems to be a liberal/progressive front. Amazing!

It is becoming apparent, now that "conflagrations are strong" or "the fat is in the fire", that your brand of liberal/progressive is only a halfway thing. When the going gets tough, your brand of progressive dresses up in its pragmatism suit and, congratulating its self on how smart it is, goes for the half-loaf.

I am sure that you are sincere and that you believe what you put in this column, "Plutocrats and Prejudice" in the 1/29/16 issue of the NYT.  However, it is not just " unacceptably downbeat vision?", it is loaded with innuendo and superficial half truths. Unlike you Paul!

For example, "the Sanders view is that money is the root of all evil. Or more specifically, the corrupting influence of big money, of the 1 percent and the corporate elite, is the overarching source of the political ugliness we see all around us."

First, "money" is simply the concrete manifestation of energy or power. And so it is not money, but the Love of money or Power that is the root of all evil. It's about Greed, Power, Exclusivity, and Divine Rights,  Paul.

 All of the other "evils" to which you allude, "racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice are powerful forces in their own right." True. However, these kinds of insanities are simply the effects of exclusivity, greed and separation. They have always been used as levers or weapons by the super powerful, exclusive few, the old kings and rulers, and the contemporary billionaire would be rulers to keep the not worthy humans in their cages.

This next comment is really off the wall. "On the other hand, if the divisions in American politics aren’t just about money, if they reflect deep-seated prejudices that progressives simply can’t appease, such visions of radical change are naïve. And I believe that they are."

Well, your use of the word "appease" is certainly revelatory. Those of our brothers and sisters who for thousands of years have been struggling with the forces of exclusivity, the progenitors and cultivators of slavery, which, by the way includes, sexism, have never been interested in appeasing these "deep seated" evils. From Socrates through Jesus, A. Lincoln, and countless other Heroes unknown and known, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, FDR., Truman, the Kennedy brothers, and MLK, these men and women were interested only in eradication of the evil force. They spent their lives in the pursuit of "Real Change" rather than the appeasement or halfwayness which you are espousing.

It is this desire for halfwayness that is naïve, Paul. Those interested in maintaining their control over humanity by the accumulation of money/power and the weakening of any levers of freedom and liberty are not in the least interested in any kind of halfwayness. They are not even remotely interested in right human relations, the Common Good or General Welfare. However, they love to hear the halfway strategy coming from the so-called pragmatists. It is the half open door to their continuing survival.

Finally, this comment, "And isn’t there something noble, even inspiring, about fighting the good fight, year after year, and gradually making things better?"

Actually Paul, no there is nothing about working toward a goal that gradually will make things better that is inspiring, let alone noble. To begin with, it won't make things better. It will simply maintain the imbalances in different clothes. To "fight the good fight" we need to be focused on total victory and not be halfway defeated before we even start.

None of those whom I mentioned above were interested in halfwayness. They were totally committed, and they spent all they had for their vision without regards to results. They were, and those of us who are involved, are striving for complete victory.

Long ago a wise brother observed, "People's striving is always measured by their service either to Light or darkness. By this may be judged their destination in life. Thus, the worst of all is halfway thinking and halfway striving. The destroyers always build upon halfway striving. There is nothing worse than a halfway servitor, for he screens himself by halfwayness. Therefore a direct enemy of Light is preferred by Us. We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist." Hierarchy #302

"In legends giants crossed the seas, breaking off monolithic rocks. Let us resemble the giants and our thoughts the monoliths. Let us dispel any timid halfwayness, as otherwise it will take possession of us and deliver us to a shameful execution by beating with accounting books. We know monolithic thinking. When, think monolithically." New Era Community #238

Check it out Paul. The position your pushing has not and never will achieve freedom and justice for all.
Lots of love


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Letter to Bernie

January 26, 2016
Dear Bernie:
In the opening few minutes of the Town Hall thing someone observed that "Hillary has the brains and Bernie has the heart. This comment, which got a big laugh, was probably the most revealing, and in my opinion, most important thing, as far as electing a president goes, said in the entire evening. I was/am wondering how many of the viewers and those present registered the significance of this profound discrimination.

I have been of the opinion that Hillary's experience and such would be good assets for a President, and that she has lots and lots of connections in the Establishment, plus tons of money and would probably get the nomination and be elected. I was/am also very aware of her glaring lack of heart.

I knew that in her youth she had heart. I watched her and Bill get pounded into the turf in the opening days of their first go at the Office. I think that defeat took a huge toll on their hearts. It was pretty much missing from the remainder of their time in the Office which was about being "realists" or "pragmatists", "a half a loaf is better than none".

Those years were, and from her performance last night obviously still are, about looking for a "sliver of common ground" in order to get the half a loaf. This approach of course did not spare them from further and more or less constant pummeling, and their time in the Office produced a very, very meager half a loaf,  more like a few slices.

The price we paid for those slices was enormous in terms of newly empowering the retrogressive push to undermine the power of the people or our Democracy and revert to the rule of the few. Since I thought that she would ultimately be the President, I wrote a number of letters to her encouraging her to re-connect with that heart that was in there somewhere. Obviously, this has not made a dent.

I loved and appreciated the powerful energy that the sacrifice that your presence in the field brought. Because you were working from the heart, putting out heart engendered ideas, my hope was that this would help open her heart. Unfortunately, she has apparently drunk too much of the "pragmatism Kool-Aid" and sees your position as simply "idealistic" non-sense which she opposes with her making the "tough pragmatic half a loafism" decisions.
This posturing will work well for her because there is an abundance of intellectually mind-mired individuals who sincerely believe that their pragmatic incrementalism is the only way forward. Not being able to see with the heart, they are for the most part very, very smart people who are blind.

It was pointed out long ago "The mind does not love fire, for it is always contending with the heart. The mind does not love wisdom for it fears Infinity. The mind attempts to limit itself with laws, because it does not rely upon flights. Thus it is possible to discover the earthly principle, and also flights into the Fiery World." Fiery World III,  463.

I plan to vote for you in the California primary. I will also be supporting your efforts in other ways as well. Given her connections and money, etcetera Hillary may be successful in her efforts, which is all the more reason to saturate the field with heart energy. My will is that you will be our candidate. I do think that the day of the Heart is here and that we need a whole-hearted and committed brother to be the point of its emergence in this hemisphere.
Thank you for willing to spend everything for the benefit of the Common Good.
Your Brother in striving.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dear Mr. President

Saturday, January 16, 2016
Dear Mr. President;
Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for expressing the profound and encouraging Truth about the State of the Union in your last address.

When you said, “I don’t want to just talk about next year....I want to focus on our future.”, you shifted the focus, from the usual blizzard of intellectual details turn people off, and literally hide the future, to the future. For many of us who are concerned with the future, this address was amazing. It was something that we seldom hear these days. I hope that in the remaining days of your Leadership, you will find many more opportunities to speak to the people in this manner. As you no doubt know, It utilizes the two most powerful tools we have to enable the future, “voices of unarmed truth and unconditional love.”

A great and growing number of people today understand that “future” is not a place in time but a place in consciousness. We are aware that change is not about another band aid program fix, but about “change that matters”. The journey of Humanity is and always has been about the expansion of consciousness which reveals our commonality, our shared humanity with all people.

When you said, “This is not a matter of political correctness. This is a matter of understanding just what it is that makes us strong. The world respects us … for our diversity, and our openness, and the way we respect every faith.” You were speaking to the future, to those of us who are conscious of our shared humanity. And as you said, although we do not get a lot of attention “those voices are out there.”

Many of us are out here. And we stand with you. We have our eyes on the future. And we know that the future already exists. The world the dreamers of Humanity have been visioning for centuries exists in consciousness. It like everything else requires a “critical mass” to bring it into dense physical time. We are rapidly approaching critical mass, and huge “changes which matter” which are hard to see, are and have been occurring in all areas of our lives.

I am certain that this time, Humanity will not heed the, “voices urging us to fall back into our respective tribes, to scapegoat fellow citizens who don’t look like us, or pray like us, or vote like we do, or share the same background.” As it was noted long ago by a wise person, “From the beginning they struggled. From the beginning we conquered.”
Once again, thank you for letting your light shine.
Lots of unconditional love

We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thoughtline January 2016

The Revelation Of The Foundations
How, then, is it possible to expect successful results, when the seeds, laid into the foundation, bear within themselves a potential of dissolution? Fiery World III, 333.

or many years our meditation, service, and study have been directed towards a single end, to aid and support in any possible way the manifestation of the purpose of our Ashram. That purpose is to establish the foundations of the new civilization on Earth and to support the processes of the externalizing Hierarchy and the reappearing Christ which are essential steps in the revelation of those foundations.

When we talk of the foundations of an Age or of a society or anything else, we are talking about the basic conceptions, of reality upon which the micro builders or the macro Builders have manifested their will in form. A new Age requires a new civilization. This planet, and that, by the way, includes the fourth Kingdom, Humanity, is in the process of transiting out of the old planetary Piscean Age and into the new planetary Aquarian Age. On a vastly greater cycle, which probably concerns other planets or systems rather than just our planet—"One should never limit one's thinking to a single planet. [or cycle]" Agni Yoga #314—we are deeply involved in the transition from the Kali Yuga, the Black Age, a period of 432,000 years into the Satya Yuga or the Golden Age, a period of 1,728,000 years. (And, boy, are we ready for that one!)

The purpose we serve "to establish the foundations of the new civilization on Earth and to support the processes of the externalizing Hierarchy and the reappearing Christ" is a great assignment. It is also, more than likely, the basic reason, and impulse that brought us into manifestation in this particular age and at this particular time. As a group, we have had an awful lot of training for this gig.

This assignment does, however, beg a couple of questions: Why this and Why now, and How are we supposed to do this?

The answer to the "Why this" has to do with the Cosmic Cycles that govern evolution. The "Why Now" is because the exceedingly disastrous, and growing worse daily, condition of the planet demands it.

 As for the second question, How are we supposed to do this? We will see that it's basically a revelation/reconstruction project. However the revelation/reconstruction cannot go forward on the "old foundations."

This requires, much as many of us like to avoid looking at it, a clear understanding of the "foundations" upon which much of our present civilizations and cultures rest. We are particularly concerned with those of the Piscean era, the past 2500 years or so but also, of course, those of numerous previous millenniums. We need to understand what, in fact, these so-called foundations are; where they came from; and how they got here?

Generally, the short answer to the where and how is that for the most part, these so-called foundations are the results of ancient, way, way pre-Piscean Age, and deeply flawed assumptions concerning the nature of Reality. So, where did they come from? Simply, but profoundly put, these assumptions were generated as a result of the loss of the point of view of the heart. "Originally the boundary between the physical and the Subtle World was not so clear-cut. In the most ancient annals you can find fragmentary indications about the very close cooperation between these worlds. During the densification of the physical, the focus of the heart was needed to maintain a balance between the physical and the subtle energies. The corporeal world itself was necessary as a way of reworking matter and thereby increasing energies. But as you know, the intellect strove for isolation, which ended up impeding evolution. The time of Kali Yuga has been a difficult one; Satya Yuga must once more bring together the worlds, which were separated by force." Heart, 78.

In the Dvapara Yuga which immediately preceded the Kali Yuga there were only two pillars of religion, compassion and truthfulness. Dvapara Yuga, Wikipedia  During these times the Class structure or the Hierarchy of civilizations was based on these pillars. The loss of heart focus which was present in the Dvapara Yuga corresponds with the advent of the Kali Yuga the 432,000 year cycle out of which we are moving.

Here is a brief list of the conditions on the planet which were prophesied to be the products of the loss of the heart focus at the end of the Kali Yuga:
From the Mahabharata: Markandeya's discourse Wikipedia
"Avarice and wrath will be common. Humans will openly display animosity towards each other. People will have thoughts of murder with no justification and will see nothing wrong in that. Lust will be viewed as socially acceptable and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life. Sin will increase exponentially, whilst virtue will fade and cease to flourish. People will take vows and break them soon after. People will become addicted to intoxicating drinks and drugs"

Sounds all too familiar!

Well, what does it mean in practical terms to lose the heart focus? What was lost with the heart focus, and what still prevails today is the realization and understanding of the fact of a unified multidimensional Reality based in Cosmic Principles. The prevailing view which replaced in dominance, but not totally, the heart focus was/is based on intellectually assumed mind generated “facts”. "The mind does not love fire, for it is always contending with the heart. The mind does not love wisdom for it fears Infinity. The mind attempts to limit itself with laws, because it does not rely upon flights. Thus it is possible to discover the earthly principle, and also flights into the Fiery World." Fiery World III, 463.

The broadly accepted view of most scientists and educated people holds that we live in a single physical dense dimension. Within this single physical dimension all things exist as separate entities completely independent of any other thing. All things including "men" are mortal. They die. And with the separation from Cosmic Reality which the loss of the heart focus caused, there was the absence of any thing after Life. Thus, the fear of death was implanted within the human psyche.
Religions attempted to fill this huge void in consciousness with two options: A. If you were bad, you got to go to either purgatory or hell, both of which held out the promise of ages, on the one hand or eternities on the other of horrendous torture and suffering. (See Dante's Inferno for a detailed and graphic delimitation.) B. If you were good, or rich enough to afford the indulgences on the open Priest Market, you got to have a harp, a neat set of wings and to play with other angels in the clouds or rest on a comfortable lounge on the right hand of God.

Given the current attitudes of the vast majority of humans, it is obvious that neither of these options was successful in eliminating the fear of death. Thus to prolong their lives and avoid their inevitable death and at best one of the above options,  all, or almost all, humans are involved in an eternal combat, covert or overt, with their immediate others, or with groups of others of their own species from neighbors to nations, and, simultaneously, with things of all types of other species. Forgetting for a moment the religious options, which none but the most frightened believed anyway, this heartless view gave us, as a foundational principle, the mind generated assumption that The Survival of the Fittest is a Natural Law.

The “science” that supports these conclusions and “facts” is totally based in the illusion of one dimensional materialism. Thus, its conclusions are extremely superficial. It denies the existence of any dimension other than the dense physical, or 99% of Cosmos. Thus it is ignorant of Cosmic Principles, and the endless motion of energy in and out of form that constitutes Infinity. It is totally unaware of the synthesis of Cosmos, of the indivisible unity of all energy and matter.

The assumptions that led to the Law of the Survival of the Fittest are not just words. These are the foundations that underlie what constitutes the Real World for the vast, vast majority of Humanity. They condition, support, direct, and control the behavior of most Human beings.

A Subtle Example: A few years ago my family and I were visiting the Olympic National Forest in Washington. We happened on a group of children that were being lead on a Science Of Nature walk by a National Forest Ranger. The group had paused by a fallen Douglas Fir tree that was 300 feet or more in length. The Tree had fallen 100 years or so ago, and was covered in many places with a varying layers layer of moss and vegetation. However, its remains made a clear straight path through the forest for a couple of hundred feet.

Close to where we were standing with the group of children, a row of small Fir trees had taken root in the detritus and were growing in a perfect line on the trunk of the fallen big tree. The Ranger was pointing out to the children how the root systems of the small trees were growing out and stretching down the trunk of the fallen tree to reach the ground. He said that the trees were in a race with each other to reach the ground and that the first tree to do so would rapidly grow and kill the other smaller trees.
For the Ranger, this scenario was an excellent example of the Natural Law of the Survival of the Fittest. He went on to elaborate, with a few examples of species extinction and such, how this phenomena was a basic Law of Nature, and that the Law works for the benefit of all, by eliminating the weaker members of the species from the evolutionary cycle throughout the planet. This Law, he pointed out, is Nature’s way of assuring that only the best or the superior members of a species survive to produce the next generation.

This person, a qualified Forest Ranger who was obviously quite intelligent and well trained, was simply not aware, or capable of seeing or realizing how absurd, how ignorant were the one dimensional conclusions that he was sharing as science with these children. Such trees, as this fallen giant, are called “nurse trees”. From a heart focused point of view, they naturally, intelligently, beautifully, harmonically recycle the Life force of Tree by providing a kind of nursery for the continuation of the cosmic cycle of treeness.

No tree is killed off and eaten by a more rapidly growing other tree. The Life force or energy of each of the tiny trees that had taken root on the nurse tree was not lost or killed. It is and always was one with all of the other trees and "lived" on with the One Tree.

Observations such as those offered by the Ranger are the results of the psychoses of a one dimensional form identification. They are not accurate in terms of the Nature Kingdom and when extrapolated, as Natural Law into the Human Kingdom they have become seed beds of terror, destruction and insanity.  The Life Force of Being Tree within each tree does not exist separate from any tree. Just as the Life Force of Being Human within each Human is not separate from Life Force of any Human Being.  The illusion of Separation and Conflict is not present in the trees, or in any other naturally occurring life form on this planet including human beings. The illusion of separation and all of the hideous consequences that flow from it are exclusively the product of delusional human beings.   

There is a lot to say about this, but the example pretty much captures the basic notion of the illusory assumptions regarding Life upon which our civilizations rest. It also opens a window into understanding how and why our present system is "hell bent" on self destruction. The "rationale" of our present controlling systems, Social, Economical, Governmental, were gradually generated as divine truth by those individuals who had under the prevailing view of reality "got their roots into the ground first" or had gained the top positions in the power structure. Not possessing the heart view or the Wisdom of Nature, these individuals saw themselves as the Kings and Rulers, the Royalty, the most deserving and superior beings generated by “Natural Selection”.

The proof that all men are mortal was that everybody apparently dies. The proof of the Kings/Rulers natural superiority was the fact that they were the King/Rulers. It was also an obviously divine fact that the children of these rulers, who were born with their roots already in the ground of their superiority, were absolutely supposed to be the next Rulers.

Thus this illusory system became dominant in the Separated Nations. It created a worldwide one dimensional hierarchy in place of the multidimensional Hierarchy based on equilibrium energy frequencies and Cosmic Principles.  This one dimensional, horizontal hierarchy of power in which the superior individuals or Supermen, were "born" to rule those who where were borne to be ruled is at the core of our present civilizations.

Nietzsche was not the first to come up with the idea of the Super Man. Hitler, for example, is a very recent, and not the last, of a long, long line of self proclaimed Supermen. The latest of these egomaniacs is perhaps the Donald! The present oligarchy of the Super Rich is a "natural" even unavoidable result of mind generated one dimensional psychosis

At any rate it was thus that The Great Lie perpetuated itself for hundreds of millenniums. This Lie "…finds its major expression in wrong thinking, false values and the supreme evil of materialistic selfishness and the sense of isolated separativeness...."The Rays and The Initiation P.753  Also, the inbreeding of the ruler/royal class which went on over many, many generations has produced a number of private dynasties and warped individuals who became kings and rulers in one way or another further ingraining the above expressions of the Great Lie in the fabric of any civilization. Witness today the presence on the planet of the 1% or the Super Wealthy. The primary foundations of the nations, governments, cultures that came and went over these millenniums were, and to a very large part still are, based on The "Great Illusion" or, because it was and is deliberately propounded by Retrogressive Forces, "The Great Lie."

What we call war is an unavoidable effect of these foundations. Wars of conquest and dominance have been constant on some level for these many centuries. Most wars were generated by the egomania of various rulers who, often acting on the perceived insults of other rulers, or being in caught in the insane cycle of revenge, felt that conquest of others was what they were supposed to do. Louis XIV, The Sun King of France, who ruled for 72 years and 110 days, the longest of any monarch of a major country in  European history, excelled in this area. Wikipedia

There are numerous contemporary examples of the Great Lie in action. Outstanding are the insanities which various egomaniacs, Saddam Hussein and a cabal of individuals in the U.S. Government among others, generated in the Middle East. The ongoing insanities of the nation of ISIS and its brutal war of conquest indicate that we are still far from understanding and eliminating the Great Lie.

It is important to realize that these historical and current events are primarily the result of Humanity’s lack of the ability to see. We were/are literally blind. In a sense, we died to reality when we had a heart attack that detached us from Truth.

However, the Wheel of Intention did not cease from turning and the Kali Yuga is fading. Another observation from Markandeya's discourse on the Kali Yuga, "At the end of Kali-yuga, when there exist no topics on the subject of God, even at the residences of so-called saints and respectable gentlemen of the three higher varnas and when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as the supreme chastiser."

I think that this is a somewhat fair description of the past couple of thousand years. Could it be that the whole appearance of a 5th dimensional Being on the planet in the last years of BCE or so was a modeling or a foretelling of what is happening now?  As we have been taught in the Bible and as Handel’s Messiah so beautifully proclaims “The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised."

To many of us this meant our corpses would rise from the grave, sort of like Lazarus, and start walking around. This is an understanding of "The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised" consistent with a heartless view. It is pretty clear that in the metaphors of the ancients, the "trumpet" of the Lord is the Heart. Its sound is a harmony of the frequencies of common sense, of all of those really abstract words we have for the principle of cosmic physics, beauty, love, brotherhood. The dead in the phrase has reference to the ignoramuses, our one dimensionally frozen-in-form brothers and sisters. Raising them means turning them on. Waking them up to what is coming. They have been dead, out, dark, or to use a more scientifically appropriate term, unconscious. Raising Consciousness, or waking the dead which is the secret of the salvation of Humanity and the Planet, is what our job is.

So, under, within, and through all of this insanity, the Principles of Cosmic Physics upon which Evolution is based continued to function. In spite of Humanity’s deep ignorance, other humans here and there knew, had heart enough, knew enough, served enough, sacrificed enough to hold the Planet together. The meaning, significance, function, power, and beauty of these Principles of Cosmic Physics still vastly beyond our present understanding are the future into which we are evolving.

We have "named" them with deep abstractions like Beauty, Justice, Liberty, Freedom, Right Human Relations, Essential Divinity, Unanimity, and Good Will. These Living Energies interpenetrate every aspect of manifested Life, and can be denied or avoided only for so long before Cosmic Physics restores the natural equilibrium of evolution.

And so, as Master M has said, "From the beginning they struggled and from the beginning we triumphed." In our present work, we join this long, long line of women and men who have constantly and unceasingly, strived to move Humanity and the Planet from the foundations of illusion and ignorance upon which it was built into the future of The Intention. Over the centuries we have appeared in every conceivable aspect of human life. We have forever been the light bringers, the poets, the painters, the musicians, the alchemists, scientists, philosophers, the explorers, and pioneers.

With ongoing frequency, we have been the objects of scorn, and have been and still daily are threatened and or paid by the established powers to lie about what we know to be Truth. We have been hunted and exiled, tried and executed in various ways. Hundreds, mostly what were called witches, including Joan of Arc, were burned at the stake. Still we incarnate and serve.

In the past hundred years or so with a number of notable exceptions like the Kennedy brothers and Dr. King, rather than being murdered, we have faced prison, financial destruction, ostracism, labels of idealists, impractical dreamers. Any effort to bring forth the facts of Reality have always been attacked and ridiculed or denied. (See The New York Times "The Assault on Climate Science" By Michael E. Mann December 8, 2015)

Efforts to improve social programs and educational systems that serve the Common Good have been reduced to accusations of supporting the lazy and shiftless "free loaders." Some 30 or 40 years ago a concentrated effort to dismantle the Liberal Arts aspects of the educational systems was launched by the heartless. Primary targets were the curriculums of music, literature, poetry, art, philosophy, history, political science, economics, archeology, psychology, sociology. Teaching as a profession was and is today denigrated to something that people who cannot do, do.

The Liberal Arts Curriculum was/is the Hearts program. It is a kind of exploration concerning the nature of Reality and revelation leading to a harmonious relationship with life.  Art and true science and philosophy move from the heart through the intellect into form rather than simply from the mind/intellect into form. This latter path has proved over and over again that it is incapable of contacting and/or comprehending the Reality of a multidimensional Cosmos of Pure Reason. Thus we have the present degenerate conditions of all aspects of planetary life.

So, our assignment is one of revelation and reconstruction. The Foundations of Evolution have always existed, always been present. Our work is more a matter or revealing them anew than establishing them.

This work must begin in the heart which is the only path to and from the home of Principle or Divine Intention. Evolution works from the heart through an obedient mind into form. Its primary function is to serve the Common Good, and the General Welfare.  This is a Foundation of the Intention behind the Plan. The revelation of Principles such as these will generate vast and hopefully minimally destructive change.

Things like profit, the idea of ownership, a value system based on wealth and power are all form focused mind generated psychotic illusions. These non-foundational illusions must, and will, go. The dead will be raised. Light, or Common Sense and Love or the recognition of our incredibly beautiful unanimity is happening.... far faster than we think. "One should never limit one's thinking to a single planet." Agni Yoga #314
How little do people reflect upon those fundamentals which are shown to be the foundations of construction, whereas this process is a most essential one. Into the foundation of construction is laid a most substantial and steadfast affirmation. Of all the supports the most fiery one is the magnet of the heart. To exclude it means to leave the structure without a soul, for the magnet of the heart contains all the cosmic saturations. The magnet of the heart is the synthesis of all subtle energies. The magnet of the heart consists of the accumulations of thousands of years; in it is expressed Karma and attraction. Just as it is impossible to replace the sun, so also does the heart remain a powerful creator. Thus on the path to the Fiery World it must be especially remembered that the fiery magnet of the heart is the basis of construction.
Fiery World III, 372. 
Tom Carney
January 2016