Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Warriors

The Warriors
Daily, in various states, thousands of individual sister and brother human beings who in order to feed their children and pay their rent are being forced to risk their lives to work in the middle of  deadly virus contaminated arenas with minimum if any protective gear or processes. They then return to their homes where their children live putting them in danger of being infected by this extremely contagious virus.

These sisters and brothers can if they wish refuse to risk theirs and their families’ lives and not work in these places. However, they will then be ineligible for unemployment compensation and lose any health coverage they may have had. They will, in many cases have zero income. They will not be able to do things like buy food and pay rent.

To not see this invasion of a virus and the way in which we deal with it as a threat to our National Freedom is simply to be blind or ignorant. So, in a really awful way, these individuals are indeed warriors.

However, these warriors are not being called by the Nation to resist the efforts of a Nazi or other dictator’s armed attacks. They are being called to make money for a 40 billion dollar corporation, Tyson Foods. They are not being anywhere near adequately paid, (most of the places where they are working have a $7.50 wage set.) trained, or equipped with the necessities to stop and overcome such an invasion of Freedom as this virus presents.

At least in the past hundred years No solider, sailor, airman, or marine was ever put into a battle without being trained and equipped with the very best equipment and support to deal with the situation into which they were sent.

This system, a grim example of Capitalism in action, pays individuals to do work without which they cannot live. These individual human beings have next to zero say in their working conditions or the payment they receive. They are being forced to work in these conditions not because people will go hungry without huge supplies of pig, cow, and chicken meat but because the $42,000,000,000 Tyson Corporation is losing money. They are indeed wage slaves.

Yes, meat is by choice still a significant part of the current human food chain. However, reductions in the amounts of meat available for the food chain will not cause anyone to starve who is not already being starved in general because they do not have the money to buy what is available. Surly there is a way for workers to produce enough meat for those who can afford it to get us through this period that will not feed the very hungry coronavirus.

Right Human Relations involves generating a system in which every single individual human being, as a natural condition of being a human being endowed with Free Will, is entitled to the vital resources necessary to live a decent productive life of opportunity and happiness if she or he chooses to do that. It is also quite obvious that there is no reason that any individual person has the right to claim exclusive ownership of any parts of the Planet including the bodies, time, or energy of any other human being. This is what we call Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Despite the centuries of effort to manifest Right Human Relations in Governments of for and by the People, we are still very much plagued by the ancient delusion of the Rule of the World by the powerful few or Kings. This ancient delusion has mutated into the fa├žade we call Capitalism.

However given the huge advances made in the evolution of consciousness over the past few hundred years this decadent fraud of reality is rapidly dissolving in the light of Common Sense and group consciousness. The realization by billions that there is actually only One Humanity and that this comment, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” is not a political, but a scientific statement of factual Reality is that growing Light of triumph

Friends we are all Warriors in this great struggle, So let us always recall

“From the Beginning they struggled.
From the Beginning we conquered!”

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