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As we have been seeing, since the subtle assault launched by R. Reagan in 1981 that literally replaced Government of for and by the People with Government of for and by privately owned Corporations, or as he sophistically named it, Business, any real progress towards the Common Good, or Equality, or Life, Liberty, and Justice for All practically vanished. Prior to Reagan’s sophistic attack, efforts to make true advances were viciously dealt with: The murder of JFK in 1963, and MLK on April 4th 1968, Bobby K on June 6th 1968. 

In 2010 by a 5 to 4 decision the Supreme Court legalized Citizens United. “In the court’s opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that limiting “independent political spending” from corporations and other groups violates the First Amendment right to free speech. The justices who voted with the majority assumed that independent spending cannot be corrupt and that the spending would be transparent, but both assumptions have proven to be incorrect. 

This act, supported by the incredibly stupid notion that individual spending could not be corrupt, allowed the super wealthy to basically buy the Government. Since then regardless of which “party”, the Republicans or the Democrats, Corporate power or privately owned MONEY more or less owns the Republicans and has a powerful hook in the Democrats. 

For example, Barack Obama hugely won the 2009 election 52.9% to 45.7%, and had both the Senate and House. However, apparently looking for some way to compromise and work with the Republicans, Obama took all kinds of “guidance” from the Owners or Wall Street. He produced programs that were very moderate including the AFC. 

The very moderate AFC upset hardly anybody. It left 27.9 million people without health insurance in 2018.It did nothing to change health care from a profit making business to a Human Right. The AFC public money was used to pay privately owned for profit Insurance companies and health care systems whose profits exploded. 

This is a good example of how, with the best of intentions, we are manipulated into “half-way” projects. When will we learn?. Retrogressive forces do not compromise. They do nothing half-way. Checkout the Nazi invasion of Poland for an example. Evolution works through Synthesis! 

Or, just review the four years of Trumps presidency. The Trump presidency was totally motivated, owned, and operated by delusions of separative power and worth. He did everything he possibly could to destroy whatever minimum Human Rights progress had been made in practically every area of Government of for and by the People in the previous 50 years. 

We have successfully and lawfully removed this virus form our Government. However, its presence in the most powerful office in the world has served evolution by once again modeling for all to see the ageless and heartless qualities of the Retrogressors. Now, we have earned the opportunity to move ahead. Thus does tactica adversa function! 

“We”, that word means Humanity, have been struggling toward manifesting the basic realities of being human as distinct from being animal-man for uncountable centuries. For most of that time the struggle was that of single persons here and there who had been able to free themselves from the programing of the social systems that were based on the delusions of separation. 

In the recent 4 or 5 hundred years there has been a gradually growing number of such humans present on the planet. As you know population in the world in the past 40 years has almost doubled from 4 to 8 billion. A large percentage of those incarnates are relatively group conscious. 

That means that they are not susceptible to the delusional programing of a one dimensional, separative, competitive reality. They are naturally not racists, sexists, ageists, and etcetera. They do not see themselves as being at war with nature, or other human beings. The see and move with the obvious harmony of Life and with the realization that everyone feels what they feel. 

Such sisters and brothers were a very significant part not only of the voting, but of the images of the message of Biden’s victory. The vast majority of these sisters and brothers are not at all interested in halfway measures that attempt to correct the flaws in our present social systems by making small changes in the appearance of the effects of the delusions of reality that drive these systems. They aim to replace the delusions of being victims of a one dimensional reality where might makes right to the scientifically obvious Reality of being equal members of a One Humanity, a Common Good, a General Welfare, and an essential aspect or part of the One Planet. 

They will not tolerate halfwayness, the weapon which the Retrogressors have used from the beginning. True, many, many individuals who are presently occupying positions in our government will still be pushing such halfway measures. Often, preventing these halfway changes which are simply screens behind which the driving forces of power and greed are operating is better than accepting them. Halfway measures only advance the delusion. 

Again, there are many group conscious individuals working in our political systems, and this situation will only grow greater as years go by. These group conscious individuals offer significant steps forward, but just now any step that really is forward will be attacked by operatives and other simply ignorant fools as some dreaded socialism disease. The value of the forward step can be measured by the level of violence retrogressive forces employ to stop it. 

Progress may seem slow. However, as in all striving toward the Light, the aim is to go as far as one can. The process of evolution is Synthesis. There are never any halfway deals

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