Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dear Mr. Prisident

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Dear Mr. President
I have written a number of letters to over the last years, one or two of which you or your helpers responded. I never wrote the letters expecting any response. It was more a way sending encouragement to you and the others who read it in your circle and in my circle of brothers and sisters.

Now, I got a notice from you that you were going to send me a thank you note. If there is any thanking to be done, it is from me and the rest of us who voted for and supported you-- and your whole family, including the dog, because that is actually who you are. Your a group!

I can’t tell you how many times, over the years that I felt that kinship of our shared humanity and love for Freedom during your eight years of Service. I have a small understanding of what you were/are working to accomplish, and I am aware of the forces of retrogression that are opposing this Path for humanity.

I have this notion that you, like so many others who give all for the Goal, are not even remotely interested in what the media calls your “legacy”. However, when the real history is written those who, in spite of the mountains of opposition which only the real threats draw out, truly served the Common Good will stand out like stars in the night sky.

I also have this notion that your just getting started. (Your, what, 60 or something? I am going to be 83 on December 8), The whole President experience was a great revealer and training ground. You and your family and the dog, modeled the concept of Family for us.

 My thing is that we have lost a President and a First Lady but unleashed and gained a pair of mighty warriors of and for the people. The retrogressors have no idea of what is coming. Mainly because they are so busy looking at themselves, that they cannot see the “writing on the Wall”.
If ever there is any way that I can be of assistance, please, let me know.
Lots of love


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sacrifice Means Resurrection.

Humanity is deeply involved in the process of giving birth to a new way of living on this planet. We all know, and our Brothers have advised us again and again that “Pain and disruption ever precede birth”.

The Planetary events since the end of the World War, (A time of Pain and disruption) have all been aspects or parts of this birthing process. The initial wonderful creation of the United Nations, the Marshall Plan, and the rebuilding of much of the destruction from the war, the great strides made in the world and the U.S. in terms of Civil and Human rights, are examples of the Direction of the new way of Living.

The counter blow that the Retrogressors released as they were defeated on the dense physical plane has been causing much emotional and mental psychic pain on the Planet. Since 1990 the level of disruption and pain has been growing. The 2001 destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the ongoing wars of the Middle East, the mass refugee flights, and the results of this election are all part of the resistance to the New Way of Living on this Planet.

America, the United States, is part of a great unfolding expansion of consciousness. It is a part of the Birthing process that is engulfing the Planet. Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering just now from the greatly unexpected effects of the recent election process in the United States. The event released an unparalleled wave of fear and doubt, anger and hatred into our collective consciousness. The presence of these frequencies of evil are causing this great discomfort in so many.

For those who can think, seeing this event in the greater context of the unfolding Plan, realizing that we have been to this brink many times, and we have always triumphed and will again, inoculates and brings relief from the infection of the evil energies of fear, doubt hate and anger.

We who can think, by refusing to harbor, to give house to these evil energies, can through our thoughts, through our joyful, loving certainty clear the emotional and mental fields of the evil energy and fill them with harmony and courage and Light.

This will do more to aid our suffering brothers and sisters and more to support the Efforts of the Forces of Light than we can know. Do it. Do it on purpose with love and Will.

Sacrifice means resurrection.
We die,
To be born.
Each night merges
Into a new dawn.
The pain comes from holding on.

Sacrifice is saying yes.
In the yes, we let go.
The pain ends
In the New.

It is, of course, true-
There can be no Phoenix
With out the ashes.
Phoenix focused, fused
To that rush and release,
Pain remains
With the ashes.

Flying free
We wing
Joy filled- joyfully
Into New and formless

Is the commitment
Of Summer’s full blown richness
To the gloriously incandescent furnace
Of Autumn’s kaleidoscopic color
The death white ash of Winter
From which has already
Sprung Spring.

Sacrifice is the doorway into Eternity.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Welcome To The Great Unfolding

Welcome to the Great Unfolding!
The struggles in which Humanity has been engaged, literally forever, have always been about Consciousness. "The whole method of evolution is simply that of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate as a body of expression for the latter." A Treatise On cosmic fire P.231 And, those struggles are still about consciousness. When the true histories are finally written, they will be about the effects of the expansion of consciousness, and the implementation of the Plan, and not so much about the personality identities of the souls who were carrying the Waters of Life, the Ideas and Principles that were trying to “guide the little wills of men”.

Looking at this particular chapter of that Ages Old Saga from an energy point of view, the effort that the Retrogressive Forces behind Trump’s campaign engineered, funded, and guided to inhibit, hold up, or reverse the Great Unfolding, was enormous. I do not recall any “political” campaign that was as viciously persistent and, in spite of the observations of the Democratic apparatchiks, highly organized and guided. It reminded me of the WW2 Blitzkrieg used by Germany which quickly overran and conquered much of Europe and was viciously victorious for more than two years. The Blitzkrieg used mechanized forces to move around rapidly and concentrate fire power in small localities. Trump flew around in his private plane and started media bonfires of hate, fear and despair everywhere he landed.

Trump’s campaign was one pointed. It was not tied up with advisors and consultants arguing about what to say. His message used basic, vulgar, (in the sense Dante’s Inferno) common language. It was not confused with a bunch of jargon that nobody who was not a policy nerd understood and cared less about. He spoke to the 85% of the population who are not into deep details of anything other than sports statistics.

The objective of the Trump Blitzkrieg was not to reveal the plans of what he intended or how he was going to do it. As he said, “revealing your plans and tactics to the enemy is stupid”. His target was not the mental plane. It was the emotional body of humanity. The less thinking and the fewer thoughtforms of the whats and hows the better.

His goal, which he achieved, was to whip up fear and anger and give it a target. He simultaneously sowed the emotional plain with hate and fear, and their companions, doubt, depression and hopelessness. This had the dual effect of inflaming those who felt victimized and reducing the percentage of the population which would have voted for some form of progressive agenda.

My sense is that while the Democrats were running a traditional heavy data driven and “boring” 3rd Ray program focused in intellectual incrementalism, Trump’s unseen managers were running a very sophisticated 7th Ray program. (which, by the way, is exactly what Dante’s Inferno was.)

“The Third Ray demands that the working out from the subjective(the idea) into the objective(the form) must follow specific, defined steps that make their appearance, each one, in the physical plane of affairs. The Seventh Ray expresses itself without regard for this sequential manifestation of each step or each sequence which results in a final appearance. The Seventh Ray follows its own logic, so to speak, but is governed by several Cosmic laws working in relationship to one another. One of these laws is the Law of Periodicity. The Seventh Ray being governed by this law, … follows in its manifestation of appearance a cyclic motion which does not account for, or necessitate, the physical appearance of that subjectivity which rests between the intervals in the cycle of this expression” Ashramic Projections P182

Using “the voices of lying propaganda, the Word of death…and the Sound of the densest aspect in manifestation—the sound of power in the mineral kingdom” The Ray’s and Initiations P192., the Retrogressor’s battle plan more or less blew us away. And yet, in the midst of what many experienced as a seriously damaging and shocking turn of events, conscious concern for Principles won the popular vote.  The 1%, which is currently the margin of the popular vote cast for what was at least a more rational way ahead rather than a way into chaos, may not seem like much by itself. However, when we realize that at this point it represents the votes of 669,483 individuals, this fact becomes significant in at least a couple of ways that matter.

All the votes are not as yet counted; however, projections think this margin will grow larger. This indicates that the Forces of Reason triumphed in the election, and It also indicates that a long-awaited acceleration in the expansion of consciousness is underway. This event is just the first little crust of snow that has broken free on a very, very high ridge of a very, very steep mountain. It’s a harbinger of an avalanche. This is how evolution unwinds. It begins with a trickle and ends by sweeping all in its path into a new awareness, into a higher dimension of Reality.

The irresistible nature of Human consciousness (Resistance if futile. The Borg had that right.) is to expand, or better, to encompass ever greater frequencies and dimensions of understanding. Consciousness is our local name for Love. It is unavoidable and unavoidably inclusive.
As the avalanche of love or consciousness thunders down from the mountains of Purpose, it is revealing some startling facts about our lives. Once again We are beginning to become aware of the Unity that underlies the incredible diversity of Life. The biggest, or the realization that currently most matters, is the fact that underlying the amazing diversity of individual humanity is Unity. There is only One Race, the Human Race!

The same recognition is dawning in terms of the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. The Unity of Creation, the Intention for the manifestation of the Planet, manifests through inconceivable diversity. In all cases, Diversity is the soul of Beauty.

It is not that these facts haven’t long been present in the Race Mind, it is just that as we evolved and consciousness expanded into the mental plane, intelligence as a method of gaining knowledge began to supersede the old “mystical” way of Knowing. (An intuitive link between the Buddhic Plane and the Emotional Plane)  After the Golden Age of Greece, during which the forerunner of the eventual unification of heart and mind or Wisdom was first modeled for us by the great initiates, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, and many others, the Third and Sixth Ray energies of the Piscean era began to dominate the manifestation of the Plan.

Living then within the energy field of the Third Ray, “the expression of the Third Aspect of Deity, that of Intelligent Activity,” Ashramic Projections P. 181, we then spent the next 2500 or so years getting smart.

“[Intelligent Activity] deals with what I will refer to as numerical magic, or numerical creativity. It deals with facts and figures, with the organization of the energy, force, and substance of that system (whether that system be an overall One Life, a humanity in its totality, or a government or a business, etc.) into an activity which will result in a specific, detailed goal within a given period of time. It does not deal, … with purpose. It does not deal with a goal which goes beyond a particular incarnation or the interest of the few who are concerned with it. The Third Ray expression, insofar as organization is concerned, deals with the actualities as they are presently manifest for the purpose of producing another actuality which is the logical conclusion of this particular organization of energy, force, and substance. In other words, the end is obvious from the beginning. The beginning is not actually dictated by the end.
The Third Ray expression deals in a very real sense with the materialistic form, the materialistic value of the form rather than with any spiritual value which the form may have.” Ashramic Projections P.169   
The point is that in our efforts to improve our systems, and societies, we have been manipulating and building the “improved” forms on the basis of effects generated by what is already formed rather than working from the Principles. Thus, the embedded separative and self-centered frequencies of the goal remain active in the new form.

The Constitution of the United States of America is an example of a true 7th Ray effort. And even that was larded with retrogressive thoughtforms and intentions.

Along with our growing intellectual sophistication (still only a glimmer of what intelligence is actually capable of manifesting… take a planet for example.) there was a growing loss of the realization and understanding of the existing Unity and of the fact of the multidimensional Cosmos. As this forgetting proceeded it was replaced with a growing separative and selfish identification with “the materialistic value of the form rather than with any spiritual value which the form may have.” Thus, according to the one-dimensional brain locked Empiricism of individuals like Hume and Hobbes, Principles and Ideas were reduced to visionary, and foolishly unachievable ideals. Reality was reduced to the 3 dense physical planes.

However, as consciousness expands, it generates a “marriage made in Heaven”, the uniting of the mind with the heart. As consciousness expands, Wisdom begins to dominate. The anciently known but forgotten facts regarding our existence are becoming more and more obvious to more and more humans including our scientific communities. Wisdom brings equilibrium back into to process of manifestation thus “adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate as a body of expression for the latter." A Treatise On cosmic fire P.231

As regards the immediate future (next couple of years), I remain absolutely convinced that human consciousness is expanding at an increasing velocity and that it will continue to awaken our sleeping free will. I remain absolutely convinced that more and more of us will see and choose the Light. I remain absolutely convinced that the Plan is unfolding according to the Will and Love of the Intendor. I remain absolutely convinced that this is and remains inevitable. I remain absolutely convinced that all the old ossified assumptions about what is going on will evaporate like dew as the Sun of the New Age continues to rise in the consciousness of the One Humanity.

And the best, funniest, part of it all, thanks to tactical adversa is that Donald Trump is a catalyst.

Welcome to the Great Unfolding!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Take a Deep Breath....

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Dear Friends
As we have been saying and seeing for some decades now, “It’s about Consciousness.” In a recent blog, I suggested that the election was a test, a “sorting” of the conscious and the unconscious. I suggested that the choice was the path between something that resembles chaos and something that looks at least promising.  Those who were conscious would choose the latter. That part of the experiment was successful.

It is another part of the experiment that is presenting us a problem. I know that “assuming” is always a bad idea. It tends to get one focused on the forms being sorted, and off of the Purpose for the sorting. Never the less, I participated in the assumption, along with millions of others, that the sorting would lead to the “winning” of the presidency. Well, we now know how that went.
This experiment like all experiments which have been conducted by those who are responsible for the planning and manifestation of Logoic Intentions was—or is, we should say, since it is still ongoing—is not about electing a particular human to be the President of the United States. It is about determining the number of incarnated souls whose personal consciousness has evolved enough to see the distinction and to identify with it.

The sorting did work. It revealed that 60,007,707 people chose the Path that looked at least promising and rejected the Path that appears to be headed into some form of chaos. The “promising” group was greater than the chaos group by 270,824 people or .22%of the whole.

We have been talking about the evolution of consciousness and the inevitable “tipping point” that will generate “the shift”, or the “transfiguration” of Humanity on the planet for, as I said, decades. In this sampling, the majority of our sisters and brothers chose evolution. .22% may not seem, like much, but then we are talking about energy and evolution. We are talking about achieving a “critical mass”. At some point in the expansion the difference between a non-critical and critical mass becomes infinitesimal.

Also, the fact that the chaos group prevailed in terms of electing the President is not any kind of indicator that consciousness expansion has stopped or even slowed. It is only a visual and highly significant reminder of the kinds of systems developed and manifested by the ignorance or unconscious awareness of unevolved humanity that we will be replacing.

It seems appropriate to mention a long used technique of the Planers called, tactica adversa.  “Tactica Adversa is the tactical exhausting of the adverse. Precisely, when the Light Forces wish to fulfill some plan on Earth, They make allowances for all possibilities, envisioning even the worst circumstances, so that success can be guaranteed even under the worst conditions. Then every betterment of the condition is already an unexpected plus. Thus, from the worst is derived a benefit. When such tactics are applied, the enemies often contribute to the success.” Letters of Helena Roerich I May 8,1935

Also, friends, let us recall that we are in the Fourth Ray energy field of the constellation Scorpio. The impulsing energy of Scorpio, the 4th Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art, generates purificatory tests, or experiments, which lead to trials, or experience, and the eventual expression of Triumph. The Fourth Ray, the “Ray of Harmonizing Power”, the “Hand of God, the Light with in the Light”, generates the unavoidable sounding of Triumph, the “Trumpet of the Lord”. Esoteric Psychological 1, P.74

Only a fool would confuse the noisy chaos of Donald Trump’s conquest of the “sitting duck” Electoral College with the Triumph of the Trumpet of the Lord, or the Transfiguration of the Planet.

It was never going to be that easy… just a simple matter of “winning” the presidential election. Humanity has never done it the simple way. Experience should have taught us that. For us it has always been “all or nothing”. There was going to be a battle of the bulge. The incredible backlash that the election of Obama generated was/is an indicator of some “rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouching toward Bethlehem to be born”. W.B. Yeats “The Second Coming”.

So, friends, I, and many of our sisters and brothers, see this particular event at this particular time in the cyclic perspective of our long, long journey back to the Light, not as a defeat, not of the losing of something, but as an indicator, as the gaining of the awareness of significant progress, of, as President Obama pointed out, Change that Matters.

Change that matters is a matter of consciousness friends. We, the People, enough of us, won the election in Change that matters. Our collective consciousness has evolved to the point that we can, rather easily, see the difference between evolution and devolution. We are now facing the challenge of the Retrogressors to that condition.

An old warrior understanding is apropos. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And I might add Master M’s ancient observation, “From the beginning, they struggled. From the beginning, We conquered. We do not admit into the great battles the small worms that crawl in the mist.” If this were not the case, friends, we would have been goners long ago.
So, get ready, the fun is about to begin!

With Enduring and Tireless Love (What else could Love be?)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Great Sorting

The Great Sorting
In three days we will have, here in the United States of America, the sorting,  not of the sheep and goats, but of the conscious and the unconscious. It appears that those who are sufficiently conscious to see the way ahead for this nation is in a sufficient majority to carry us forward.

I realize that the common conception of "conscious" is whether one can blink his or her eyes of  move their lips. If one is breathing but cannot physically respond to something said, your unconscious. I mean one is not dead, just not able to deal with what is going on.

Now, this is a very, very "low bar" for determining consciousness. If we are just talking about walking around consciousness, one would have to say that most of the 7 billions of us are conscious. However, when we start asking about what people are conscious of we begin to get millions of diverse answers. There is no end to the things that humans can register an awareness of or be conscious of. Humans are literally downed in their consciousness of things.

As Emerson pointed out in incredible detail some 140 years ago in his Ode, Inscribed to William H. Channing, "Things are in the saddle and they ride mankind".  For the most part, this overwhelming consciousness of things is what determines the reality of a large portion of our 319 million brothers and sisters. This fixation on things--or  forms, not only dense physical things like cars and houses and clothes and food but non-dense values like place and position in society, like wealth or middle-classness or poverty or race, or religion, even nationality and what football team one identifies with-- creates the world in which they live and move and have their lives.

It is this illusory material world of which they are basically unconsciously, conscious. It is the Reality of the multidimensional world of Cosmos of which they are unconscious.

In three days we will see if Humanity, at least the sample of Humanity involved in this test in the United States of America, has evolved enough in consciousness to at least see that the present choice is between something that resembles chaos and something that looks at least promising.

Being a conscious human being, I am certain that real consciousness will point the way, as it did in 1776, 1861, and 2008.
lots of love


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Igniting Heart Fires.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Obviously, I have not had face to face dense physical energy exchanges with most of you; however, I would guess that we all share some sort of common ground, that we are all concerned with the Common Good of Humanity, that we want all beings to be able to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness and that we are all in our way involved in helping that along.

I want to share some thoughts with you all about the upcoming elections in the United States. I know that many, many of you who will, hopefully, read this missive are living in other parts of the One Earth, and of course most of us realize that the boundaries which we use to designate various nations are quite meaningless to the fact that we all live in a synthesized energy field we call Earth. We know that what happens to our children, ourselves, our liberty and justice anywhere in this unified system, happens to all of us. Also, any good we can cause to happen anywhere is ultimately good for all of us.

In March of 2014, I spoke about the critical importance of the 2014 elections in the U.S. There was if you recall, an ongoing, all-out assault on the very integrity of the Planet, to say nothing of Life, Liberty, Equality, Human Rights across the board. This assault, an offensive of the Retrogressors, was a continuation the assault started in 2008, when President Obama was first elected.  It was nothing less than a blitzkrieg, and its immediate objective was to take control of the Senate and Congress of the United States during the 2014 election cycle.

As we all know those retrogressive efforts were relatively successful. We have been experiencing the effects of that success for the past 2 years. That effort pales in comparison to the attacks which have been launched in this 2016 election cycle. The new goal is to maintain control of the government houses and to capture the Presidency of the nation.

The forces of Brotherhood, Reason and Common Sense, that includes all of us, are highly engaged in preventing this from happening. And we think that we will prevail. However, as we have learned in centuries of struggle with these forces, the very best defense is a very good offense. What this note to you all proposes is an offensive action in which you can become involved. This action requires no donations, no marching, no going to meetings, no walking the precincts. All such actions are, of course, needed and excellent, and if you are so moved, please get involved.

This action involves certain warrior skills that most of you have developed over many campaigns in this ancient struggle. You know how to think. You realize that there is One Planet, that we are the One Humanity, that there is no “off the net”. You understand to a good degree what kind of life is sustainable for everyone. You can tell the difference between what fosters the growth of the common good and what kills it. You understand that creation that sustains can come only through the Heart.

So, the action that this proposal asks of you is to use those skills and your concern for the Common Good by spending a few minutes of your time working subjectively with the most powerful energy available to us, Good Will. What a lot of people do not know is that this energy is the Breath of the Mother. It is the energy that drives these Ideas into manifestation. You might think of this as a meditation offensive, and below I have suggested a mediation that will meet these requirements.

Since the use of the Heart is essential to the building of these foundations this meditation is focused on igniting the fire of the heart. It is also good to understand that heart engendered and driven Good Will is not a nicey, nicey, sweet and gentle kind of energy. Good Will is the kind of striving that gives birth, that reconstructs, rejuvenates. It is a sustaining, inexhaustible, rational power. Pure Reasoning Will in action, it is the Will to Good moved through the Will to Love into Good Will. It is the energy of the Mother of the World.

The cosmic Breath of the Mother of the World is all-pervading. Verily, all is imbued with it. From infinitesimal grains of dust to immeasurable magnitudes, life moves and breathes by this Breath. How then not to cognize the power which moves the Universe! How not to ponder upon the essence of Being! Fathom the rhythm of cosmic energy and understand the rhythm of evolution. The essence of evolution is unalterable and is measured by the manifestation of Infinity. Infinity I,10.

It is also good to realize that, as always when creating anything, we are working in cooperation with the Deva Evolution, or the builders of the objective planet, and to recognize them and express our gratitude for their cooperation and aid.

Meditation for Igniting Heart Fires
The following suggested meditation has two Phases
1. Make your alignment linking with Soul, Ashram, Christ, Shamballa.

2. Focusing our conscious point of view in the Cave and working through the heart, "the custodian of the imagination" use the creative power of the imagination to visualize the United States of America including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

3. Visualize a huge wave of Good Will, the implementing energy of the Will to Good focused through the Will to Love, streaming from the high point of the alignment sweeping over the U.S through the lower four subplanes of the mental plane. See his wall of energy destroying "as if by fire" all thoughtforms of a personal, separative, discordant, and incoherent nature. (Good Will acting in its higher frequencies is a transforming and transfiguring energy. It transforms and transfigures what is present in any field to its higher or purer state.  By removing the Feminine Principle from any aspects of creation and transforming women into chattel, the dark forces were able to block the higher frequencies of Good Will from being effective in our evolution. This is one of the major reasons we have been at this work for so long.)
4.Simply hold this visualization steady for a couple of minutes, knowing that illusion and error cannot exist in the Light.  
Phase 2.
1. Re-establish the alignment.
2. Focus your attention on a local target or targets. These could be any field within your local, specific area of concern and or involvement concerning the participation of people in voting or the election processes: restrictive legislation, voting machines, precincts, negative advertising, meeting halls, state legislatures, county or city councils, wherever legislation that effects the voting processes is generated, whatever environments people in numbers are to be found, shopping malls, markets, political rallies or meeting places.

Our mission is to clear these areas of incoherent, inharmonious, fear and hate based thoughtforms and negative energies of all kinds, to encourage, enhance and highlight the importance of each brother and sister to participate in the creation of the foundations of the new civilizations.

We are targeting above all thoughtforms of fear and doubt and their offspring, depression, discouragement, greed, exclusivity, prejudice, and, any thoughtforms which tend to strengthen the illusion of separation such as “my vote does not matter”, “politics are a waste of time”. I suggest the use of visualization of specific target areas to help focus the inputs and to create a sustained touchdown space which will make refreshing the field much simpler.

The energy we are working with is Good Will. Do realize that this is the most powerful energy available to creators on the dense physical plane. It is the birthing, restructuring, regenerating reformulating power of the Mother. It is GOOD WILL.

3. Refresh the field by focusing the attention and will, (feeling, seeing, hearing the note of your effort) through the alignment target several times a day. This will take only a few moments. For those of us who are habituated to doing the 12 and 5 o’clock alignment, whenever possible taking an additional couple of minutes, for refreshing these fields would be good.

This kind of work is totally subjective. The effect of this work manifests as a subjective field of radiant, positive energy which exists in etheric matter on the lower mental plane and the higher emotional planes. These fields act like dense physical "touchstones". The Elder Brother was not making small talk when he said “…that separation is a thing of the past, unity is the goal of the immediate future, hatred is retro-active and undesirable and goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world”. Any person who moves through these energized areas will be impacted by the energy which radiates from these touchstones. If the person possesses a heart with even a tiny spark of fire, that spark will be fanned.

So Friends, this is only a suggestion for this work. Each warrior is welcome to design and use any meditation that connects the worker to the Source of the Wisdom. It will work because the motivation is pure. Energy really does follow thought. And Friends, in this time of great opportunity, there truly is no separation and every heart is needed.
lots of Heart Fire

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Evolution of the Dinosaurs Act V

So, we assumed that we were through with the dinosaurs. They were definitely the honchos for a longish time. Mostly they were huge, but they came in lots of sizes shapes. They were all very fast, ugly eaters of everything in their path. There is a lot of "scientific" conjecture concerning the causes of their supposedly rapid "extinction", but whatever aspect or tool of evolution caused it, the dinos' vehicles did not make the cut. (I recently read a comment in my grandson's dinosaur book, that said nothing larger than a dog survived.) Their current vehicles were not up to dealing with whatever it was that came down, and so they “dis-appeared” which is a more accurate way of saying they became extinct.

There are always, big changes working out on the dense physical. That they seem to happen "overnight" is an indicator of our myopic vision. For a dense physical example climate change has been occurring for centuries. We are just now tuning in on it, but Humans are still around because we have been able to see and deal with the changes in time to avoid dis-appearance.

Avoiding disappearance is called adaptation. Adaptation means modifying the dense vehicle so that it can work with the new environments. It is this process that Evolution, which is a matter of moving Intention into a form that can sustain it, is about.

The dinosaurs, could do only this one thing, chase stuff down, and eat it.  The actual killing of the stuff was just an integral part of the eating. So when the big change came, these one track, eating mechanisms simply could not adapt or avoid dis-appearance.

The bad news was/is that the thoughtform of the dynamic of food getting, chasing down, over powering, killing, and eating stuff, at which the dinosaurs were experts, did not disappear. As "a way of life", the thoughtform sort of moved with the Planet as things evolved.

Rather rapidly, it seems, this thoughtform found its way into new dense physical constructs that would provide a residence for it or give it appearance on the dense physical. So, though occupying bodies that are quite different than their old lizard scaled, super fast, huge toothed, vehicles, the dinosaur food getting dynamics, are still with us. And, once again, having developed "tools" which evolved very rapidly into weapons and such, they have moved into the top position of the Eating Chain.

We are very familiar with these ancient residents. We used to call them Kings and Czars and Emperors. Today they are generally known by vague euphemisms such as CEO’s, Job Providers, and various other formulations of the Exclusive Few 1%ers.

The good news is that the current group of brothers that employ the dinosaur food getting dynamic or consciousness, in a much subtler but equally deadly way, are up for dis-appearance too. You wondered about what happened all those kings and emperors and Khans, how they seem to come out of the darkness, eat everything in sight, and then disappear. Like all the consciousnesses that manifest on the dense physical through human type bodies, these consciousnesses reincarnate too. The consciousness still manifests in a lot of sizes, but the Big Boys, the chief eaters, now makeup the present group we call CEO’s, oligarchs, Job Providers, the 1%ers in general.

Well, evolution, which is a matter of consciousness expressing Divine Intention (that means it is a Will or Intention originating on a cosmic plane which, with our present equipment, we cannot fully comprehend) through form, has this way of expanding, and every expansion moves the food or appearance game, so to speak into a higher dimension. So what these old and present material gluttons and wannabe kings feed on, material wealth, personal separative power, luxury is rapidly becoming irrelevant to manifestation on this Planet.

The expansion this time is on to a dimension where there is no food, nothing to sustain a consciousness that depends on separation and the selfish use of power for appearance. It is rapidly becoming apparent that nobody has to kill, dominate, enslave, takeover or own anything to sustain a very rewarding and useful life on this planet.

The dinosaur consciousness dynamic of a one dimensional eat or be eaten struggle for survival is, in fact, the source of the planetary wide energy imbalances that generate huge obesity/material luxury and starvation/poverty. You literally cannot have one without the other.

Good News! The poor will be with us only as long as the wealthy.

The incoming or evolving inclusive consciousness, or as it is called in the esoteric texts, group consciousness, has gradually been able to generate equipment that can house and implement it. The generation of new equipment occurs as the  individual is able to become aware of his or her unconscious identification with their dense forms and to consciously switch that identification from the forms to the informing consciousness.

This new equipment has not changed the basic design or appearance of the dense physical residence. The changes have been upgrades in the sensory apparatus and the capacity of the brain and nervous system to contract, register and contain the higher levels of energy that make up the higher dimensions of Reality. The body in general has been upgraded (not without a great deal of "growing pains") to register and with stand the impact of higher frequencies being brought in by the sensory apparatus. These upgrades are fore-runners of human wide mental telepathy and what is called etheric vision.

Lacking the equipment to register these "upgrades", they are totally beyond the ability of the older dinosaur consciousness to comprehend. In fact the frequency levels of these "upgrades" would shatter the vehicles of the separative consciousness.(There is a lot of esoteric lore here regarding the inability of a separative consciousness to move beyond the 4th subplane of the mental plane.(The Rays and Initiations PP, 348-351) Thus, the long struggle, and the usual experience of the futility of trying to explain them to these brothers. However, the previous huge imbalances generated on the planet by the ignorant use of intelligence to create self serving systems of greed and egoism are (from the long point of view)  being rapidly eliminated by the constantly growing presence of  the new inclusive consciousness. This is what evolution does.

Not to feel bad. "Extinction" is a one dimensional explanation of reality. There is really no such thing. There is just a relocation of these consciousnesses which cannot adapt to a more conscious compatible environment where their evolution can proceed. The brothers with the older separative focused, self centered, one dimensional consciousnesses which are not able to adapt to the new Earth energy fields, will reincarnate in a different Planetary system where they can continue their evolution.

I suppose that some of this sounds a bit far out, but it does seem to be a more reasonable way of proceeding. In the end its about physics. The Cosmos is infinite. Energy cannot be destroyed. A Principle we call Love, for our tiny, tiny understanding of it, is LIFE.

"The cosmic Breath of the Mother of the World is all-pervading. Verily, all is imbued with it. From infinitesimal grains of dust to immeasurable magnitudes, life moves and breathes by this Breath. How then not to cognize the power which moves the Universe! How not to ponder upon the essence of Being! Fathom the rhythm of cosmic energy and understand the rhythm of evolution. The essence of evolution is unalterable and is measured by the manifestation of Infinity.
You who fear the end, turn your face to the radiance of the Mother of the World and affirm yourself in the understanding of evolution. There is no limit to the sendings from the Mountains. There is no limit to the warranty of the far-off worlds. There is no limit to the natural treasures of the visible and invisible spheres.
 You who fear the end, turn to all four directions and say, “Let us realize Infinity!” The summits and the recesses of Earth are your sources. Limitless are the currents of these sources. If people would only know how to gather the eternally flowing currents of Infinity, then verily the laboratory of life would be realized.
The Era of Fire is approaching. Find courage and wisdom to accept it. The symbol of the serpent seizing its tail represents the circle of the events of evolution. The spiral is applied to the path of ascent.
 You who fear the end, affirm yourself in the power of the spiral of Light and of the Fire of Space. Let us say, “Beautiful is the Breath of Cosmos!”
Infinity 1 #10